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TF Types

Here There Be Spoilers!

As stated here, the TFG/CMD violates physics. Also, how it works has been retconned at least once. Given that, there's a great deal we've learned or can deduce about how it works.

Transformations In General

Transformations are change-oriented; a form specifies changes to add, like "longer hair". Clone forms don't work this way overall, but apparently they're hacked into a change-oriented framework(cf Tam Eh Tedd).

Apparently, gender and gender preference can't be freely added to a form, they require a gender form or clone form.

Each form has a set duration, after which the target will revert. Reversion is governed by safeguards(presumably the same safeguards as transforming in the first place), most famously the safeguard against turning a pregnant female into a male. These durations don't apply to seyunolu, and probably don't apply to uryuoms; it's unknown whether the effect on them is more similar to a durationless TF, or to their natural ability to assume forms given them by the TFG/CMD. (In particular, there's a hypothesis that the DWD won't do anything when touched by a seyunolu in a level 2 form, or even a naturally-assumed level 3 form. It's possible the DWD will treat a "fresh" TFG/CMD form as a curse, but if the seyunolu shifts to another form and back, it will no longer treat the form as a curse.)

There's also some indication that the belt has no duration, but it's circumstantial.


Each form(except for the "normal" setting) has five variants; the first variant is a "superclass", and the others can accept any subclass of the first variant. It's unknown at this time how much the subclasses can vary; for example, whether it would be possible to descend a male variant with features making the target physically female, in order to create a "lesbian form".

The "Normal" Setting

The TFG/CMD has a built-in "normal" setting, which is apparently on the main dial, and operates by accelerating the passage of the target's TF's duration, and thus has no effect on TFs with no duration. (Explained by Dan here.)

Gender Forms

FV1 and MV1 each include a no-frills change to their gender, plus attraction to the opposite gender(rationale here). They are configurable, and as superclasses, any changes would be inherited by the other variants.

It's possible Ellen's beam does or can do something more interesting with gender preference, based on this comic and this comment, or it may have simply been a reference to this comic.

We know that MV1 used on a heterosexual male would have no effect, and similarly for FV1 on a heterosexual female. From all we've seen, they should result in bisexuality when used on a homosexual already in the target gender, however Dan has stated he doesn't want to give Nanase an "easy way out", so some effect we haven't seen will intervene to prevent that from happening. That effect may or may not require extensive changes to this page. It's interesting to note(ibid) that Nanase knows it won't work, even though we haven't seen her find this out.

Also, Dan has delivered one ominous statement that may change all this: "Rumors of Tedd's control over sexual preferences have been greatly exaggerated.".

Clone Forms

Clone forms were invented by Tedd(cf Tam Eh Tedd and Lady Mysterious). They result in the same appearance for everyone, and apparently require certain object-oriented programming techniques, possibly to classify the target's natural form to see what changes need to be made. While we've never seen a clone variant used, they do have them.

Clone forms apparently adjust gender preference like gender forms do; in particular, at Grace's birthday party Nanase is in a clone form, while the others appear to be in simpler TFs. It's possible clone forms are technically gender forms, or that it's possible to descend a clone form from pretty much anything.