Characters normally "start creation" at age 15, with up to 9 background points, and can gain an additional background point each year thereafter(never stop learning).

Young Characters

When very young, characters tend to learn things that aren't modeled by background points(how to talk, how to walk, how to use the toilet, how to use the toilet without having a blast radius, etc). As a result, background points accumulate more slowly at first, and then pick up to the adult pace. The first background point is learned by age 4; the second by age 7; the third by age 9; and one per year thereafter.

This is also why some people in some years don't get background points. If you devote years of your life to mastering the microwave arts, that's not going to show up on your character sheet.



Charm Talent Tree
  • Charm <Split>
  • Favor (Charm)
  • Captivate (Favor)
Fast-Talk Talent Tree
  • Fast-Talk
  • Dazzle (Fast-Talk)
  • Taunt (Dazzle)
Leadership Talent Tree
  • Coordinate
  • Inspiration (Coordinate)
  • Greater Inspiration (Inspiration)
Empathic Talent Tree
  • Empathy
  • Improved Aid Another (Empathy)
  • Intuition (Empathy)
Healing Talent Tree
  • Healing Knack
  • Healing Touch I (Healing Knack)
  • Healing Touch II (Healing Touch I)
Insightful Talent Tree
  • Skill Emphasis
  • Aware (Skill Emphasis)
  • Faith (Skill Emphasis)
  • Cool Under Pressure (Aware or Faith)
Defensive Talent Tree
  • Evasion
  • Evasion II (Evasion)
  • Quasihide (Evasion II)
  • Uncanny Dodge (Evasion)
  • Uncanny Dodge II (Uncanny Dodge)
  • Defensive Roll (Uncanny Dodge)
  • Opportunist (Evasion)
Speed Talent Tree
  • Increased Speed <Levelled>
Instinctive Response Talent Tree
  • Full Alert
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Tactical Action
Deduction Talent Tree
  • Logical <Split> (chosen Knowledge skill 4 ranks)
  • `
  • `
Research Talent Tree
  • Savant <Split>
  • Linguist (3 languages)
Strategy Talent Tree
  • Exploit Weakness (1 Research talent)
  • Plan (1 Research talent)
  • Trick (1 Research talent)
Extreme Effort Talent Tree
  • Extreme Effort <Levelled>
Ignore Hardness Talent Tree
  • Ignore Hardness <Levelled>
Melee Smash Talent Tree
  • Melee Smash <Levelled>
Damage Reduction Talent Tree
  • Damage Reduction <Levelled> (1 talent from a Tough tree)
Energy Resistance Talent Tree
  • Acid Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Electricity Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Sonic/Concussion Resistance
Unbreakable Talent Tree
  • Remain Conscious
  • Robust
  • Second Wind
  • Stamina (Robust)
  • Stay In The Game (Remain Conscious, Robust, Stamina)


Instinctive Response Talent Tree

Full Alert
+4 <Circumstance> bonus on initiative checks.
This stacks with the <Circumstance> bonus granted by Improved Initiative.
Heightened Reflexes
You can choose to take 10 on Ref saves.
You can spend an action point for +10 on a Ref save.
These can be used together and separately.
Tactical Action
Except during your turn, you can spend an action point for +2 untyped to initiative. However, this does not preempt anyone who's already begun their turn; it's best used at the beginning of the turn. You can choose to take 10 on Ref saves.
At the beginning or end of your turn, you can spend an action point to gain an extra move action. If you have Increased Speed: 2+, you can choose to gain an extra standard action instead.


Deduction Talent Tree

Logical <Split>
Choose one of the Knowledge skills listed below.
chosen Knowledge skill 4 ranks
You gain a +[Class Level / 2] (round up) synergy bonus, to a skill that depends on the chosen skill.
Knowledge SkillSynergy Bonus To
Arcane LoreKnowledge: Theology & Philosophy
ArtCraft: Visual Art
Behavioral SciencesSense Motive
Current EventsGather Information
Earth & Life SciencesTreat Injury
Physical SciencesCraft: Chemical
Popular CultureKnowledge: Streetwise
TechnologyCraft: Electronic
Theology & PhilosophyKnowledge: Arcane Lore



Stay In The Game
If you fail a Fortitude save vs massive damage, you can spend an action point to take 20 on the save, consuming no extra time.