Each PC is 250 points. Wealth is based on TL9, skills are TL11.

The PCs were around nine terran years old when their families left Allied territory for the Loora colony, and are in their teens now.

1D10Origin & Reason
1-2Left a colony just beginning to civilize; parents are "serial colonists".
3-5Poor; parents were looking for a fresh start.
6-7Middle-class; parents were ambitious, looking for a place to rule.
8Middle-class or wealthy; parents had political enemies, left either in exile or to escape them.
9Wealthy; parents were adventurous types on a back-to-nature kick, who consider their rulership a matter of course.
10One or more parents were allowed to colonize in place of prison term.



An alpha-esque parahuman design intended for spacers, now in the fifth design generation and considered totally stable and bug-free. The core modification is low-gravity tolerance, and aurians are comfortable anywhere from 1G to microgravity.

Tall, slender humanoids optimized for manupulators, aurians are also "clean" they don't shed skin, or sweat. They're hairless, and generally have dark brown skin. Their faces are angular, with long, pointed ears.

All four limbs are long, and end in hands with "double-jointed" fingers. They have long, muscular tails, prehensile but with a grasping instinct designed to hold the aurian in place while focusing on a task, or even while sleeping(a pose nicknamed "tailhooked"). On the ground, most aurians wrap them around their torsos to avoid randomly grabbing things.

#char Aurian D
25	High Manual Dexterity: +5
20	+2 HT
10	+1 IT
-30	-3 ST
0	SM: 0; average 11'7" tall, 135pd.
9	Double-Jointed: +3
4	Extended Lifespan: 2
10	Extra Arm(Long: +1(+100%),  DX(׽))
12	Extra Arm(Long: +1(+100%), Long Foot Manipulators(-40%)) 2
10	Improved G-Tolerance: .5 G
20	Long Arms: +1
10	Long Legs: +1
5	Rapid Healing
10	Regen: +1/hr(Radiation Only(-60%))
-5	Skinny
-30	Vulnerability: 2 Crushing
1	Perk: No Degeneration In Zero-G
1	Perk: Sanitized Metabolism
0	Feature: Oviparous


An early-rev chakat, developed by the Chakona Society; a few are seen away from Chakona colony, but Chakona is almost entirely chakats now that centauroid parahumans and metamorphosis virus have been developed.

#char Chakat
20	+1 DX
30	+3 HT
20	+1 IQ
10	+1 SV, total +2
9	+1 ST(SM: +1(-10%))
27	+5 ST(No Fine Manipulators(-40%), SM: +1(-10%))
0	SM: +1
10	Augmented Move: Ground: 2
-5	Chummy
5	Claws: Sharp
15	Discriminatory Smell
15	Double-Jointed: +5
5	DR: 1
20	Extra Arm 2
1	Extra Legs: 4 total(Alternate Ability(1/5))
8	Hard To Kill: +4
5	Night Vision: 5
10	Regen: +1/12hr
5	Resistant: +8 vs Disease
-8	Sleepy: 
-15	Stress Atavism: Moderate(SC: 12(1))
5	Subsonic Hearing
10	Super Jump: 1
1	Temperature Tolerance: 1
5	Ultrahearing
-2	Unnatural Features: 2
15	Very Fit
23	"Tail"  Extra Arm(Extra-Flexible(+50%), Long: +2(+200%),  DX(׽))
-1	Quirk: Responsive
1	Perk: Alcohol Tolerance
1	Perk: Fur
1	Perk: Milkwater Reserve
0	Feature: Hermaphroditism
0	Feature: CKF Synchronization


An extreme parahuman design based loosely on the felicia, WTR Biosystems went great guns with the design as a publicity stunt; centauroid, standing around three meters tall, with tiger-like paws for feet, and similarly-sized hands equipped with two-foot claws mounted on the forearms. The head has a significant muzzle and sabertooth tusks, though speech is altered rather than impaired, and large eyes capable of seeing in starlight or infrared as well as a human in daytime. The build is massive even for the design's size, and made more impressive by long black fur that dims UV through microwave, and isn't kind to radio. Hellcats have a multipath digestive system that can handle almost any Terran lifeform, in any state from alive to rotting. They also have the usual boosted immune system, and as of the second design generation aren't sterile, and have an extended lifespan.

