All Points Beyond


The City Of Kaerdon


The Beforetime

In this timeline, similar to the Merlin timelines but lesser in degree, nuclear radiation decays into oz radiation. It followed inertia reasonably well until WWII; oz radiation was treated roughly the same as the other radiations from atomic detonations, but it resulted in a growing mana "background count", which was tapped by groups like Hermetics and Shinto priests. When Wicca rose, it rose with power.

The big divergence, however, was the breakdown of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missile failure rates were high, but a few hellstorms were still able to brew up, and humanity died in a nuclear holocaust.

The Arrival

Banestorms also brewed up, bringing people and animals from other timelines. With the oz radiation around, many of them mutated in weird and magical ways, and fused, and hybridized, and split. One group banestormed in built a series of kaers, sort of Bronze Age fallout shelters, to protect themselves. Each held a few thousand people, and they united in per-kaer cultures.

Every kaer eventually collapsed. Some were breached by weird magical beasts, some tore themselves apart with infighting, and at least one was wiped out by a zombie epidemic. The people of the easternmost, the Dawn Kaer, managed to fall back to a river platform — and hold it, unlike those who had built it. All the hellstorms had broken up by this point, their energies spread out by the winds; the Dawn Kaer had succeeded in the sense that it had outlasted the hellstorms.

The City

Gradually, they pushed back the wilderness, and were joined by people from other kaers, people banestormed in, and people who had fallen to dwindling survivalist tribes.

The culture fragmented, but had room to spread out, the rebellious groups establishing alternative sectors in the hinterlands. United again in a coalition, they've grown into city — the city of the Dawn Kaer, the City Of Kaerdon.


Nestled deep in the jungles of South America, Kaerdon was built up around the confluence of the Thick River from the southwest into the Amazon River, from the northwest to the east.


The city is divided into seven sectors; the High Sector is built on floating platforms spanning the confluence, and the others are on the banks around it. An "east sector" exists idiomatically, referring to everything downstream of the city.

The High Sector is the seat of government; various attempts to administrate it jointly and by reference have resulted in a byzantine muddle, wherein anything legal in any other sector is de facto legal in High Sector.

Free DuchySDuchess Athali Stonebinder, ArchmageDictatorship
Fey SectorNSeelie CourtClan/Tribal
Concord SectorSWThe Five TribesClan/Tribal
DawnsideNEAcademy Of The SunTechnocracy
HarmoniumNWCouncil Of The ForceTheocratic Oligarchy
Merchant's SectorSETrade LeagueOligarchy
High SectorCentersplitCoalition

Beholden Lands

Surrounding Kaerdon is mainly farmland. This region is not secure, and it's customary to carry a weapon when leaving the house, because of regular attacks by weird monsters from outside.




Brought by the kaer-builders, a plurality — but not a majority — of the people in Kaerdon speak Throalic as their first language.


First language for most of the Harmonium, Basic has a mix of blue-collar and religious overtones. The heavy integration of industrialization helped root it deep.


Still taught at the Academy Of The Sun, and used as a sort of common ground, at least a little knowledge of Latin is needed for proper research in their library. Rare as a first language, common as a second language in Dawnside.


The most common language in the Fey Sector, and a weird sort of status symbol — the people there lord it over the other sectors, just as the Court lords High Fairy over them.



Original language of the Hawk Tribe in Concord Sector, Chetanluta survives mainly because of its ceremonial use.


A creolized pidgin, derived by hybridizing Chetanluta, Dyani, Mingan, Napowsa, and Xochitl. Concord was once the official language of the Concord Sector, but has fallen to a minor language.


Original language of the Deer Tribe in Concord Sector, Dyani survives mainly because of its ceremonial use.

High Fairy

Carefully guarded as a status symbol, High Fairy is the only language allowed for proceedings of the Seelie Court.

Lekku (Single-Channel)

A sign language "spoken" with movements of lekku; the gestures can be improvised with hands, but "speaking" this way downgrades the language by one level.

Lingua Deporto

The local language before the nuclear holocaust, Lingua Deporto was useful in working with recovered items, and has stuck around as a minor language.


