I've been trying to do Sim/Drama stuff lately, and the "narrative causality" stuff in Star Wars provides a nice lever for a Sim GM to operate Drama… The idea is kind of like the Trek fringes games, wherein the party could be okay by the Empire, just out in the boonies and able to act on a personal scale.

Some Party

The PCs are private traders looking to gain wealth and influence. They're probably either locals in some sense, or people who escaped the ongoing galactic civil war, or perhaps wandering traders who fell into company with this regional group. Imperial citizens are fine, although imperial government employees are probably out.

The Bronze Harvest is a small ship that's seen better days; it has ten working passenger quarters(and two that've been cannibalized to get the others working), the hold is pressurized but far too much for the life support system, the hyperdrive tends to conk out if treated roughly... but it's serviceable, and Captain Lanorack managed to afford it at some point.

Captain Lanorack is a selonian, her saffron fur criss-crossed with scars. She keeps her history to herself, but her talent at misrepresenting things and her scars give an obvious answer. She's friendly enough when she feels like it, but she turns this on and off like a switch, which is a bit unnerving.

A couple days ago you put into port at Kowen, the second-largest starport on Volania. Captain Lanorack sold the cargo of Beneian tree wines, bought some computer hardware that should sell well at Trez, and took on a few passengers. Then the whole crew partied away the profits from the wine deal. You crawled back to the ship last night, and woke up this afternoon.

…to find the Captain wasn't aboard. A little asking around revealed she'd been killed in a bar fight. She's now in the morgue, and the local police want to dispose of the matter as being "between outsiders".


Volania is a fringe world, the major economic power in its little neck of the woods. It has the facilities to manufacture capital ships, although it doesn't do it lightly. A handful of worlds within a few lightyears are inhabited, and trade with Volania. Volania itself is an old world, volcanically dead, with few mountains; erosion dominates the shapes, leaving wide fertile plains and slim deep seas.

Beneia is a jungle world — 80% ocean, the equator is too hot, but the fast rotation exposes polar caps where lush jungles thrive. The beaches house steamy resorts.

Margaron is a dark world — a dense rogue planet. The radioactivity makes it an even worse place to live, but keeps it warm. A mining colony, it imports all the essentials of life, exports heavy metals, and has a steady traffic to more livable places.

Kanedor is a desert world — 25% water, more lakes than oceans.

Terassia is an ocean world — due to the storms people live in repulsorlift cloud cities. Notable exports include the products of the larger sea life, which act kind of like ants, and various farmed aquatic plants.

Gandessin used to be on this list, but it had a problem and the survivors have been evacuated.


Character Creation


Use 4D6 discard lowest, 3+55 distributive, or an elite array of 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Then assign to attributes(CHA, CON, DEX, INT, STR, WIS).

Here's a 3+55 distributive generator:


Mon Calamari


Force Adept