There are seven attributes:

Each costs 10 per level, or 1 per decilevel.


Some stats are given in an alternate form:

When listed with "∝" instead of dice, the number indicates the maximum damage level. Damage is [Lev]d. This can take a multiplier, as normal - for example, "6∝10 burn" means it deals 1d10 burn on level 1, 2d10 burn on level 2, etc. up to 6d10 burn on level 6. Level setting can be changed with a Ready action.
Lists fire modes instead of ROF numbers; multiple modes are split by slashes, and take a Ready to switch between. Modes are as follows:
Each trigger pull fires one shot. Numeric ROF is 3, but can be finely and precisely adjusted.
Each trigger pull fires an [N]-shot burst at a high cyclic rate. Numeric ROF is 3[N]; the number of bursts can be finely and precisely adjusted, but each burst will be [N] shots, unless it runs short of ammo/power.
Fires continuously while the trigger is held. Numeric ROF is 10, and under combat conditions, even an experienced firer will often fire a little short or a little long. If the firer has Unfazeable, or is not under pressure, or aims the shot for at least two seconds, they fire the number they intended. Otherwise, if they have points in the weapon's skill, roll 1d: 1=-1 shot, 2-5=as intended, 6=+1 shot. Otherwise, roll 1d: 1=-2 shots, 2=-1 shot, 3-4=as intended, 5=+1 shot, 6=+2 shots. A negative number becomes zero, and they can't exceed the ROF; they can state an intended number in excess of the ROF to fire the full ROF, or negative to only fire if they overpress.
As FA, but with a numeric ROF of [N]. Multiply the overpress/underpress error by [N/10], round up.
This is purely the loaded weight of the weapon, in pounds. "p" means the ammo is in an external unit of some kind, and its weight is not included.
The form, weight, and reload time of the weapon. Weight is in pounds, reload time is in seconds per mag/cap/bar(or per shot, with "i"). Forms are as follows:
[type] mag
A box magazine of [type] rounds.
A De cap. This is a cylinder about an inch in diameter and an inch long.
A half-length(9") De bar.
A full-length(18") De bar.
Follows another form, and indicates multiple mags/caps/bars.
This is purely the number of shots available from a full load. An "ε" means it lists abstract energy units for an adjustable-power-level weapon; a shot consumes [Lev] energy units. If less than this is available, it'll fire a reduced-level shot.
Energy Weapons: Pistol
Shock Holdout Pistol2∝(5) tox sur21mi/3miSA.35cap/.05/320εnone3-11`3
Heat Holdout Pistol2∝(3) burn3300/900SA/FA.35cap/.05/330εnone3-11`3
Shock Medium Pistol3∝(5) tox sur42mi/6miSA/FA71.5 bar/.5/3200εB4-21`3
Heat Medium Pistol3∝(3) burn6600/1 800SA/FA1.5 bar/.5/3300εB4-21`3
Shock Heavy Pistol4∝(5) tox sur43mi/9miSA/FA73.3 bar 2/1/3400εB6-21`3
Heat Heavy Pistol4∝(3) burn6900/2 700SA/FA3.3 bar 2/1/3600εB6-21`3
Energy Weapons: Rifle
Underbarrel Shock Ray5∝(5) tox sur45mi/15miSA/FA2.3bar/1/3400εnone- -- -1`2
Underbarrel Heat Ray5∝(3) burn61 500/4 500SA/FA202.3bar/1/3600εnone- -- -1`2
Shock Truck Rifle5∝(5) tox sur85mi/15miSA/BF/FA5.6bar/1/3400εUBT5-31`2
Heat Truck Rifle5∝(3) burn121 500/4 500SA/FA10/FA205.6bar/1/3600εUBT5-31`2
Shock Target Rifle4∝(5) tox sur10+210mi/30miSA11bar/1/3400εUBT7R-51`3
Heat Target Rifle4∝(3) burn15+23 000/9 000SA11bar/1/3600εUBT7R-51`3
Shock Hunting Rifle6∝(5) tox sur87mi/20miSA10bar 2/2/3800εUBT7-41`2
Heat Hunting Rifle6∝(3) burn122 000/6 000SA/FA10bar 2/2/31 200εUBT7-41`2
Gunnery: Energy
Semi-Portable Shock Ray12∝(5) tox sur12+270mi/200miSA70pcabled
4 000εUBT12M-42`1
Semi-Portable Heat Ray12∝(3) burn18+220 000/60 000SA/FA70pcabled
6 000εUBT12M-41`1