EGS Fan Factbook

Basic TFG/CMD Operation

Here There Be Spoilers!

Form Selection

There are two dials on the TFG/CMD; I call them "master" and "variant". Since Grace appears to be looking at the top dial here, apparently the master dial is on top and the variant dial is on the side. Dan has stated that it's chiral, i.e. there isn't a second variant dial for lefties. Given the low likelihood of needing to adjust settings in combat, this probably doesn't matter much, and it should be easy enough to flip the gun to operate the variant dial.

In general, the master dial selects the form, but some forms have variants: The variant dial selects variants of a form, with one important exception: Most selections are slotted into the gun on chips. (It's currently unknown whether there's a single chip for each master dial selection, with the variants being like files on the same chip, or if each variant has its own chip.) The "normal" setting is built in, and can't be swapped out; presumably the safety is similarly integral. The variants of each form are individually configurable; variant 1 is a "superclass", with its traits being inherited by the other variants. There appear to be five variants for every selection on the master dial(except "normal", which uses the variant dial only as a safety), and a lot of unseen variants on familiar forms. (In particular, ISTR the anthrofeline form having variants with different fur patterns, and this strip discusses clone form variants.) Selecting an empty variant slot may use the first variant, or it may do nothing, or it may make an ultra-tech annoying noise.

The Beam(s)

The TFG/CMD actually fires two beams; Dan draws the beams together for convenience. (However, he's stated they may be retconned into simultaneity because he always draws them that way. Remember, nothing in the forums is canon, even if it's from on high.) The first(straight, brighter) beam does prep of some kind(possibly preventing the pain), and apparently delivers the force. The second(helical) beam does the actual transformation. This may mean that when a safeguard prevents it from affecting a target, we'll only see the first beam.

If a target is already TFed, a new hit with the beam will clear the old TF, and apply the new TF to the target's base form.


The TFG/CMD is apparently very mature technology, having a number of safeguards designed for non-uryuoms. Those familiar with TFGs/CMDs seem to consider it quite safe, and ignore what would be basic safety with an actual firearm; this may be purely for OOC reasons, which appears to be an OOC design driver for the safeguards.

Specific safeguards include:

The Belt

The belt is apparently fundementally different from the TFG/CMD. It appears to have no duration(though the evidence for this is circumstantial), which may mean reversion is an extra effect Tedd stripped off for compactness; and it can stack with existing TFs. In particular, in Sister, the belt's "human" setting would not have cleared Elliot's TF. This presumably means its "cat" setting would have turned him into a catgirl.

It's possible the belt has only the effect of the second beam from the TFG/CMD.