Hechashiah of Barsafael

The Lady Of Ancient Strength appears as a woman in crimson and white robes with one leg uncovered, or as a crimson and white sea serpent. She is hidden truth, the subconscious, unconfessed primal emotions, and unknown strengths. Some wizards theorize that she underlies all the other decans; others believe that as wizards, philosophers, and scientists explore more of existence, her essence shrinks(or continues to create more unknowns).

Places: Deep beneath the ocean or in hidden caves, cities unknown to mankind, dinosaur burial grounds, fragmentary worlds long forgotten, very old mountaintops, limestone sinkholes.

Materials: Ambergris, petroleum, white noise, artesian water, taproots of plants, “U” shapes, crimson.

Aries 2nd, Sun, Binah

Aaneval of Belbel

The Lord Of Despair And Cruelty occasionally appears as a man with the head of a raptor bird; other times, as a black dog; still others, as a man covered in fish or snake scales. He energizes pain and torment, sharpness and shadow, shock and loss… few mages explore Aaneval, but many ghostly undead draw on him.

Places: Torture chambers, death camps, deep in the rainforest where sunlight never falls, widows’ walks, shadow-burns left by nuclear blasts, the edges of the Abyss.

Materials: Funeral crepe, surgical steel, rust, ammonia, neurotoxins, dried blood, nettles, purple so dark that it appears black.

Gemini 2nd, Venus, Yesod

Murmux of Buldumêch

The Lord Of Wealth traditionally manifests as an old man leaning on a staff and wrapped in a woolen mantle. He energizes wealth and treasure, giving gold its glitter and building stock-market castles in the air. Within his penumbra lie concepts as arcane as currency arbitrage and as basic as greed.

Places: Banks, trading floors, gold mines, customs houses, moneychangers, jewelers, treasure troves.

Materials: Money, anything expensive and hoarded, jackdaw or magpie feathers, cowry shells, sapphires, toad venom, gold.

Virgo 3rd, Venus, Malkuth

Hokmiah of Marderô

The Lord Of Sorrow appears as a man with a lion’s face, occasionally enthroned but more often pacing angrily with a whip. He energizes rebellion against comfort and anger at injustice, as well as violent reaction born from fear of chaos. He also drives mutations, changes born of crisis, and the concept of the opportune disaster.

Places: Revolutionary battlefields or massacres, police stations, some government buildings, meteor craters, disaster sites.

Materials: Hammers, sickles, human blood, pepper, tear gas, axes, five-pointed stars(but not pentagrams), gunpowder, rhino hide, white-flecked azure.

Libra 2nd, Saturn, Binah

Kaliel of Alath

The Lord Of Rest From Strife often appears as a fat man riding on a donkey and drinking wine. Other times, he manifests as an enormous, slumbering bull with the head of a man or a leopard. He creates satiety, comfort, rest, the steady state, boredom, stagnation, and stasis, and may be crucial in the “damping out” of destructive energies where less-compatible aethyrs intersect.

Places: Old-age homes, cold deserts, still tarns, ghost towns, select gentlemen’s clubs.

Materials: Tortoiseshell, square and cubic shapes, arsenic, ether, morphine or heroin, deep wine-purple.

Libra 3rd, Mercury, Chesed

Livoyah of Tepsisem

The Lady Of Loss appears as a middle-aged woman in red, a scarlet fire-sprite, or a swift horsewoman on a red horse. She energizes both beauty and its loss, and thus to transience and impermanence; steady diminution rather than the catastrophes of Hokmiah.

Places: Museums, art auction houses, badly maintained(but once attractive) buildings, eroding statues.

Materials: Works of art, rouge, acid rain, faded photographs, broken mirrors, velvet, sandalwood, cut hibiscus or lilies, scarlet.

