The Story So Farů

While the Fast Reach is more a place to transit than to visit, Kashta has a handful of "long cruise" liners which tour the nearby systems at low warp. The customers tend to be people already at Kashta, but it's a busy place; a mix of "space truckers", clerks, Kashta Arkin, Ascendists here for the experiments, and people looking to make uncomfortably-long layovers more comfortable partake of the cruises, as well as people who just happened to be in a position to sign up at the last minute.

The PCs all signed up for a 42k-cycle cruise, with stops in six other systems. At each stop, some of the passengers decide to stay on the liner instead of taking the shuttles to visit the worlds; the Prince Cynthia isn't a new ship, but she's recently refurbished and has a wide selection of amenities.

Not long after a stop in the Nelorba system, whose main attraction is the untrammeled wilderness of the fourth world, trouble struck. The Prince Cynthia dropped out of warp with some kind of power problem; the staff got the passengers into stasis so they could turn off life support in most of the ship, with the plan being to head straight back to Kashta and give you all refunds. You aren't sure what happened right after that.

The stasis pods were also escape pods, and when you came out of stasis, your pod had crashed on some medium garden world. The pod hadn't even landed properly, but tore a lithobraking furrow thousands of decimeters long. Several of the stasis chambers had been cracked open, and the others opened properly.

You may be able to cannibalize parts from the pod, but for now all you have is food(12 SM: ▒0 man-days of meal packs, 60 of survival rations), powercells(8C, 2D, 8B, 8A, the radiopile is broken), a crash kit, and whatever you managed to get into the suitcase-sized personal gear canister.

Random Rolling

  1. Elutozer
  2. Reese
  3. Silethar
  4. Aloren
  5. Gara
  6. Lutha
  7. Tarkona
  8. Berinael
  9. Liariel
  10. Skennet
  11. Zerin
  12. unspecified minor species
  1. Ascendist
  2. Churzak
  3. Dacsi
  4. Feram
  5. Iori
  6. Kashta Ark (reroll for origin)
  7. Teo
  8. Vurilath