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Teleforce Weapons

Some of the earliest beam weapons, these are low-velocity CPAWS.

The listed range is in-atmos; range in space is divided by 5. They don't work underwater.

Frap Ray Weapons

A superscience derivative of the particle beam, frap ray guns fire entangled electrons down a light UV laser beam, while energizing the counterpart electrons internally. The result is a jagged, hyperkinetic beam, with its probability envelope trending near the laser beam. Damage is good on flesh and machinery alike, but penetration is weak and accuracy is just bad.

The listed range is in-atmos; range in space is divided by 5, range underwater is divided by 20.

Mertilizer Beam Weapons

Most often hand-held, mertilizers are also used in vehicular antipersonnel weapons. Their general use is limited by weak penetration and upscaling.

They support variable dispersion, which adjusts penetration and damage type; fine deals imp inc, medium deals burn, and wide(nicknamed "deep fat fry") deals () burn but is not divided by 10 for Making Things Burn and Catching Fire. Damage is halved against nonliving targets.

The listed range is in-atmos; range in space is multiplied by 20, range underwater is divided by 10.

Phospho Flare Weapons

These weapons first emit a pulse of massless dark particles from a mixed-sector antenna farm, then microseconds later follow with a low-powered etheric shock pulse. As the etheric shock catches up with the dark pulse, it pulls it into our sector, spraying deep IR photons in all directions. The timing is tuned at firing to target a specific distance, and thus they use Artillery skill, and a direct hit ignores armor.

While the antiarmor phospho flare is designed to fill a role similar to a LAW, it easily plugs into a larger powercell(or even external power for a light mounted weapon).

Fatality Flare Weapons

Derived from phospho flares by the mordonians, fatality flares use neutral lepton-like dark particles, which results in a spray of lower amplitude, but stepped up into soft X-rays. Ultimately, the reduced range and direct damage combine with increased power consumption to keep fatality flares out of the role of phospho flares, but the increased explosive damage and armor divisor on the explosion gives them a whole new role. "Super-gatling" fatality flares are highly effective at laying down area, saturation, or suppression fire.

Laser Plasma Pellet Weapons

Launches small high-carbon slugs; while in flight, an array of lasers are automatically trained on the slug, heating it. Once sufficiently hot, it sublimates into a wash of plasma.

Laser Plasma Mortar

The listed ammo is a racked pack including four slotted C cells and a small magazine of 20 slugs.

Laser Plasma Deck Gun

The listed ammo is a racked pack including four slotted D cells and a small magazine of 25 slugs.

Laser Plasma Cannon

The listed ammo is a racked pack including five slotted E cells and a small magazine of 39 slugs.

Aquasonic Disruptors

A fusion of acoustic and fluidic technology, these weapons fire a self-stabilizing pulse of high-frequency sound, which tears into the target.

Designed for use underwater, they are somewhat effective in air, with 1/10 range and no armor divisor.

For +10% cost, an aquasonic disruptor can have a "stun" setting, using a lower frequency for subtler effect. The damage changes from cr nkb to fat, but each shot consumes two shots' energy.