The second hellcat design generation came when Camazotz was colonized; WTR Biosystems was in the middle of a harsh slump, but their publicity-stunt hellcat design was great for surviving the wildlife of Camazotz. After getting the planet on the cheap, the colonists could afford to live underground for a generation and mod their kids. Camazotz was quite a pleasant place other than that, and is now a productive patron world. The hellcat is somewhat famous, not for Camazotz but for the commercials, flipping between dual-pistol scenes from a gun fu movie and footage of a hellcat performing similar moves with a pair of GPHMGs, and ending with a hellcat deploying a light tank by carrying it into battle at a hustle.

#char Hellcat II
40	+2 DX
80	+10 ST(SM: +2(-20%))
48	+10 ST(No Fine Manipulators(-40%), SM: +2(-20%))
10	+.5 Basic Speed
0	SM: +2; average 9'10" tall, 1 650pd.
10	Chameleon: 1(Radar, Dynamic(+40%), Extended: 2(Visible, UV, +40%))
11	Claws: Long Talons
15	Combat Reflexes
20	Enhanced Move(Ground): 1
2	Extended Lifespan: 1
25	Extra Attack
5	Extra Legs: 4
10	Infravision
20	Injury Tolerance: Unbreakable Bones, No Vitals, No Brain
29	Invisibility(IR Only(-20%), Visible Shadow(-10%))
9	Night Vision: 9
5	Pressure Support I
3	Reduced Consumption: 3(Cast-Iron Stomach(-50%))
25	Regeneration: 1/hr
5	Resistant To Disease: +8
10	Social Regard: Feared +2
2	Teeth: Fangs
3	Temperature Tolerance: 3
11	"Fur" - Perk: Fur(1), DR: 2(10)


A classic heavy-worlder parahuman design, now in the third design generation and quite stable, though nicknamed "slag" by pretty much everyone for their appearance. Slags are quite unattractive in the lights of most of humanity, stocky and barrel-chested with thick hide for skin. However, they're also quite functional, capable of withstanding up to 10G, 50atm, and 10atm explosive compression/decompression, with a lung filtration system capable of handling sulfur, chlorine, and light hydrocarbons. Their bones are a carbon-fiber design that's now classic and almost traditional for heavy-worlder designs. Like most heavy-worlder designs, they excel in casual combat, due to their hide and great strength.

#char Rockholm III
-20	DX: 9
10	HT: 11
0	IQ: 10
40	ST: 14
8	+4 HP
0	SM: 0
10	Doesn't Breathe(Oxygen Storage: 25(-50%))
6	DR: 2(Tough Skin(-40%))
5	Filter Lungs
20	Injury Tolerance: Unbreakable Bones, No Vitals, No Brain
10	Pressure Support II


An alpha upgrade of the Tiresia, primarily by mixing in techniques from the Omega. With TL11 hermaphromorphic techniques, the second design generation is more versatile.

#char Salmacis
40	+2 IQ
20	+1 DX
20	+2 HT
16	Appearance: Very Beautiful/Handsome(Androgynous)
4	Hermaphromorph(Accessibility: Not While Pregnant(-20%))
2	Longevity
3	Resistant: +3 vs Disease
1	Perk: Reproductive Control
0	Feature: Light Menses
0	Feature: No Appendix
0	Feature: Taboo Trait: Genetic Defects
0	Feature: Taboo Trait: Mental Instability

#char Salmacis A
40	+2 IQ
20	+1 DX
20	+2 HT
16	Appearance: Very Beautiful/Handsome(Androgynous)
7	Hermaphromorph(Mix And Match Forms(+40%))
2	Longevity
3	Resistant: +3 vs Disease
1	Perk: Reproductive Control
0	Feature: Light Menses
0	Feature: No Appendix
0	Feature: Taboo Trait: Genetic Defects
0	Feature: Taboo Trait: Mental Instability


An alpha design from the FPC, and the only corporate entry in the top ten contenders for official sponsorship there. The design is based on the female aurian, but with the classic heavy-worlder carbon fiber bones, stronger ethereal beauty, and subtle mental tweaks aimed toward multitasking. Tizbeths are hermaphroditic(though apparently female), and rely on the "counterfertilization" descent system advocated by Katherine Bailey, using a small gland between and below the breasts.

