BearA healing totem, Bear is caring and thoughtful unless angered, then fierce. But he is always durable, and can move surprisingly fast with proper motivation.
CatA secret totem, Cat is stealthy, vain, cunning, and sometimes cruel. She keeps her secrets to herself, and can play subtle games… then drop them to stay fastidiously clean.
CoyoteA trickster totem, Coyote is independent and changeable. Bold and cowardly, greedy and generous, he transforms, experiments, and jokes around.
DeerA travel totem, Deer is quick and graceful. She doesn't press on the difficult places, but flows like quicksilver wherever she fits, nudging her friends gently on their own paths.
EagleA noble totem, Eagle is proud, the self-appointed defender of the weak and enemy of any injustice he can see… a standard even he has trouble living up to.
SnakeA totem of both healing and secrets, Snake is adaptable and lives in many places, learning many secrets. She shares them for a price, even to those she is most cozy with.

There are eight Great Tribes, each of which is made up of descendants of a single totem. Six of the Totem Tribes are Bear, Cat, Coyote, Deer, Eagle, and Snake; the other two slots are left open in case players want to create Great Tribes to be from.

The remaining fourteen tribes are made up of a mix of clans, some of the Great Tribe totems and others of more distant totems.

All twenty-two tribes cluster around the wooded hills to the west of `Core Mountain`.

The valley is wide, `


Barring unusual origins, PCs start at PL: 10 with 150 points.


There are several origins available: