Use 4D6 discard lowest, 3+55 distributive, or an elite array of 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Then assign to attributes(CHA, CON, DEX, INT, STR, WIS). There's a 3+55 distributive generator on the On Volania page.


See Species.html.


See ClassAndFeat.html.


See ClassAndFeat.html.


Aden The Conqueror

sorrow, conquest, fighting dirty, overwhelming force
NE; Divine Adepts, Witch Knights, Negative Energists; always negative.
Darkness, Destruction, Strength, Trickery, War.
A common icon is a black sword, blade down in a splash of red blood, but Aden's devoted don't get very hung up on codified iconography. Black robes, weapons, hoods, masks, etc. Tell a thirteen-year-old he can't wear a skull mask because it's white and set him loose.
Usually a massive, dark dragon, sometimes a dark and agile half-dragon wielding the sword Black Ice. Both are male. He's believed to be either a great dragon, an infernal, or some unholy combination thereof, risen to godhood.

Chrom The Metal Light

metal, light, thought
LN; Divine Adepts, Positive Energists, Witch Knights; always positive.
Earth, Knowledge, Law, Sun.
A circle of steel polished into a convex mirror.
A young human, lean and androgynous, with silver skin, wearing gleaming plate armor. They wield a fullblade in the sheath Tusktally, festooned with countless threads knotted with encodings of all things that have seen the light of day.

Eterna The Truthbringer

rescue, heroism, guarding, justice, oaths
LG; Divine Adepts, Witch Knights, Positive Energists; always positive.
Nobility, Protection, War.
A dawning red sun, with a golden arrow flying upward past it.
Almost always an athletic female hunadu, in Morning's Light(gleaming red plate-and-mail armor). She bears the longbow Fellwalker, the golden shield Daybreak, and a glaive. She rarely lifts her visor — perhaps only in rumor, for the tales of her face are all over the map.

Heartok The Blood Drum

blood, sound, emotion
CN; Divine Adepts, Positive Energists, Skin-Walkers; always positive.
Animal, Air, Chaos, Healing.
A red drum with three black drumsticks.
A young human, sturdy and androgynous, with red skin, and an extra thumb in place of each pinky. They wear the mammoth fur armor Wildborn, and carry a shaman's drum.

Heka The Golden

illusions, health, sickness, suffering
CE; Adepts; choice of positive or negative.
Charm, Repose, Healing, Trickery.
A gold serpent head with ruby eyes, on a black circle.
Often a great golden serpent, female, with rubies for eyes, attended by spiders. Sometimes a young or very old woman of any species, in black or gold robes. As the goddess of illusion she manifests as all sorts of things from time to time.

Holo, The Wise Wolf

prosperity, growth, harvest, plants, animals
NN; Divine Adepts, Skin-Walkers; choice of positive or negative.
Animal, Lands, Plant, Skies, Waters.
A circle, pale blue at the top, rich green in a band across the middle, dark blue at the bottom.
Usually a Large female brown wolf, with a fluffy, white-tipped tail. Sometimes a female high elf with the ears and tail of her wolf form, brown hair long and flowing.

Kethral The Stoic

bureaucracy, half-truths, corruption, death
LE; Divine Adepts, Witch Knights, Negative Energists; always negative.
Community, Death, Inevitable.
A silver chain against a black field.
Always a gaunt old male human in enveloping black robes, wearing the silver chain Soulbind as a necklace.

Lilandra The Shaper

creation, destruction, transformation
CN; Adepts(especially Mystic Theurges), Energists; choice of positive or negative.
Creation, Destruction, Magic.
A section of a particular non-repeating mosaic, in clashing colors; the same pattern is extended over parts of her temples.
Usually a female with dark skin, often a zora, slender and agile. She wears various flowing gowns, usually in cool colors peppered with gems, held aloft by magic. She wears no shoes. She sometimes wields the bastard sword Deathwalker and the staff Soulforge.

Nithloc The Lurker

survival at all costs, hiding, escape
NN; Adepts, Skin-Walkers, Lurker-Kin, Energists; choice of positive or negative.
Liberation, Luck.
An egg with a brown tail curled around it.
Usually an agile male maldarga with a very long tail, scales mottled grey and brown.