Original language of the Wolf Tribe in Concord Sector, Mingan survives mainly because of its ceremonial use.


Original language of the Bear Tribe in Concord Sector, Napowsa survives mainly because of its ceremonial use.


The official language of the Free Duchy when it split off, Saxon has since fallen to a minor language.

Tactical Tongue (Single-Channel)

A sign language developed from various tactical pidgins, and creolized by the deaf of Dawn Kaer.


Original language of the Flower Tribe in Concord Sector, Xochitl survives mainly because of its ceremonial use.




The Force

This power source was brought by the Council Of The Force, but has been observed in wildlife since, and is presumably available to all life on the planet.

Power Modifier(-20%): Powered Countermeasures(-5%), and a 15-point required mental disad(-15%). For Jedi, this is Code Of Honor: Jedi; for Sith, this is a 15-point "dark emotion" disad, usually with a Self-Control roll, like Bully(SC: 9(1)), Greed(SC: 12(1)), Sadism(SC: 12(1)), or Trickster(SC: 12(1)). Most force adepts have other required mental disads, but some have none, reducing this to a -5% power modifier.

Maho Shoujo

This magical tradition has become reasonably common, largely because of its ease of entry. Anyone with a suitable transformation gadget can use it. Talent is usually taken on a personal basis, since it's not encapsulated in the transformation gadget. In addition, since its powers and even maintaining the form cost FP, the most suitable users are energetic, with deep FP reserves.

The main ADS for this is Alternate Form; it usually takes a Cosmic: Remove Built-In Limitations(+50%), plus gadget lims, and often Reduced Time. It may also have points for form-specific ADS, with the same gadget lims. The alternate form("maho shoujo form") is female(usually no effect or a zero-point feature, and may go unnoticed on a chakat), has a -50-point ADS that drains 1 FP per minute, and typically has Source Power: Magic and various ADS for use with it, all with the same power modifier. While the power modifier includes a base level of Costs FP, individual ADS often have more.

Power Modifier(-25%): Magical(-10%), Costs FP: 1/use or 1/min(-10%), and a 5-point required mental disad(-5%). Some require heftier mental disads, and this power modifier can be combined with Elemental(-10%), similar to Super.

Two power divisions are fairly common: Fire/Ice/Lightning, and Water/Fire/Earth/Lightning/Pearl/Shadow. However, there are also a large number of distinctive/unique divisions.

As Heat/Fire, p129, Powers.
As Cold/Ice, p124, Powers.
As Electricity, p126, Powers.
As Water, p135, Powers.
As Heat/Fire, p129, Powers.
As Earth, p126, Powers.
As Electricity, p126, Powers.
` (contains healing, bubble shields, and other eldritch pre- and post-defenses.)
As Darkness, p125, Powers.

"Class" Templates

Other ADS


5 points/level

Each level grants 5 Perks(most often Accessories) with the same source.

This ADS exists mainly to get around the rounding limitations for casters; limitations can actually reduce the cost of a set of Perks, etc. However, this has the drawback that they count as a single ADS for purposes of Array Ability.

Code Of Honor: Jedi

-15 points

Dispel Magic

15, 30, or 60 points

At the 15-point level, with an IQ roll and a spoken incantation, you end any and all temporary magical effects and permanent spell effects affecting the target touched. This doesn't disenchant enchantments, even temporary enchantments, nor does it reverse instant spells.

At the 30-point level, it's selective, dispelling any effects you pick. At the 60-point level, it's auto-selective, dispelling any effects you would pick.

Variants of this ADS are available for other sources, if reasonable.


3 points/level, max 5

Your body is unusually flexible. You can't stretch or squeeze yourself abnormally, but at the max level any part of your body may bend any way.

You get a +[Level] bonus on Climbing rolls; on Escape rolls to get free of ropes, handcuffs, and similar restraints; on Erotic Art skill; and on all attempts to break free in close combat(see B391). You may ignore up to -[Level] in penalties for working in close quarters(including many Explosives and Mechanic rolls).