Holdout Teleforce Pistol2dV burn sur ×1kb2150/300.45/3B34(3)3-11B140$6+13
Medium Teleforce Pistol3dV burn sur ×1kb4200/4001/Dp340(5)4-21TB540$6+13
Heavy Teleforce Pistol4dV burn sur ×1kb4250/5002.4/Dp317(5)5-31TB1 140$6+13
Underbarrel Teleforce Gun5dV burn sur ×1kb8300/6002.3/Dp39(5)4†-31TB1 730$6+13
Teleforce Carbine5dV burn sur ×1kb8+1300/6004.6/Ep386(5)5†-31UB4040$6+12
Teleforce Rifle6dV burn sur ×1kb8+2400/8008/Ep350(5)7†-41UB5 520$6+12
Teleforce Sniper Rifle8dV burn sur ×1kb8+4500/1 00019/Dp32(5)10B†-61UB8 440$6+11
Light Teleforce Gatling5dV burn sur ×1kb8300/6009.2/Ep12/1C85(5)8B†-51TU6 070$6+11
Heavy Teleforce Gatling5dV×2 burn sur ×1kb12600/1 20074/Fp12/1C108(5)19M-81TU52 600$6+11
Semi-Portable Teleforce Gun6dV×2 burn sur ×1kb12800/1 60064/Fp363(5)17M-71TUB48 200$6+11
Light Teleforce Cannon6dV×5 burn sur ×1kb122 000/4 0001 000/10Fp340(5)68M-101TUB640 000$6+11
Gatling Teleforce Cannon6dV×5 burn sur ×1kb122 000/4 0004 000/40Fp30/3C160(5)140M-101TU2 560 000$6+11
Medium Teleforce Cannon6dV×10 burn sur ×1kb124 000/8 0008 000/60Fp330(5)190M-101TUB4 720 000$6+11
Heavy Teleforce Cannon6dV×20 burn sur ×1kb128 000/16 00064 000/80Fp35(5)540M-101TUB29 760 000$6+11
Holdout Frap Raygun3dV cor sur2240/360.266/B831(3)2-13T262$10^3
Medium Frap Raygun5dV cor sur2400/6001.5/C866(3)4-23T1 210$10^3
Heavy Frap Raygun7dV cor sur2560/8403.74/2C848(3)6-33T3 310$10^3
Gatling Frap Raygun5dV cor sur2+1400/6003/2C32/3C132(3)6-32NONE2 420$10^2
Underbarrel Frap Ray8dV cor sur4400/6003/2C832(3)4†-33T3 950$10^3
Frap Ray Carbine8dV cor sur4640/9605/2C832(3)5†-33TU4 940$10^2
Frap Ray Rifle5dV×2 cor sur4800/1 2009/2C817(3)7†-43TU9 620$10^2
Light Frap Gatling8dV cor sur4640/9608.2/Dp32/3C162(3)7B†-42TU9 930$10^1
Heavy Frap Gatling8dV×2 cor sur61 200/1 80066/Ep32/3C202(3)18M-82TU80 600$10^1
Pen Mertilizer2dV*2100/200.017/A1032(3)1-11NONE16$10^2
Holdout Mertilizer Pistol4dV*3200/600.3/2B1040(3)3-11B230$10^3
Light Mertilizer Pistol5dV*5250/750.98/C1083(3)4-21TB557$10^3
Medium Mertilizer Pistol6dV*5300/9001.5/C1040(3)4-21TB1 140$10^3
Gatling Mertilizer Pistol5dV*5250/7501.5/C40/4C83(3)4-21T1 100$10^3
Supergatling Mertilizer Pistol4dV*5200/6001.3/C100/10C200(3)4-21T906$10^3
Heavy Mertilizer Pistol8dV*5400/1 2004.2/2C1025(3)7-31TB3 600$10^3
Underbarrel Gatling Mertilizer7dV*10220/6602.9/2C40/4C43(3)4†-31T3380$10^3
Gatling Mertilizer Carbine7dV*10350/1 0504.7/2C40/4C43(3)5†-31TU4 220$10^2
Mertilizer Rifle5dV×2*10500/1 5007.7/Dp1052(5)7†-51TUB8 850$10^2
Sniper Mertilizer6dV×2*10+4600/1 80016/Dp1025(5)9B†-71UB18 200$10^1
Light Mertilizer Gatling9dV*10450/1 35010/Dp40/4C79(5)7B†-51TU11 600$10^1
Heavy Mertilizer Gatling7dV×2*15700/2 10059/Ep40/4C135(5)17M-71TU69 200$10^1
Mertilizer Supergatling6dV×2*15300/90062/Ep100/10C250(5)17M-71TU74 600$10^1
Heavy Mertilizer9dV×2*15900/2 70081/Ep1048(5)19M-81TUB93 900$10^2
Phospho Flare Pistol5d×2(∞) burn ex620 000/30 0001/Dp38(5)3-21T4 000$9^3
Light Phospho Flare Rifle5d×2(∞) burn ex1220 000/30 00011/2D316(3)7†-41TU4 200$9^2
Heavy Phospho Flare Rifle7d×2(∞) burn ex1228 000/42 00012.7/2D36(3)8†-51TU11 200$9^2
Antiarmor Phospho Flare4d×5(∞) burn ex1240 000/60 0008/Dp31(5)7†-41TU32 100$9^1
Semi-Portable Phospho Flare8d×5(∞) burn ex1880 000/120 00064/2Fp325(5)17M-71TU276 000$9^1
Light Gatling Fatality Flare Pistol3d(∞) burn sur ex³(10)62 700.86/Dp30/3C37(5)3-21T3 600$10^2
Fatality Flare Pistol5d(∞) burn sur ex³(10)64 5001/Dp38(5)3-21T4 100$10^3
Heavy Gatling Fatality Flare Pistol5d(∞) burn sur ex³(10)64 5004/Ep30/3C80(5)7-31T18 000$10^2
Antiarmor Fatality Flare5d×2(∞) burn sur ex³(10)129 0008/Dp31(5)7†-41TU32 100$10^1
Light Gatling Fatality Flare7d(∞) burn sur ex³(10)126 30011/2Ep30/3C58(5)7†-51TU48 000$10^1
Heavy Gatling Fatality Flare6d×2(∞) burn sur ex³(10)1811 00055/2Fp30/3C116(5)16M-71TU262 000$10^1
Laser Plasma Mortar6d burn ex³ sur275/90011/2.2120(5)11M-61NONE7 240$91
Laser Plasma Deck Gun6d×2 burn ex³ sur3260/2 30087/21125(5)20M-81NONE58 000$91
Laser Plasma Cannon6d×4 burn ex³ sur3525/3 000620/100139(5)54M-81NONE470 000$91
Palm Aquasonic Disruptor1d(2) cr nkb28/25.36/2B335(3)2-21B200$93
Aquasonic Disruptor Pistol2d(2) cr nkb430/1002.6/C322(3)5-21TB1 600$93
Aquasonic Disruptor Carbine3d(2) cr nkb860/2008.1/2C813(3)6†-41TUB3 700$92
Heavy Aquasonic Disruptor4d(2) cr nkb8120/40016.8/Dp827(5)9†-61TUB12 800$92
Semi-Portable Aquasonic Gatling5d(2) cr nkb12180/60065.6/Ep32/3C141(5)19M-101TU50 000$91
Semi-Portable Aquasonic Disruptor7d(2) cr nkb12360/1 20090/Ep851(5)23M-101TUB68 600$91
Shoulder WBL Gun30d burn sur ex83 20020.2/D15(5)10†-53TU15 800$11^1
Semi-Portable WBL Gun5d×10 burn sur ex128 80070/Fp1114(5)19M-83TU73 200$11^1
Fusion Hunting Rifle14d(2) burn ex8+45 600/16 80011.74/D158(5)8†-52UB35 440$11^3

* Special rules or stats apply, see description.

C This fire mode has no overheating concerns; it's already limited by the cooling ability of the weapon.

MaxMertilizer Shots
9d×6 561×410×81×26×10×5×11/4×8/5×1
8d×4 096×256×51×16×13/2×3×5/3×1
7d×2 401×150×30×9×4×2×1
6d×1 296×81×16×5×2×1
MaxOther Shots

V This weapon has variable damage; the listed stats are for the maximum. It takes a Ready action to change settings. Lower-powered settings get more shots from the same power cells, as on the tables at right.