Worlds Between

Traverse Town



In addition to shortcuts, Second links to every district except Fifth; Fourth links to Fifth.

Hollow Bastion


From Kingdom Hearts II.


Getting Around

Corridors Of Darkness

Fast, convenient, the main problem is exposure to the darkness. Of course, if you're embracing the darkness, that's not much of a problem.


Lanes Between

Can use a Keyblade Glider in the empty Lanes. Unfortunately, a Keyblade Glider isn't sealed, so you risk exposure to the darkness.

"I have unlocked the Lanes Between. You may use these forbidden pathways to travel between this world and countless others. The darkness looms closer than usual within these spaces, but your armor will protect you." — Master Eraqus


Can use a Gummi ship in the AsteroidThicket of shattered barrier Gummi, where enemy Gummi ships live. The ship's hull protects you from the darkness. This may be what's outside the hollow tunnel of the Lanes Between.

When the door leading to a world's heart is opened, the barrier that protects that world collapses into its component Gummi blocks, which fall into the world as a meteor shower. They can then be found and used to build other things. This may mean the barriers were built, some time in the past, by a civilization that could create Gummi blocks. Possibly the cartoon bears.

The primary way that Sora obtains Gummi Blocks is by destroying enemy Gummi Ships and obtaining blocks or blueprints from their remnants. Rarer blocks, however, come from chests, unique drops, and prizes. Later on, blocks can be purchased from Cid, an expert in Gummi engineering. Cid resumes his former work with Gummi Ships when Sora finds half of the first Navi-G block.

Star Shard

Not exactly directed. With effort and a bit of luck, can be activated on purpose. Also activates on its own sometimes. And you don't get to pick the destination.


There's a train from Twilight Town to Yen Sid's Mysterious Tower.

Teleportation Spells

Merlin and Maleficent teleport between worlds with spells.


When a world is destroyed by the Heartless, any survivors find their way to Traverse Town. Traverse Town itself consists of the remnants of those worlds.

Enemy Types


A Scheme

Accessory Shop

Run by a guy who looks like Daria-the-show's Guy Fawkes.

Item Shop

Run by a pretty-but-demure asian lady, as a Kung Pow: Enter The Fist reference.

Clothing Shop

Run by `.



A character's Drive stat is the sum of their Will, and their emotional drives. Each emotional drive has a level from 1 to 3, and is either "light" or "dark". In general, society reacts positively to light drives and negatively to dark drives; individuals with extensive dark drives often react negatively to light drives, but will usually hide this. Light drives cost 2 per level, dark drives cost 1 per level.

Light Drives

Dark Drives


Quick BlitzAttack1Charge attack, deals [˝×Drive] sharp damage.
Diamond DustIce Magic StyleSetup: 1 Ice Magic.1PBAOE at 4×reach, deals [Drive] ice damage, chance to inflict a little Freeze status.
Dark VolleyDark Attack2Ranged attack, deals [2×Dark Will] dark damage.
Dark HazeDark Attack3Charge attack, deals [2×Dark Will] dark damage, chance to inflict Doom status.
Magic HourLight Attack2 slots.3Charge attack; deals [Light Will] light damage. If it hits, you get it again next turn without paying more focus, etc.
SpellweaverLight Magic StyleSetup: 2 Magic.2Locked into a spin attack(can still Step) for 3 more turns; PBAOE at 4×reach, deals [Light Will] light damage.
Magic WishLight Magic StyleSetup: 3 Magic.3