Dreamwalker General Knowledge

Each sleeper has their own dreams; most likely, they create their dreams. Each dream is a world, expanded as needed, full of dream constructs. Most dream constructs are objects, but the most interesting ones are people.

There is also a singular Deep Dreaming, which can only be reached by dreamwalking. It was once a dark, formless void, but has been augmented by inanimate dream constructs freed from various dreams. Now, it's a platform bodged together from random objects, the void visible overhead. Elevators act as portals to "dream-like environments", mostly bar/hotels like Cherry's and The Neutral Zone, but also The Bazaar, where a sandy fill lends the air of a middle-eastern market to whatever dreamwalkers want to sell, for a price.

A dreamwalker can do so while asleep; they have to realize they're dreaming, and can then use their Dreamwalk ability to break out to the Deep Dreaming. From there, they can use it to enter various dreams, and thereby pass between dreams. They can CatapultNightmare awake, but usually must return to their own dream to wake. While awake, a dreamwalker can meditate, and once they achieve a state of trance, can dreamwalk the same.

In addition to walking between dreams, a dreamwalker gets kicked out when a dream ends. Normally, the dream's natives end with it, but they can be "freed", and will then be kicked out like a dreamwalker. Both dreamwalkers and their hangers-on count among their number both "real" dreamers — with bodies to wake up to — and energy beings like dream constructs.

Some dreamwalkers(or their hangers-on) are adapters, who take on the traits of a native whenever they enter a dream, like a mantle. Other dreamwalkers have high Dreaming: Warping skill, and shape dreams in their own image. In any case, magic, technology, etc. can be brought between dreams, and will function.

This Dream, General Knowledge

It's usually raining in the city by the bay. It might've been San Francisco, once; but now it's got more Seattle, and some of the most run-down parts of New York. Manhattan gave it a miss entirely. The city is broken; the economy is broken, the subway systems aren't safe for a young man alone at night, and nobody tries to change it anymore. By day people work their crummy jobs, and by night they huddle at home, guarded by the radio from a chill that has more to do with crime than weather. Months and years have lost their meaning; the newspaper only prints the day of the week.

All the dream natives are human, or pass as human. The wealthy have cars and drivers; there's a population of taxi drivers, who speak Japanese or Greek or sometimes Latin, but never English. The rest of the poor walk, and the middle classes take the taxis or subway systems. There are three unconnected subway systems; each station goes down one, two, or three stories to a single system. For the middle classes and poor, the standard attire is a brown trenchcoat and black hat; some try a little fashion underneath, or a little color, aping the upper class, but it might as well be underwear for all it matters. For the upper class, there is fashion, but it involves nice suits and conservative dresses in bright colors.

The setting is oddly egalitarian; while there are certainly those willing to degrade anyone else for any excuse, the people in general seem to prefer huddling together while something dies. Anyone with nothing to gain doesn't bat an eye at race, sex, or sexual preference.

Emiliano Squadre, the most stereotypically-italian mobster in the mob, appeared from nowhere some time ago as a capo with a team of soldiers. He originally tried to join under Boss Conti, but that turned bloody, and now he rules as Boss Squadre. (Boss Russo benefited from that friction.)

This Dream, Dreamwalker Knowledge

Boss Squadre appears to be some kind of evil interloper. Other interlopers — at least those showing themselves as out-dream — have been systematically killed off, mostly by his goons. Dreamwalkers generally avoid this dream, but some use it as a sort of refuge - they're safe from out-dream rules so long as they keep their heads down, just like the natives. Unfortunately, entering and exiting are noticed…

This dream has gone on for some time. Maybe since the 1940s, or maybe it just feels that way. The dreamer is almost certainly one of the private eyes, somewhere in the city. Wake him, and the dream ends. But what is Squadre doing to keep him dreaming, and why?

The PCs are presumably a group of dreamwalkers, adapters, and/or maybe native dream constructs who've become close friends. Dream constructs(native or not) can become dreamwalkers and/or adapters with training, and may have received that training from their friends, in addition to presumably being freed.

Perhaps the default PC is a dreamwalker, who's made a place for themself in this dream as a private eye. Find the dreamer.

Build Character

The PCs start with 500 points. However, you may want to leave ~100 points unspent for use in later dreams.

The magic is -1 below Normal Mana. The TL is 6.

Languages are normally ignored; everybody speaks at a sublingual level by default. However, you can take languages, because you can choose to speak in them for obscurity purposes. Someone with no languages can only speak sublingually in a dream.