#char Tizbeth
82	Aurian D
6	+3 HP
20	Injury Tolerance: Unbreakable Bones, No Vitals, No Brain
30	remove Vulnerability to Crushing
2	Perk: Divisible Attention: 2  Counters -2 of penalties for simultaneous mental tasks.
0	Feature: Hermaphroditism

Bio-Tech Upgrades

The human population of the Alliance includes the following upgrades from Bio-Tech:

  1. Light-Worlder(10pt, p67)
  2. Ishtar(20pt, p67)
  3. Siduri(Ishtar variant, 31pt, p67)
  4. Alpha(39pt, p66)
  5. Heavy-Worlder(46pt, p66)
  6. Omega(Alpha variant, 67pt, p66)
  7. Orion(70pt, p67)
Bio-Tech Species

The following paraspecies from Bio-Tech are part of the Alliance population:

  1. Neo-Coon(-92pt, p90) Dubious sentience classification.
  2. Monkey Plus(-51pt, p90) Dubious sentience classification.
  3. Tek-Rat(-42pt, p74)
  4. Neo-Pinniped(-2pt, p92) Dubious sentience classification. Errata: Amphibious has Only To Eliminate Skill Penalties In Water(-50%).
  5. Spacer(5pt, p71) Rare, most have metamorphosed to Aurian in recent decades.
  6. Lepus(9pt, p74)
  7. Brownie(15pt, p68) Rare, most have metamorphosed in recent decades.
  8. Martian Drylander(19pt, p70)
  9. Ursamorph(21pt, p93) Dubious sentience classification. Add Social Stigma: Valuable Property.
  10. Void Dancer(31pt, p72)
  11. Triton(36pt, p71)
  12. Spartan(46pt, p74)
  13. Diana(47pt, p68)
  14. Tiresia(47pt, p70)
  15. Ganesh(51pt, p92) Dubious sentience classification. Likely produced locally.
  16. Athena(Diana variant, 54pt, p69)
  17. Selkie(57pt, p71)
  18. Chronos(59pt, p72)
  19. Februus(64pt, p73)
  20. Gilgamesh(65pt, p69)
  21. Ladon(Gilgamesh variant, 65pt, p69)
  22. Avatar(66pt, p69)
  23. Neo-Gorilla(66pt, p92) Dubious sentience classification. Add Social Stigma: Valuable Property.
  24. Pandora(66pt, p69) Rare, most have metamorphosed to Prometheus in recent decades.
  25. Fenris(Ranger variant, 69pt, p74)
  26. Ranger(69pt, p74)
  27. Jagrilla Hound(72pt, p89-90) Dubious sentience classification. Add Social Stigma: Valuable Property.
  28. Prometheus(Pandora variant, 85pt, p70)
  29. Artemis(Diana variant, 116pt, p68)
  30. Felicia(151pt, p73)
  31. Guardian(185pt, p69)
  32. Herakles(192pt, p70)
  33. Guardian Warrior(Guardian variant, 227pt, p69)
  34. Atlas(Herakles variant, 234pt, p70)

The parahuman designs described earlier this file are included for rolling against:

  1. Aurian
  2. Chakat
  3. Hellcat
  4. Rockholm
  5. Salmacis
  6. Tizbeth

Those classified as "dubious sentience" are effectively enslavable; individuals can test in(basically needing IT: 8+ and a cooperative owner) or be manumitted, buying Social Stigma: Valuable Property(-10) down to Social Stigma: Second-Class Citizen(-5).

Bio-Tech Bioroids

The following bioroids from Bio-Tech are used by the Alliance, but are considered property. Add Social Stigma: Valuable Property. Special pleading will be required to explain why they're with a colony, and free enough to be PCs; perhaps owned by a wealthy colonist?

  1. Helot II bioroid(Helot variant, -17pt, p67)
  2. Helot bioroid(Helot variant, -13pt, p67)
  3. Spartan bioroid(Spartan variant, 11pt, p74)
  4. Februus bioroid(Februus variant, 19pt, p73)
  5. Eros bioroid(35pt, p72)
  6. Eros Furry(Eros variant, 40pt, p73)
  7. Eros Gothic(Eros variant, 48pt, p73)
  8. Eros Fugu(Eros variant, 52pt, p73)
  9. Felicia bioroid(Felicia variant, 106pt, p73)


These NPCs live and/or work near the PCs.

