Campaign Concept

I can come up with ideas for this all day, but I'm also pretty flexible on it. I would like some flavor of intrigue, but many of these options offer that. Assuming the PCs pick a mix of local races, it may be easy to explain them as an expedition from Lyn'Knoll.


Crossworld Castaways

All of these have a varying ability to combine castaway and local PCs.

An issue in the Infinite Worlds meta-setting is The Secret. Willing involvement of Infinity personnel, especially ISWAT, ends once they realize the local dragons make routine use of telepathic magic. It would be a lot of work to make an "Infinity Light" to be from, and thus Homeline PCs may be a bad idea.



Basitin are probably the brood of the Mask known to mortals as Order.


The East and West Basitin are in a constant state of war, and have been for centuries. This is why they're such a powerful warrior race. They never stop fighting, and they don't want to stop fighting. They enjoy their constant war so much, that if one side is losing too much ground, the other will let up and allow them to build their forces again so that it may continue. The two Basitin sides only fight together when something threatens them as a whole; and you don't want to have to face the entire Basitin race in a fight.

#char Basitin
80	+8 HT
-24	-8 FP
-40	-2 Basic Speed
5	+1 Will
0	SM: -1
-15	Magic Breaks Mind
1	Temperature Tolerance: 1
1	Perk: Fur


Humans are probably the brood of the Mask known to mortals as Chaos.


#char Human
20	+1 IQ
-5	-1 Per
-5	-1 Will
-5	Curious(SC: 12(×1))
15	Can Draw Earth Mana


Keidran are the brood of Ephemural, known to mortals as Neutral.


An infertile canid/felid hybrid replaces the Lecherousness(-4) with Feature: Sterile(0). Otherwise, a male removes Lecherousness(-4). Either increases the racial lens cost by 4, `

#char Keidran
4	Acute Hearing: +2
5	Claws: Sharp
15	Combat Reflexes
15	Discriminatory Smell
-10	Impulsiveness(SC: 12(×1))
-4	Lecherousness(SC: 9(×1½), Only During Mating Season(-80%), -4.5)
-10	Short Lifespan: 1
1	Teeth: Sharp
1	Temperature Tolerance: 1
1	Perk: Fur
-1	Quirk: Alcohol Intolerance
-1	Quirk: Carnivorous


The more politically-powerful keidran subspecies, canid keidran are divided into dog, fox, forest wolf, and snow wolf races. Due to politics and geography, they often get treated as a dog/fox group and a forest wolf/snow wolf group, but biologically dog keidran are closer to wolf keidran than to fox keidran.


Felid keidran are divided into cat, snow leopard, and tiger races.


Merefolk/Merfolk are known to live in the Grand Ocean, and may be related to RL legends of merrow, but little else is known of them.


In general, different keidran groups can interbreed to one generation, and basitin/human/keidran pairs can't interbreed at all. Each pale border indicates a genetic barrier, of some strength. It's assumed merfolk are entirely outside this, but we don't know.

(There appears to be only one race among humans in Twokinds.)
Forest Wolf
Snow Wolf


The three main languages of the land are simply called "Basitin", "Human", "Keidran". `

`The CFs are similar? Or maybe is there a western keidran culture and an eastern keidran culture?`



Karma Pool(5 per level)

You have a pool of [Level] karma points. At the start of each session, it refreshes to full. You can spend karma points in place of character points to activate rules that normally require spending character points(like Buying Success), although not for permanent improvements.

In general, karma points allow for cinematic performance when the chips are down, and for the coincidental addition of helpful NPCs. (For example, I'd say Euchre's and Kei's introductions were cases of Flora's player spending karma points.) GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys adds a lot of options and details to this, but here's two simple cases:

AdvantageAdd Helpful NPCNPC Becomes Helpful
Ally 25%2 karma1 karma
Ally 50%4 karma2 karma
Ally 75%5 karma3 karma
Ally 100%8 karma4 karma
Contact 12 skill2 karma1 karma
Contact 15 skill4 karma2 karma
Contact 18 skill5 karma3 karma
Contact 21 skill7 karma4 karma


Everyone automatically has Magery 0(External Energy Only(-60%), 2). Enchanted items effectively glow in plain sight, but you can make [Per + Magery] rolls to spot the enchantments if in doubt.

Further levels have the usual cost. There is no cap — although the more Magery you have, the longer it'll take to "pay for itself" in points, and you can buy more Magery in play.

Spell Knowledge(1 per level)

The character knows and can cast an SK/SP spell. Each SK/SP spell known is an additional Spell Knowledge advantage. See the Magic section for details.

Spell Power(4 per level)

While Spell Power is normally contributed by other spells, a character can also directly buy Spell Power. See the Magic section for details.


Draw Mana

IQ/Very Hard

Default: IT-7

This is the ability to draw black mana — and, for humans, earth mana. It's primarily taught by the Templar, and it's rarely learned by anyone but humans. Nevertheless, it can still be used at default.

Drawing mana takes a Concentrate maneuver and a skill roll. On a regular success, the character gets MP equal to their Draw Mana skill. On a regular failure, they still get half this, and on a critical success they get double this.



Spellcasting is usually driven by stored mana, or mana drawn directly from the earth. Keidran can use only the first source, and humans can use both. Basitin can in a sense use the first source, but not safely, since any use of magic slowly causes brain damage. Anyone can draw black mana, but it's a bad idea, and doubly so for basitin… it's only for when not doing so would be a worse idea.

Magic Systems

In general, the default GURPS magic system("Hawthorne magic") is assumed, except high skill doesn't reduce energy costs. However, Powers magic also exists, and perhaps Path/Book magic on the fringes somewhere. Euchre's innate Flawless Transformation spell is in the textbook style of Powers magic within a generally-non-Powers system. Characters can mix magic systems without any in-character distinctions. To facilitate this mixing, the Spell Knowledge/Spell Power("SK/SP magic") subsystem is available, but optional.

SK/SP spells are built as Powers magic, but without Alternate Attack/Alternate Ability. They also have a "level", 1/5 of their point cost. So long as a spell's level doesn't exceed your Spell Power level, you can learn it via a new advantage, Spell Knowledge(1pt per spell level or fraction).

Any points in Hawthorne spells contribute to your Spell Power level, at a rate of 1/5 of a level per point. Any points in Path/Book skills contribute at the same rate. Any Powers spells you know directly(not through Spell Knowledge), that aren't Alternate, also contribute their point cost at the same rate. Finally, you can directly buy Spell Power, for 4pt per level. (You can later spend 1pt to turn a bought level of Spell Power into 5pt in spells that contribute.)


Crystal TypePrice
Pure Mana30$ per MP
Single-College Mana18$ per MP
Discharged10$ to 13$ per MP
Wholesale Unrefined Pure889$ per 100 MP
Wholesale Unrefined Single-College533$ per 100 MP

Mana crystals are normally sold charged, and cost more for pure mana than for single-college mana. Large amounts of unrefined mana crystals can be bought wholesale, but these must be refined before they can be used. Mana crystals are often strung together like jewelry, and there's no limit on the number of crystals that can be used together this way. (Mana crystals can also be combined with earth mana and/or black mana.)

Discharged crystals are rarely sold; every industry that uses discharged crystals uses larger amounts of mana. The Charge Powerstone spell can be used on mana crystals… but instead of quirking, they suffer microfractures, which can lead to shattering later.