Parinya The Sweet Voice

love, passion, sex, pleasure, revelry, the arts, beauty
CG; Divine Adepts, Positive Energists; always positive.
Charm, Community, Knowledge.
A silver rose in a sapphire goblet.
Usually a stunning youth, usually female, in a brightly-colored dress. Species she's fond of being include siren, pixie, and various elves.

Tarrenoc, The Architect

invention, creativity, crafts, medicine
LG; Divine Adepts, Positive Energists; always positive.
Artifice, Creation, Healing, Rune.
A silver hammer crossing a black diamond.
Almost always a young walvuri, with a workman's apron of boundless pockets and various tools.

Teer The Spellweaver

enchantment, control, fate
LN; Adepts(especially Mystic Theurges); choice of positive or negative.
Destiny, Knowledge, Magic.
A tapestry of discrete silver threads, five warp and twenty-three weft.
Almost always a night elf/spider centauroid, female and voluptuous. With six legs she walks, and with the back two she perpetually spins one of the tapestries of fate. In her voluminous white hair she stores the knitting needles Contagion and Sympathy, and sometimes uses them to knit scrolls or cloth-based magic items from her silk.


LanguageWriting SystemTypical Speakers
AhrounCombine Capital Alphabetgnolls, humans, lycor, utchat
DraconicDraconic Runic Abjaddragons, grey kobolds, maldarga
HeratatHeratat Ideographssphinxes
WassoonCombine Capital Alphabet
Old FaerieFae Running Syllabicsfaerie nobles
SylvanFae Running Syllabicsdryads, brownies, wild fae, hunadu
KemadrinFae Runic Alphabetbugbears, hobgoblins, ogres, orks, trolls
SperethielFae Runic Alphabetelves, seelie fae
ThroalicFae Runic Alphabetwalvuri, unseelie fae, giants
Old ElementalElemental Ideographselemental lords
AquanElemental Running Syllabicswater elementals, zoras
AuranElemental Running Syllabicsair elementals
IgnanElemental Running Syllabicsfire elementals
TerranElemental Running Syllabicsearth elementals
AnerisianTerminal IdeographsLawful outsiders
LogranTerminal IdeographsChaotic outsiders
ElysianTerminal IdeographsGood outsiders
HadeanTerminal IdeographsEvil outsiders
SigilianTerminal Ideographsneutral outsiders




Slug weapons with an indirect firing mechanism: A tiny energy enchantment is used to ignite a mix of oxidizer and reductive powders, which impels the slug. While the cartridge is more complex than for a witchwater weapon(or the simple slug of an impulse weapon), it doesn't need the expense of a witchwater cartridge or the user participation of an impulse weapon. With the advent of powercells to participate instead, impulse weapons are making a comeback of sorts, but the witchlock remains king to the average soldier.


A light pistol with a good capacity, popular among police.


A revolver, with better stopping power than the Guardian and more ammo than the Earthshaker.


An extra-heavy revolver, for when one shot has to stop them.


An assault rifle, optimized for the mixed fighting of assaulting an entrenched(or simply urban) position.

In SA mode, attacks are normal. In FA mode, each attack consumes 10 ammo, but instead of hitting a single target projects a 10' line — the attack roll need merely hit AC: 10 to place the line as intended. Each creature in the line must make a Ref save(DC: 15, -2 per RI) or be hit.


A shotgun firing slugs of 3/16 hands, or equivalent shot. It's cheap, and effective in close quarters, although soldiers(and especially hunadu) usually want more range.

The listed stats are for slug shells. Shot shells fire multiple pellets that spread out; the range penalty is only -1 per RI, but damage also takes -1 per RI.


A hunting rifle, with little ammo but enough power to bring down moderate game.


A battle rifle, roughly splitting the difference between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.


A sniper rifle, also popular among hunadu for the extremely-mobile combat of the open battlefield.

Other Slug-Throwers


A witchwater purse pistol. It survives as a nasty little surprise among adventurers.


A witchwater assault rifle. It survives as conspicuous consumption for adventurers. It's effective, but hardly efficient, delivering 20gp automatic sprays.

The Thunderdrake has SA and FA modes, like the Stormbringer.


An impulse sniper rifle. It fires a very heavy slug by witchlock standards, although it has some trouble with armor. "One bullet, one kill" makes it not punishingly tiring in its role, and thus the classic Ogrefist has survived — but with modern powercells, the Ogrefist Reborn was developed, using a bulky arrangement of eight-round cylinder on top(sighted through) and powercell underneath.

DR is doubled against both versions. With the Ogrefist classic, each shot costs the firer 13 subdual HP.

Direct Energy Weapons

Rather than deliver kinetic energy on a slug, these weapons send pure energy downrange. In addition to being able to deliver a greater variety of damage types, they share powercells with each other.


An etheric shock pistol, which provides a good surprise when you've detected an impending ambush from the ethereal.

As an etheric shock weapon, it has a maximum range of 1 000 000 RIs, instead of 10 RIs.


An etheric shock rifle, useful if you expect ethereal foes. It produces etheric shock waves, which travel faster than light, overcoming the elastic limit of the ether and thereby changing it from a hypercrystal to a crystal capable of carrying longitudinal waves — like the etheric shock waves themselves.

As an etheric shock weapon, it has a maximum range of 1 000 000 RIs, instead of 10 RIs.


A conversion rifle; it transmutes a tiny piece of the target into antimatter, producing a disproportionately-large explosion inside them.

Can only fire once per turn.


A flamer rifle, the plasma weapon that replaced flamethrowers — turning air into hot plasma is more convenient.

Can only fire once per turn. Only works in air; alternately, can use a custom 1pd/10gp compressed air tank good for 10 shots, but still won't work under water.


Ballistic Vests

These armor types provide increased resistance to slug-throwers.

Light Ballistic Vest

Made of aramid(cloth-class) materials. Provides DR 3/— vs KK.

Medium Ballistic Vest

Made of small metal plates, like scale armor; includes cloth containment layers. Provides DR 5/— vs KK.

Magic Items

Spell Reserve Activation

Spell reserve activation is similar to spell completion, but requires even more of the user: they must have a spell ready to cast. Prepared casters(like Skin-Walker) must have the spell prepared; spontaneous casters(like Bard and Hedge Witch) must have the spell known, and have enough slots/MP/etc. available for it; casters with spell-like abilities must have available uses of that spell. However, activating a spell reserve magic item does not consume the ready-to-cast spell. The spell merely serves as a prerequisite for the item's activation.

Activating a spell reserve item, like activating a spell completion item, is the equivalent of casting a spell. It requires concentration, provokes attacks of opportunity, and can't be done in a grapple. You lose the spell if your concentration is broken, and you can attempt to activate the item while on the defensive, as with casting a spell.

A DC: [20 + 2 × Caster Level] Use Magic Device check can synthesize the requirements of spell reserve activation. Like with a scroll, the attribute requirement still applies, and must be faked separately.

A magic item with spell reserve activation costs 25% as much as a magic item with use activation.


Damage is listed for weapons intended for Medium species. Small species shift one box up, and Large species shift one box down, on this table:
1D4, max 2 
This lists M for a melee weapon, R for a reach melee weapon, an RI for an RI-using ranged weapon, or simply a distance for a non-RI ranged weapon. If two listings are split by a slash, this is usually M for melee use, and an RI for thrown use.
The weapon's ammo capacity. A suffix indicates how it's carried, and thus how long it takes to reload:
SuffixReload ActionDescription
bMoveA box magazine with cartridges in it. An empty mag can itself be reloaded with a full-round action. Ten cartridges weigh a pound, and the mag itself weighs half a pound. The weight of a loaded mag and the cost of its cartridges will be listed after a comma.
iFull-RoundIndividual cartridges, either in a cylinder or in an internal magazine. The weight and cost of a full reload of cartridges will be listed after a comma.
cMoveA standard 1pd/1gp powercell, interchangeable between weapons.
The item's weight, when intended for a Medium user. Unless otherwise specified, halve weight for a Small user, double weight for a Large user.