Bound Dream Native(-15)

As Dream Native, except that you have not been freed from this dream. If you escape before it ends, you will be freed in the process, but if it ends around you, you must make a Will-20 roll or end with it. Includes Energy Being as well.

Your native dream ending will give you 5 points back, as this is replaced with just Energy Being.

Dream Native(10)

You are a native, not only of this dream's setting, but of this specific dream. You have a place in the world, you have a set of resources and obligations suited to your other ADS, you probably have friends, and you have general and specific knowledge about the dream world.

You aren't required to be an ordinary native; you can still have abilities, gear, and skills from outside the dream, possibly due to befriending a dreamwalker. If you don't have these things and won't gain them, that would add Mundane Background.

Similarly, a wide variety of ADS, like Zeroed, Contact, and Independent Income can further define the native's relationship to their dream.

You have also been freed from this dream; it ending around you will automatically kick you out, like an intruder. You can, of course, leave your native dream by any other means, including portals, riding with a dreamwalker, and learning dreamwalking yourself.

Finally, when your native dream ends, you will lose this ability, and get your points back.


You can "walk" between dreams, and into and out of the Deep Dreaming.

The "normal" use of this takes an hour of ritual, and can effortlessly bring with you the maximum gear and passengers you could carry. If you don't have any Dreaming: Activation dice, you need to roll it for one hit. You still make Dreaming: Stealth rolls.

"Powerwalking" costs 1 EP to attempt, and takes an action. Make a Dreaming: Activation roll; you need one net hit. Anyone with at least one die in Dreaming: Warping can roll it(-1 die per meter) to subtract hits, but you can also buy up to [W] hits for 1 EP each. You can carry gear and passengers through, but you must carry them, possibly costing more EP. In order to do this "quietly", you'll need to roll Dreaming: Stealth.

Energy Being(-20)

You're a dream construct or other energy being; you don't have a physical body out there. If your dream-self is corrupted, killed, etc, it's for good, you can't "just" wake up and come back after a while.

Enhanced Move(variable)
Each additional
doubling costs +20.

In one mode of movement, the character has a top speed of some multiple of their normal speed(which now functions as their acceleration per second).

Karma Pool(5/level)

You have a pool of [Level] karma points. Each session, these refresh to full. You can spend a karma point from this pool in place of a character point to activate a transient rule like Flesh Wounds. Note that this does not activate abilities modified to cost character points.

Modular Ability: Adapter(1/level)

You take on up to [Level] points of ADS(and stat mods) typical of a native. In general, this allows you to fit in, and is not under your control, except insofar as you can travel from dream to dream. Notably, a particular dream may not have any such ADS/stats at all.


A normal character has only a single form, and their form-specific ADS and stats are mixed in with their non-form-specific ADS and stats. With this ADS, the character has a list of 2 to 5 forms, and can transform between them by spending a full round on it.

First, take all non-form-specific ADS and stats normally. Then, create a "form package" for each form, which includes all positive-valued ADS and stat deltas, and half of all negative-valued ADS and stat deltas; take the most expensive form package as your Great Form, and pay 10%(round up) of each of the others.


Character Templates

Local Dream Constructs

Private Investigator

You're a detective, a shamus, a sleuth, a P.I, a peeper. `

#char Private Investigator
25	Agility: 5
36	Cunning: 6
16	Dexterity: 4
16	Health: 4
36	Social: 6
49	Toughness: 7
36	Understanding: 6
49	Willpower: 7
10	Dream Native
-20	Energy Being
5	Appearance: General: +1
3	Appearance: Sexy: +1
2	DR: 1
10	Enhanced Healing: 2 (×4)
29	725 skill points

#char Private Investigator' skills
20	Athletics: A+2
24	Athletics: Run: A+4
20	Crack: Locksmith: U+2
180	Detect: C+6
20	Dodge: A+2
24	Dodge: Ranged: A+4
80	Influence: S+4
40	Influence: Fast-Talk: S+6
32	Knowledge: Pop Culture: C+4
5	Medicine: U+1
16	Medicine: First Aid: U+3
18	Research: Books: U+3
45	Savoir-Faire: S+3
54	Savoir-Faire: Streetwise: S+6
80	Stealth: +4
5	Melee: A+1
30	Melee: Unarmed: A+4
32	Ranged: Pistol: D+4
0	0 spare

Bad News Babe

You're a femme fatale with the weight of polite society and a machiavellian craftiness behind you. You can feign helplessness, you're a master at appealing to greed, revenge, or gullibility, and you've got enough raw sex appeal to keep them offering.