Jammer Field

2 points/level, +150%

You can project a small jammer field that imposes a -[Level] penalty on all uses of magic within it. This doesn't apply to uses of magic that have effects within the field, like a spell which hurls physical projectiles at the target from outside the field's range.

The basic jammer field has a radius of 1yd, and each level of Area Effect(+50%) doubles this as normal. Use a Ready action to turn it on or off.

Variants of this ADS are available for other sources, if reasonable.

Source Power

4 points/level

You can use ADS with the Array Ability(1/5) modifier, a final point cost of up to [Level] points, and a particular source. A separate version of this ADS exists for each source. This can't be taken as an Alternative Ability.

Note: See Alternative Attacks/Alternative Abilities for the "precedent".

Telecommunication: Telepathy

12 points

This is equivalent to Telecommunication: Radio, but normally takes a power modifier.


Array Ability


The ADS requires Source Power for its source, of sufficient level, in order to work. In addition, you can't take a lone ADS with this modifier it has to be in a group of at least 10 with the same source.



Melee Weapons


A magic-based weapon, derived from technological implementations brought by the Council Of The Force.


Weasel Autopistol

A common sidearm, using a witchlock ignition.

Wolf Autopistol

A pistol intended as a primary weapon, used by medium-sized police in most sectors.

Wolverine Autopistol

A pistol derived from the Wolf, intended for use by the larger species, using a cart with more powder but the same slug. It has also been downframed for those of the medium species who are compensating for something, but ends up looking more like an SMG than a pistol.

Earthshaker Revolver

The most powerful pistol readily available, the Earthshaker has developed a reputation as a weapon without legitimate use.

Grimalkin Autopistol

Instead of a cartridge with powder, the Grimalkin uses pure mana-kinetic conversion to launch an inert slug. The main advantage is that it's quiet, imposing a -4 to hear/localize, which stacks with a silencer. It also has good range, improved ammo capacity, and very little recoil. The drawback is that it draws mana from the wielder. (This can draw from a powerstone instead, or a Power enchantment can feed it from ambient mana.) It's also seen as an assassin's weapon.

Each shot consumes 1 FP.

A Power enchantment is 16 500$ for 1/sec, 33 000$ for 2/sec, or 66 000$ for 3/sec.

Ninja Shadow Pistol

A true assassin's weapon, firing temporary pseudomatter. The Ninja uses no traceable projectile at all, and given time it can completely dissolve the corpse into its component atoms. The drawback is that it's very slow to use, and quite expensive due to the enchantments involved.

Charging a shot requires a Concentrate maneuver, and yields a 1d pseudoprojectile(or adds 1d, to a max of 6d). It can then be fired with a regular attack action. It can be held charged, at some loss; each minute it's left charged, roll weapon HT, at -1 per 1d charged. On a failure, it loses 1d of charge.

Coldsteel Autopistol

Instead of a witchlock ignition, the Coldsteel uses a mechanical action striking a two-stage primer to ignite the powder. While somewhat Goldbergian, it has the advantage of operating just fine in antimagic fields.


Thunder Assault Rifle

A light automatic rifle, `

Stormbringer Assault Rifle

An automatic rifle intended for the larger species, `

Dragonfly Hunting Rifle

A sprite weapon, derived from a heavily-downframed Weasel.

Loxley Hunting Rifle


Raptor Hunting Rifle


Tyrant Hunting Rifle


Semi-Portable Weapons

Strige Assault Cannon

A sprite weapon, derived from a heavily-downframed Wolf.


A machine gun suitable for bipod or tripod use by the medium species. `

When used without a heat sink, it must be used in bursts or it will heat-deform. When fired continuously without a heat sink, track heat; each shot fired adds 2 heat, and it dissipates 10 heat per turn. On any turn where it has more than 60 heat, make a HT+4 roll, at -1 per additional 5 heat; on a failure, the barrel warps, reducing Acc by 1. If Acc drops to 1, any further reductions instead become a penalty on all attack rolls.

A Wasp heat sink is 600$, 10pd. Installing it is a long task requiring a total margin of 60, during which the Wasp can't be fired.

