EGS Fan Factbook

Racial Shapeshifting

Here There Be Spoilers!

Feature Matrix

Uryuom(Greater?) Seyunolu
w/ Lespuko
Creation Of Legion Forms--RoughRoughPrecisePrecise?
Morphs From Whole Cloth (like lengthening an arm)--?--?Yes--?Yes
Ease Of TF (before TFG/CMD and ignoring seyunolu diversity)LowModerateHighHighVery High

TFGs/CMDs And Racial Shapeshifters

A seyunolu's first hit from a TFG/CMD makes their natural shapeshifting abilities easier, and also allows their forms to apparently violate conservation of mass. (It's unknown how Grace's pure-squirrel form worked before this.) This is presumably a feature designed for use on uryuoms.

Seyunolu And Reproduction

According to Mr. Verres's warning, Grace can get pregnant in her human form but not in her half-squirrel form. He made no mention of her all-squirrel form, and he was still using the cover story that didn't involve uryuoms, so this may not be completely trustworthy.

It seems reasonable that a seyunolu would only be genetically compatible as the form they're in, which would make Grace's all-squirrel form fertile. For hybrid forms, they may be compatible with other seyunolu in a similar hybrid form, or they may be effectively sterile while in a hybrid form. The high rate of asexuality in seyunolu hints toward the second possibility.

If Grace were to become pregnant, she may become unable to shift for the duration.