#char Bad News Babe
36	Agility: 6
49	Cunning: 7
36	Dexterity: 6
16	Health: 4
49	Social: 7
16	Toughness: 4
16	Understanding: 4
16	Willpower: 4
10	Dream Native
-20	Energy Being
10	Appearance: General: +2
12	Appearance: Sexy: +4
6	Flexibility: +2
23	575 skill points

#char Bad News Babe's skills
20	Athletics: A+2
20	Erotic Arts: +2
24	Erotic Arts: Primal Technique: D+4
180	Influence: S+6
45	Knowledge: C+3
45	Medicine: U+3
5	Pilot: C+1
16	Pilot: Ground: C+3
80	Savoir-Faire: S+4
50	Soft Science: Behavioral: U+5
80	Stealth: +4
8	Ranged: Pistol: D+2
2	2 spare

Mob Goon
#char Mob Goon
25	Agility: 5
36	Cunning: 6
16	Dexterity: 4
16	Health: 4
16	Social: 4
36	Toughness: 6
25	Understanding: 5
36	Willpower: 6
10	Dream Native
-20	Energy Being
-5	Appearance: General: -1
2	DR: 1
11	275 skill points

#char Mob Goon's skills
5	Crack: U+1
20	Dodge: A+2
20	Influence: S+2
24	Influence: Intimidate: S+4
20	Medicine: U+2
20	Savoir-Faire: S+2
24	Savoir-Faire: Mafia: S+4
18	Survival: Urban: C+3
80	Melee: A+4
20	Ranged: D+2
24	Ranged: Pistol: D+4
0	0 spare


These include "Intrusion", which means either Dreamwalk or Modular Ability: Adapter: 50. Take both for an extra 50 points, or neither for 50 points less. For a dream construct from another dream, take Energy Being for 20 points less.

Catgirl Space Pirate

You're a pretty, swaggering space pirate. With a heavy blaster pistol and a mean ship, you can fill her hold with cargo.

#char Catgirl Space Pirate
49	Agility: 7 (6 racial)
36	Cunning: 6 (6 racial)
36	Dexterity: 6
16	Health: 4
25	Social: 5
25	Toughness: 5 (4 racial)
16	Understanding: 4 (4 racial)
25	Willpower: 5
50	"Intrusion"
5	Appearance: General: +1
3	Appearance: Sexy: +1
10	"Catfall" — DR: 12(Only Vs Falling(-60%))
5	Claws: Sharp
-2	Extra Sleep: 1
15	Flexibility: +5
25	High TL: +5
3	Night Vision: 3
-5	Overconfidence(SC: 12(×1))
15	"Balance Tail" — Perfect Balance
1	Teeth: Sharp
0	Feature: Fur
22	550 skill points

#char Catgirl Space Pirate's skills
20	Athletics: A+2
45	Detect: C+3
20	Dodge: A+2
24	Dodge: Ranged: A+4
32	Erotic Arts: Primal Technique: D+4
45	Influence: S+3
54	Influence: Intimidate: S+6
18	Medicine: First Aid: U+3
20	Pilot: C+2
24	Pilot: Space: C+4
20	Savoir-Faire: S+2
24	Savoir-Faire: Streetwise: S+4
80	Stealth: +4
18	Melee: Unarmed: A+3
45	Ranged: D+3
54	Ranged: Pistol: D+6
7	7 spare

Dogboy Cowboy
#char Dogboy Cowboy
36	Agility: 6
25	Cunning: 5 (4 racial)
49	Dexterity: 7
36	Health: 6 (6 racial)
25	Social: 5
49	Toughness: 7
16	Understanding: 4 (4 racial)
36	Willpower: 6
50	"Intrusion"
0	racial Chummy bought off
1	Teeth: Sharp
-1	Quirk: Proud
0	Feature: Fur
20	500 skill points

#char Dogboy Cowboy's skills
20	Athletics: 2
80	Dodge: A+4
66	Dodge: Ranged: A+7
45	Ride: 3
54	Ride: Horse: 6
80	Ranged: 4
96	Ranged: Pistol: 8
5	Influence: S+1
30	Influence: Fast-Talk: S+4
18	Soft Science: Behavioral: U+3
6	6 spare

#char ?
50	"Intrusion"
20	500 skill points

#char ?'s skills