Hornet GPHMG

A heavy machine gun with removable heat sink, usable on a bipod by the larger species. `

Like the Wasp, the Hornet must use the heat sink, or be fired in short bursts, or track heat.

A Hornet heat sink is 800$, 20pd. Installing it is a long task requiring a total margin of 60, during which the Hornet can't be fired.

Tiger HMG


Dire Tiger HMG

A double-barreled weapon derived from the standard Tiger. It's not really practical for the medium species, but can be installed on a vehicle, or used on a tripod by the larger species. It still uses a single ammo belt, feeding rounds to the receivers in alternation.

Weapon Accessories

+1d-1 cr dkb+1d burn+1d-1 burn sur+1d tox
Resistible, HT+2
Cyclic, +2 @ 1sec
+1D3 cor+1 fat
Cyclic, +1 @ 1sec

These are magical firearm accessories that screw onto the barrel, boosting the damage of the first shot each second. Some work by adding energy, others work by creating temporary pseudomatter, but in any case it counts as a follow-up.

1 000$, .5pd.


A magical firearm accessory that screws onto a barrel, reducing and spreading out the sound of firing. The cheaper enchantment makes it sound more like a bowstring than a gunshot, imposing a -6 to hear and to localize the shot; the more expensive enchantment makes it virtually silent, imposing a -12.

1 000$ or 4 000$, .5pd.


Lightsaber8d(5) burn1?01, 2MC/300sec (6)-4M2pd3$160 0002
Weasel Autopistol2d+2 pi22- -160/1 800318 35P (3), .5pd, 27$-22.8pd8550$3
Wolf Autopistol3d pi+24- -200/2 500312 44P (3), .6pd, 24$-33.6pd11900$3
Wolverine Autopistol4d pi+34- -250/3 00038 44LN (3), .8pd, 32$-45.2pd151 475$3
Earthshaker Revolver5d pi+27- -350/4 40033 50BMG (3i), .6pd, 24$-45pd111 200$2
Grimalkin Autopistol2d+2 pi31- -320/3 600321 35S (3), .5pd, 10$-22.8pd4750$2
Ninja Shadow Pistol1d to 6d cor3+21- -160/1 800<1- --22.3pd- -20 100$2
Coldsteel Autopistol2d+2 pi22- -160/1 800315+1 35RP (3), .5pd, 54$-22.8pd8750$3
Thunder Assault Rifle5d pi42- -500/3 1001030 30R (3), 1.8pd, 30$-511.3pd9450$2
Stormbringer Assault Rifle7d pi52- -1 000/4 2001230 30LR (3), 2.4pd, 40$-616.7pd14750$2
Dragonfly Hunting Rifle2d+2 pi34- -160/1 80034 35P (5), .1pd, 6$-11.2pd5450$3
Loxley Hunting Rifle8d pi54- -1 600/6 60035 30LR (3), .4pd, 7$-68.8pd10890$3
Raptor Hunting Rifle6d2 pi54- -2 300/9 50034 35DL (3), .7pd, 14$-712.6pd121 250$3
Tyrant Hunting Rifle8d2 pi+54- -3 200/13 20035 50BMG (3), 1.7pd, 40$-818.5pd141 780$3
Semi-Portable Weapons
Strige Assault Cannon3d pi+34- -200/2 500312 44P (5), .6pd, 24$-22.1pd5750$2
Wasp GPMG7d pi52- -1 000/4 20015!100 30LR (5), 6pd, 120$ or
belt 50 30LR (5), 3pd, 60$
-620pd13B6 600$1
Hornet GPHMG7d2 pi+52- -1 600/6 70012!belt 50 50BMG (5), 17pd, 400$-840pd18B9 600$1
Tiger HMG7d2 pi+5+32- -1 800/7 70012!belt 50 50BMG (5), 17pd, 400$-855pd19M14 000$1
Dire Tiger HMG7d2 pi+5+32- -1 800/7 70024!belt 50 50BMG (5), 17pd, 400$-974pd22M28 000$1