Scorpio 1st, Mars, Geburah

Nelokiel of Nefthada

The Layit Of Pleasure traditionally takes on the guise of a well-formed sybarite on a richly caparisoned camel or in a luxurious tent. They energize pleasure and delight — thrills physical and mental. They're often only perceptible at single, almost painfully perfect moments: the meadow under a rainbow, the first bite of steak, the second swallow of cognac. But their influence is in all those things forever.

Places: Almost nowhere — except for perfect moments in time or space. Some truly wonderful gardens achieve correspondence with Nelokiel on a continuing basis, as do a very few building interiors.

Materials: Champagne, star sapphires, silk or satin fabrics, morning dew, pure oxygen, bright green.

Scorpio 2nd, Jupiter, Tiphareth

Naber of Akton

The Layit Of Illusionary Success appears in many guises: a blonde woman in red, a kneeling man in a fur robe, a carrion crow or a black crane, and a red-eyed gryphon. They energize decadence of the spirit or the self-created mutilation of soul, culture, or body. They instill corruption, debauchery, and the cruel and queasy joys of sin.

Places: Alcoholic wards, whorehouses, crack dens, certain temples in desert lands, slave markets, the edge of the Abyss.

Materials: Vomit, maggots, vitriol, cocaine, wormwood, venereal pus, pale yellow.

Scorpio 3rd, Moon, Netzach

Amael of Axiôphêth

The Lady Of Oppression appears as a woman in an indigo robe seated on rocks. Occasionally she weeps; just as often, she has her foot on a man’s throat and her hand wrapped in his hair. She may serve as another “anchor” for reality, empowering gravity, weight and mass, and forces holding things in place, often including oppression for its own sake.

Places: Underneath tons of rock, sun-baked desert flats, labor camps, prisons, sweatshops, particularly oppressive cubicle farms, slave galleys, certain mountains in the Pamirs.

Materials: Lead chains, iron weights, ballast from a ship that has traveled around the world, depleted uranium, indigo.

Sagittarius 3rd, Sun, Malkuth

Yeichavah of Anostêr

The Layit Of Effort traditionally appears as a gray, blind ape, or as an enigmatic figure garbed in prismatic robes, their face hidden by a peacock fan. They take other forms at whim; many mages remain uncertain whether they have conversed with(or even summoned) Yeichavah. Some mages theorize that Yeichavah, by definition, cannot exist. They comprise that which cannot be done or known — the impossible, the unnamable, the reverse face of knowledge and skill, the void preceding creation.

Places: Peculiar stone circles in impossible places, a mirage city in the desert, a hot spring beneath arctic ice.

Materials: The noise of a cat’s passage, books never written, blood from a stone, imperceptible colors.

Capricorn 2nd, Venus, Binah

Aniel of Hephesimereth

The Layit Of Defeat walks with head down, wearing a dark red, shapeless, hooded robe. Only their hands emerge, holding an empty sack. They're literally nothing. They imbue creation with defeat, emptiness, and loss. Pessimistic mages believe that eventually, every decan will fall into the sack of Aniel.

Places: Open abandoned pits, former cemeteries with the bodies disinterred, frozen Antarctic desert, the intergalactic vacuum, places where the ground has been sown with salt.

Materials: Dead batteries, dust from an abandoned house, ashes, mistletoe, lack of all color.

Aquarius 1st, Saturn, Geburah

Vevaliah of Akhouiy

The Lady Of Abandoned Success appears as an attractive red-headed woman with her hair tied up in a black velvet band, or as a collie, a raven, or a large orange carp. She energizes(if that’s the term) indolence, drift, ease, and luck — especially “dumb luck” or “fool’s luck.” Not stagnant like Kaliel, Vevaliah simply “goes with the flow”.

Places: Casinos, resort hotels, some taverns, much of Faërie, fountains(with coins), wishing wells.

Materials: Four-leaf clovers, rabbits’ feet, upright horseshoes, beer, dice, stones with water-eroded holes through them, the small bone of a sheep’s head, honey, deep orange.

Pisces 1st, Jupiter, Hod