Heavy Flamer


Stats in UT.

(SAW / Atomizer)

Flare Weapons

Assault Fatality Flare

Taking advantage of fatality flare armor penetration, this is a carbine that autofires small fatality flares. Somewhat effective against armor and at deterring infantry, it comes into its own against aircraft and powered armor.

Light Fatality Flare Gatling is (Super Shotgun / SAW)

Modular Flare Pod

A light mounted weapon or heavy personal weapon, the MFP is a jack-of-all-trades weapon designed to take advantage of "backstop flare" weapon technologies. The receiver, shock pulse projector, and power-handling systems are in the pod proper, and powercells and backstop chargers can be slotted. Even once assembled, the firer can decide how long to charge each shot. The result is sort of like a remote-detonated mortar, with the charger switching between phospho flare, ryokor flare, lambic flare, and the mordonian-derived fatality flare. The MFP also accepts an accelerator system, which includes its own firing software since it results in very fast shots, automatically shocked within microseconds of firing. However, even a full set of powercells only supports 5 full charges.

(charge-up energy gun / Grenade Launcher / Rocket Launcher)

Force Weapons

Force Carbine

A carbine that autofires force beams, providing "space control". The listed stats are for "kill"; on "stun", also has No Wounding.

(Gravity Gun / Assault Rifle)

Gel Weapons

Gel Carbine

A light autofiring gel projector; good ROF, doesn't hold a lot of ammo, max range is about 120'. Loads include:

(SMG / Military Flamethrower)


Sniper Gyroc

A heavy longarm with a large scope, firing small kinetic-kill missiles with terminal guidance. Can "lock and pop" to get around small amounts of cover. Good range, great accuracy and per-shot damage, ROF sucks, holds 4 shots in an internal magazine.

(Sniper Rifle / Missile Launcher)


Squad FEL

A heavy longarm that builds up a charge, which can be released in a short laser beam. Takes a while to charge a good shot, and too heavy for a service weapon, but has great range and accuracy, and on a full charge either packs a good punch or allows a lot of little shots.

(SAW / charge-up energy gun)

A TL10^ "super" solid-state NIR laser.

Plasma Bolters

Plasma Repeater

A gatling carbine that fires plasma bolts at relatively high ROF. Poor range(the plasma dissipates) and mediocre accuracy, but good DPS against unarmored targets.

(Assault Rifle / Shotgun)

Plasma Sniper Rifle

` Might need to be upgraded to 17d. `

(Sniper Rifle / Missile Launcher)

Plasma Boomer

A "dinosaur" plasma rifle, very heavy, low ROF, short range, high damage.

(Rocket Launcher / Shotgun)



Beam TypeBwBrBeBcBaRclNotes
Fatality Flare59001632.1$61range is linear, Max = ½D
Flare Weapons
Assault Fatality Flare2d+2(∞) burn ex²(10)122345.35/D1057(5)5†-311 410$10^`
Modular Flare Pod*12*27.7/4Ep3*(5)13M-81`10^`
Force Weapons
Force Carbine2d+2 cr dkb12300/9005.4/2C10122(3)5-312 200$10^2
Gel Weapons
Gel Carbine
Sniper Gyroc
Squad FELMax 6d×4(2) burn12up to 28 800/86 40018/2D121 at max(5)9†-6181 000$10^`
Plasma Bolters
Plasma Repeater5d(2) burn ex875/2255.27/2C7108(3)5-3210 900$10^2
Plasma Sniper Rifle13d(2) burn ex8+31 300/3 9008.86/3C112(3)7-4213 700$10^`
Plasma Boomer7d×5(2) burn ex8175/52521/2Dp13(5)10-7253 600$10^1
something melee
Super Shotgun
Assault Rifle
SAW (encumbering)
Grenade Launcher
Demo Pack
Marksman Rifle (M1 Garand)
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher (fast, few, deadly)
Missile Launcher
Military Flamethrower
charge-up energy gun
gravity gun