Rachel Gibson

A female hellcat, her parents were second-wave colonists to Camazotz. They didn't really "get" the death-world aspect, they felt safe metamorphosed into hellcats, right up until they saw other hellcats killed by the wildlife. She grew up on a core world, doesn't remember Camazotz and has never returned, but looks down on her parents for having squirreled away in the city. She left for a peaceful colony as a compromise.

Doris & William Brooks

Both Lepus parahumans. Having fallen in love on decolonized Lai Koun, they joined a new colony project to get a place where they could expand their family without restriction.

Harley Montgomery

An amerind tizbeth in her early twenties, she's a mole technician and lead responder for all the mines, since she has a light repulsorjet instead of commuting in the semi-ballistics. At home, she's something of an adrenaline junkie, to compensate for her job.

She typically wears stompy boots and sturdy reza clothes, akin to bike leathers, all dark with blue EL-wire trim.

Dr. Theodore "Farmer Ted" Griffin

An alpha-upgrade plant geneticist who cultivates a down-home feel. He's part of the team adapting plants to handle the local conditions, especially the irregular inundation. At home, he wears blue synth overalls, and readily shares his expansive yard and creative cooking with the local kids.


Chancellor Coleman Hayes

A baseline human and the elected chancellor of the colony, he's riding high on a sturdy mandate after breaking the oligarchy. He was elected on an aggressively-egalitarian platform; he's now moderating it by citing his success as having already accomplished that goal, but his politics remain egalitarian.

Clark Price & Adrienne Morgan

Mr. Price was something of a fixture of local politics, serving to counterbalance the excesses of the other oligarchs, until for reasons of his own he turned against the oligarchy as a system. He's since withdrawn into a citadel of sorts on the edge of the crater. He's a felicia of considerable wealth - obviously suspected of being linked to Price Industries, though his records suddenly begin nearly 10 megacycles ago. Most likely he bankrolled a good chunk of the colony, and has considerable support from BuCon itself.

Ms. Morgan is his personal assistant; despite what one might assume from her being an Eros Gothic, she's actually of the "unfazeable butler" type. Famously, when someone assumed Mr. Price brought her to Nuetar against her wishes, she remarked "That would be seriously underestimating my commitment to this job.".

Chief Roboticist Lorelei Sadaty

A herakles and manager of the colony's facs, she's quite busy, but she devotes the extra time in her day to something of a pet project, upgrading the satellite facs with TL11 sections.

Dr. Darrell Kraft

A rockholm, Dr. Kraft was once manager of the colony's facs, but was removed for abuse of power. He managed to stay on as a technician he and the big fac understand each other but socially he's a pariah. The hypercomm was his pet project, and it's correspondingly fallen in priority.

On the job he eschews normal work clothes for an imported monocrys labcoat, emphasizing his intelligence socially.

Jardin Phillips

An aurian financier, rumor has it he joined the colony because he'd recently made some powerful enemies. Certainly, he made enough enemies in the colony, and is currently laying low, trying to rebuild his power base through indirect means. His politics are generally syndico-libertarian.

Mr. Phillips is one of the first aurians, and has been upgrading piecemeal before metamorphosis virus let him go straight to the Aurian D. He looks middle-aged, and favors dark blue suits.

Tanya LaCroix

A young aurian socialite, she plays the image of hedonistic idle rich to the hilt, but her history suggests cunning and ruthlessness under the surface; she carved off a section of her mother's mining empire, went independent, and disassembled the rest from the outside.

Sophie LaCroix now works for her daughter, and there's some indication this is a gilt cage with threats behind it. Whatever her obscure goals were, they're likely lost now.

Gear & Technology

The colony's main robofac is TL11, and produces TL10 goods. It's always busy, and its products cost 2 list. It's built several TL10 robofacs, which produce TL9 goods at list prices. The colonists also brought key TL11 items with them(or imported them later); these can't be reproduced locally, and cost 4 list(notably at chargen). With TL11 toolkits, the colony has built two small assembly lines for TL11 rechargeable powercells, one super, making them available but still at 4 list.

Non-superscience items are available. Dry nanotech is superscience, and not available. TL11 rechargeable powercells are common, despite the markup; superscience powercells are 25 list. A reactionless drive(without the weird reaction-like limits), a hyperdrive, and a warp drive exist, but are mostly not personal resources; a reactionless shuttle is doable for a wealthy individual. Superscience scanners are 1000 the weight and cost; non-superscience scanners are mostly used instead. Force fields and fine gravity manipulation are not available, but repulsor technologies exist in a diamagnetic form. Superscience weapons available include flamer/plasma, neutrino(anti-fissile), sonic, repulsor(like force but diamagnetic), ghost particle cannon, field-jacketing for 2 list, and nanothorn.