Light Pistol Weapons
Guardian (witchlock pistol)2D6 KK20/×240' RI15b, 2pd/3sp250gp3pd
Dragonet (witchwater pistol)2D8 KK20/×250' RI8b, .4pd/16gp150gp1½pd
One-Handed Pistol Weapons
Manticore (witchlock revolver)2D8 KK20/×230' RI6i, .6pd/12cp250gp3pd
Earthshaker (witchlock revolver)2D10 KK20/×350' RI3i, ¾pd/15cp500gp3pd
Wight (etheric shock pistol)3D6 Force20/×240' RI*50c850gp2pd
One-Handed Rifle Weapons
Stormbringer (witchlock assault rifle)2D8 KK*20/×280' RI30b, 3½pd/6sp500gp8pd
Thunderdrake (witchwater assault rifle)2D10 KK*20/×2100' RI20b, 1½pd/40gp300gp6pd
Two-Handed Rifle Weapons
Monitor (witchlock shotgun)2D8 KK*20/×230' RI*6i, .6pd/6sp300gp7pd
Wolfhound (witchlock hunting rifle)2D10 KK20/×280' RI5i, ½pd/5cp400gp8pd
Owlbear (witchlock battle rifle)2D10 KK19-20/×2100' RI10b, 1½pd/2sp600gp10pd
Twogeye (witchlock sniper rifle)2D12 KK20/×3150' RI4i, 1pd/2sp1 000gp10pd
Wraith (etheric shock rifle)3D8 Force20/×2100' RI*30c1 700gp7pd
classic Ogrefist (impulse sniper rifle)4D12 KK*20/×3200' RI1i*, ¼pd/neg.600gp8pd
Ogrefist Reborn (impulse sniper rifle)4D12 KK*20/×3200' RI8i, 2pd/neg.
+ 32c
Two-Handed Exotic Weapons
Aboleth (conversion rifle)*6D8 Bash20/×2120' RI2c13 500gp10pd
Hellhound (flamer rifle)*3D6 Fire, 5' Line20' RI10c2 400gp8pd

*Special rules or stats apply, see description.


Light Armor
Light Ballistic Vest200gp+3*+5-115%15pd
Medium Armor
Medium Ballistic Vest400gp+5*+3-425%30pd

*Special rules or stats apply, see description.


Rename Candidates


Karana Plains

The broad central plains were ground flat by the glacial sheet, and now bear a thousand little rivers of meltwater, which eventually collect into the broad Serpent River. Each plain is ruled by a hunadu kingdom, and each river is plied by zora merchants.

The hunadu hold military supremacy, so they have nothing to worry about but each other. In particular, the river zoras avoid claiming territory, and thus the hunadu kingdoms have granted them full trade access to their rivers. Many zoras of the Karanas spend their entire lives traveling these rivers as supposed visitors, "just flowing by", never having any residence. Some wonder if the hunadu even realize so many "cheat" this way, but the hunadu know the zoras pay respect to the true conquerors… and bring goods from distant lands to every kingdom.


An old maldarga lifter ship. The sky maldarga are those who, when the glaciers advanced, fled upward in lifter ships like this, powered by ancient air-and-earth magics — which were hastily revised in the face of necessity. Archanon is one that survived to the glaciers receding. It now tours the continent, preaching a return to spiritualism in the earth… for they learned much in all their centuries living aloft, but readily sold it off in the name of the old ways.

The Flying Spire Bazaar

An old maldarga lifter ship now owned by a river zora family, touring the big cities of the Karanas. The zoras take merchants as passengers, who buy local goods and sell exotic foreign goods at each stop.


At the southern coast of the Karanas, where the Serpent River empties into the sea, lie the dingy stone buildings of Freeport. Its great docks pass mass quantities of cargo between land and sea.

An old port city of the elves was built here, and today its ruins have been channeled and reinforced into a vast, spacious sewer system, sarcastically called "Old Town". This sewer system is occupied by a community of undead, who exist on the refuse of the living. Subbasements have been dug, hidden, and linked to provide a layer between these worlds, occupied almost entirely by organized crime. This configuration makes Freeport "the Triple City" to unsavory types.

The Jardinne Mountains


The greatest of the Jardinne Mountains yet released by the glaciers, and riddled inside with their minehalls. The prominent "beaked" peak is the only part that was above the glaciers — the rest was shaved and its veins revealed, and thereby the walvuri prospered during the Interregnum. The other Jardinnes feature other minehalls, beholden to those of Ravenholm.

The Forest Of Cosmic Enlightenment

Paradise to the high elves, manifest on the east face of the Jardinnes.

The Shifting Sands

West of the Jardinnes, the glaciers have swept the land clean and made a desert. Underneath the sands still lie ancient maldarga ruins… and now the strongholds of the Bound Eternal, necromancers extraordinaire. When the glaciers advanced, some maldarga took shelter in kaers and lairs, sealed under the ice, and refined necromantic arts as the base of their ecology. They became the death maldarga, and their leaders never truly emerged, simply burrowed around with undead labor.

The Eastern Rough

Here, the glaciers leave fjords that can't hold for long, collapsing into the hills and valleys of Leavale, which is in turn eaten up by Nektulos Forest as trees gradually spread north.


A meadowed land of hills and valleys. Crawling ever north, valley elves make their homes here, for the hills shield their valleys from long-range attack.

Nektulos Forest

With one notable exception, Nektulos Forest is ruled by goblins. The three great houses of Crushbone Caverns, Runnyeye Citadel, and Deathfist Tor provide some organization, but seventeen major houses and myriad minor houses chart their own courses.

The exception is Neriak, a stronghold made by the night elves, deep in southern Nektulos. Bristling with mighty shadow evocation cannon, under a perpetual storm laden with shadow matter, Neriak is too hard for the goblins to assail.

The Kobold Coast

East of the Eastern Rough is a flat, sandy coast. Yellow kobolds hold sway here, the low-down dirty bushwhacking cannibals having enough brutality on tap to keep out even the goblins.

Bel Kressiak

South of Nektulos, bordering the Karanas and the kobold coast, what could be seen as terrible land was turned into the canal-riddled port city of Bel Kressiak. Lacking almost all the location advantages of Freeport, its main advantage is that the land isn't good for anything else — but if you build it, they will come.

Not far out of town, in the swamp, lies Bloodbriar, ancient fortress of the elves… and of the dragons before them.


Mammoth Tribes

Metal age(~TL3) and still mostly human, the mammoth tribes prosper atop their mighty steeds. They sheathe the tusks of their mammoths in steel, mix armoring techniques, and put sniper nests on top to make war upon each other. To impress them with your badassery is to earn a Burning Tribute, the most valuable currency in this deprived land they've turned into home.

Ice Elves

The old high elves eventually accepted the glacier sheet, and made their homes there. When it receded, most came down to revel in the paradisaical Forest Of Cosmic Enlightenment… but a hard core stayed behind, calling themselves "high elves", and the "traitors" of the forest "wood elves". Everyone else calls the elves left up on the ice "ice elves".


Rocky islands far to the east, uninhabited before the sirens fled the glaciers there. Now, more and more sirens — especially those taken by wanderlust — are coming ashore for fame and songs, although officially they're all still subjects of the sorcerors of Ird.


In Ages Past

When The Glacial Sheet Advanced

What we would call the ice age, they call the Eighth Interregnum.

When The Glacial Sheet Receded


Great Riding Eland

Large Animal

3D8+6 (19 HP)
100' (20 squares)
Armor Class
13(-1 «Size», +2 DEX, +2 <Natural Armor>), touch 11, flat-footed 11
gore +6 melee (2D6+5) or hoof +1 melee (1D6+2)
Full Attack
gore +6 melee (2D6+5) and 2 hooves +1 melee (1D6+2)
Special Attacks
Special Qualities
Lowlight, Scent
Fort: +5, Ref: +5, Will: +2
STR: 21(+5), DEX: 15(+2), CON: 15(+2), INT: 2(-4), WIS: 12(+1), CHA: 6(-2)
Listen: +4, Spot: +4
Endurance, Run
temperate plains and forests
Level Adjustment

These animals are usually ready for heavy work by age four. A great riding eland can't fight while carrying a rider.

Carrying Capacity: A light load for a great riding eland is up to 460pd, a medium load up to 920pd, a heavy load up to 1 380pd. A great riding eland can drag 6 900pd.