The main food source is a maize/soybean/triticale crop rotation. Vatmeat is available; it's something of a luxury, but the vats are merely TL9.

Livestock are produced in growth tanks, from genetic data. Breeding populations of cats and dogs have been produced, as well as a variety of one-off custom pets.


As the grav jeep on p226, Ultra-Tech, except using repulsorlift; max height is two yards, but double the range. Being TL10, its cost is doubled.



The colony is of the "government reproduction" type, largely through BuCon(the Bureau Of Colonization), drawing colonists from around the Alliance. Part of its funding was subsidized, in exchange for the astronomy station.

The colony ship used a warp sustainer, which provided limited control. Once in-system, the sustainer was shut down, and a few days were spent on reactionless engines, including polar orbit of Nuetar(Loora II), before landing. Much of the colony ship's superstructure remains, as a Class II spaceport and a sort of monument, "the hull". Being separated from Terra, the colony uses the interstellar "cycle", roughly half a minute, with a convenient kilocycle "shift" of roughly 8 hours. Nuetar happens to have a year of roughly half a megacycle, and a day very close to 5 kilocycles.

Four megacycles after the colony ship, a peddler hypership stopped by, with a limited supply of items for sale at considerable prices. It's been seven megacycles; another peddler is expected in a megacycle or so.

The colony has built a warp ansible out of the old warp sustainer, which can manage a delay as little as 8.306 minutes to/from the nearest world with a hypercomm. (Hypercomm is effectively instant.) While seven megacycles would be pretty fast for a colony building a hypercomm, Nuetar is behind, largely because of the relative metal poverty.

While the ice caps are large, they're too cold, and not well-grounded. The colony ship landed on Ecumenidos, one of the few large bits of land, an equatorial shield volcano away from the tectonic plate edges. The coast is thick jungly vegetation, but further in is rivers and more mixed biomes. The spaceport is mainly a base for suborbital craft, exploring other bits of land, especially the gully-riddled ring-of-fire islands(where metals are mined).

The colony is specifically placed in the crater of a parasitic cone, which went locally extinct a few hundred years ago when the big caldera was formed by an explosive avalanche eruption. The crater's elevated above the ferns and cycads, leaving gnarled scrub as the main terrain. A river runs down into the crater, fanning out in a delta of sorts to pour through a half-dozen gaps in the rim.

Up the hill, toward the caldera, is more mountainous terrain, stripped to the rock by storms. Down the hill are a plain and a light fern jungle, both split by the rivers, which gain a thick shroud of cycads partway down.

Shelter has been important; storms are frequent and powerful. When a storm approaches, the colony battens down, and thus the buildings are sturdy plastic(s), clustered near the hull. The crater drains water anyway, and the rivers overflow, leaving the colony knee-deep, but it drains in a day or two. (There are plans for a tunnel system, but it's politically tied up.) This has been a problem for agriculture; the current arrangement has the crops on hills, with each planting in its own little hump for maximum drainage. Greenhouses are used for unmodified crops, but on a small scale.


	No Moons
	Blackbody: 258.377532709856 K
	Relative Atmospheric Mass: 1.5
	Atmospheric Composition: Nitrogen/Oxygen
	Hydrographic Coverage: 90%
	Blackbody Correction: 1.0912
	Average Surface Temp: 282 K
	Climate: Cool
	Density: .9 earths (Large Metallic Core)
	Surface Gravity: .8 G
	Diameter: .889 earths
	Mass: .632 earths
	Atmospheric Pressure: 1.2 atm (Standard)
	Orbital Period: 182.951146439392 terran days
	Stellar Tidal Braking: 1.63
	Total Tidal Effect: 21
	Rotation Period: 39.6356039961261 terran hours
	Local Day: 5 kilocycles
	Local Year: 109.770687863635 local days
	Axial Tilt: 5
	Volcanic Activity: Light
	Tectonic Activity: Light
	RVM: -1
	Habitability: +8
	Affinity: +7
	Settlement Type: Colony
	TL: 9
	Carrying Capacity: 1.54 megahumans
	Population: 10 160 humans
	Population Rating: 4
	World Unity: World Government
	Society Type: Representative Democracy
	CR: 2
	Per-Capita Income: 34 400$
	Typical Wealth Level: Average TL9
	Economic Volume: 350M$

Most of the local animals are oceanic; there isn't much use to coming up onto the land, so it's a niche thing.

The scrub near the colony is nasty and thorny; most of the animals are small, a few varieties of "arrows"(flying animals like furred dragonflies) and "lancelets"(mollusc-like burrowers), which can fit in one human hand. The largest animals are "scuts", which look like arm-sized lobsters or trilobites, often with scorpion-like tails.

The nearby plain has "thundersquids", elephantine animals with hydrostatic skeletons, which eat the small animals there, notably using their mouth-tentacles to dig up lancelets. Thundersquids make deep "rolling thunder" calls, and have patches of color-changing skin. The "nazzers" named for their droning buzzes are roughly human-sized grazers and browsers with eerily-smooth "ship shapes". Nazzers flee swiftly when threatened. Their main predators are the swifter "hunt bugs", with the same mixed hydrostatic/bony skeletons, but insectoid and hooved rather than smooth and flexible.

The greatest diversity of arrows is in the fern jungle, where they pollinate the medusa ferns and eat slimes. There are climbing slimes and floor slimes, but the slime situation is complex. Smaller and low-slung cousins of the hunt bugs have been spotted climbing in the ferns. Perhaps the scariest thing in the jungle is the "landshark", like an elongated white nazzer five meters long, with clusters of spines in choice places, occasionally spotted drinking alone from the river. Many more undiscovered species hide among the ferns.


The ferns themselves are divided into "canopy ferns"(which are very tall), "medusa ferns"(which have a complex life cycle, at least some involving an alternation of four generations, some of which function as dramatic flowers), and "spike ferns"(which appear to be symbiotic combinations of ferns and fungi). Vines and lianas climb the canopy ferns, and puffballs and mushrooms punctuate their trunks. The rivers are choked in places with clusters of moss/seaweed plants.

The cycads that line the rivers further south each have a colony of mouselike children, "rovers", in various castes. This generally includes one to three sex castes, which go on long journeys to find each other before laying a seed, guarding and feeding it until it can produce its own rovers; the rest of the castes shelter under their parent and function like an ant colony. The cycads are often deciduous, providing an extra food supply for their rovers in the dry season, which hunt well for it in the wet season.


System Age: 8.2 gigayears (Population I)

Mass: .7 sols
Spectral Type: K4 V (4 600 K)
Luminosity: .234 sols
Radius: .00354 AU
Inner Limit Radius: .07 AU
Outer Limit Radius: 28 AU
Snow Line: 2.114 AU
.112 AU	Epistellar Medium Gas Giant
		No Moons
		Blackbody: 578 K
.191 AU	Empty
.327 AU	Asteroid Belt
		Blackbody: 338 K
.56 AU	Standard(Garden)  Nuetar
1.01 AU	Standard(Ice)
		Major Moons: 1 Tiny(Rock)
		Blackbody: 192 K
		Relative Atmospheric Mass: 1.4
		Atmospheric Composition: Nitrogen/CO2 (Suffocating)
		Hydrographic Coverage: 0%
		Blackbody Correction: 1.1008
		Average Surface Temp: 211 K
		Climate: Frozen
1.61 AU	Small(Rock)
		Major Moons: 1 Tiny(Rock)
		Blackbody: 152.382755396869 K
3.15 AU	Small Gas Giant
		Inner Moonlets: 11 (saturnine rings)
		Major Moons: 4
		Outer Moonlets: 2
5.1 AU	Medium Gas Giant
		Inner Moonlets: 8 (jovian rings)
		Major Moons: 3
		Outer Moonlets: 1
8.57 AU	Empty
15.3 AU	Small Gas Giant
		Inner Moonlets: 5
		Major Moons: 2
		Outer Moonlets: 1
22.6 AU	Small Gas Giant
		Inner Moonlets: 6
		Major Moons: 2
		Outer Moonlets: 4

Loora also has a distant companion, Nisi, a little M3 orbiting between 150 and 450 AU.

The Alliance

The Alliance Of Independent Systems is, more plainly, Terra and loyal colonies. Several colonies are truly independent systems, `


There are other species out there; none are close enough to really relate. The general nickname for these groups is "RINIs", which stands for Received Information Not Interpretable.