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GURPS conversions(mainly weapons) are taken from the Trek fringes game.

Ondari Union


Each rank has a distinctive uniform sleeve mark(resembling cufflinks).

General 58
General 48
General 37
General 27
General 16
Career Branches

The branches determine the color of the chest bands on the uniform.

  • Line
    • Administration
    • Gunnery
    • Infantry
    • Operations
  • Personnel
    • Internal Affairs
    • Medical
    • Recruiting
    • Training
  • Technology
    • Engineering
    • Supply (finance & procurement)
    • Research & Development

The Ondari Union is a minor power of the Alpha Quadrant. Its seat of power is Ondar, Adreer IV. Several planets and moons in the Adreer system were colonized in Ondar's pre-warp days, and they control eight M-class planets in nearby systems. The face of the Union is Chancellor Altonar Raharrael. Their currency, the "brace", is Mark 220 chits.

Most other systems nearby are Federation members, but three have pre-warp civilizations, many lack M-class worlds, and the Cuttleye Nebula provides a secluded harbor for pirates. The nearest non-Fed power is the Concord Enaia.

The Union is more militarized than the Federation; the military proper uses Type 3 disruptors and is restricted to Union citizens, while the Guard branches use "multirole" disruptors(with integral underbarrel EPPs for "stun") and are open to "free agents" in the name of combined arms.

The PCs are in the Federal Guard, presumably as such free agents. Their current ship, OSS Winterlight, is responding to a request for assistance by the Loora Guard, dealing with piratical Founders from the asteroid belt raiding Loora II's trade. Rumor has it, however, that the Federal Guard is aiming for gunboat diplomacy rather than a police action, solving the pirate problem more thoroughly. The PCs comprise one of three "spot teams", internal detachments that pick up the slack in the system, each led by a Lieutenant.

Rank & NameSpeciesBranchPlayerReady
Lieutenant Krelia RevanCaitianLine(Admin)Nasrudith
Sublieutenant Talia MalbretBajoranTechnology(Eng)Keiya
Sublieutenant TolarisVulcanTechnology(R&D)Anti
Sublieutenant HvaidRomulanPersonnel(IA)ZemylaX
Sublieutenant Jon GrantHumanLine(Inf)?Helseth?

GM Only Cares

The Union government is divided into three branches: an executive branch headed by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, a "policy" branch headed by the nine System Lords, and a "structural" branch headed by the Prime Minister(whose power is entirely indirect).

The ondari reached space under a world government, the Ondari Co-Prosperity Sphere. The pre-warp colonies fought for independence, and it was the invention of warp drive that allowed the Sphere to project the force needed to reconquer the colonies. The Ondari Union was formed as a face-saving measure; theoretically a federation of the former Sphere and the colonial governments, in practice the federal government is simply the old Sphere government. The lead in warp development is firmly in the military(including the Guard forces), and thus colonies away from Adreer are visited mainly by military vessels. This may prevent colonial independence from arising this time.

Historically, the Ondari fought with the Keminar Alliance, the Concord Enaia, the League Of Free Comets, and the Orion Syndicate. Keminar conquered/absorbed the LFC, allied with Ondar, and later joined the Federation; Federation expansion generally separated the others.


The main ondari warships are "frigates", with about a hundred crew and commanded by a Subcolonel; the larger capital ships have several hundred crew and are commanded by a Colonel. Frigates usually have better impulse engines than capital ships.

The military proper also has a secret number of "boomers", five-nacelle ships with spinal isolytic cannon(the Union is not a party to the Second Khitomer Accords) and imported cloaking devices(ultimately of romulan origin, though not obtained directly from the Empire).


Each mess hall has a galley, where chefs prepare food. Each mess hall also has several food slots. Food slots are more commonly used to eat "at home" or on the job, as each cabin and some work areas also have a food slot. The food slots connect through a network of small lifts to food synthesizers, each of which has a protein resequencer and several accessory synthesizers. On Guard ships, there is often one "plant synthesizer" which has no protein resequencer, to supply free agents.

While food slots can supply custom items, the core foods for ondari are a family of letter-number-number protein/prep combinations.

Protein Type
1(C) eggs
2(W) white meat ("pork")
3(P) dark poultry ("turkey")
4(L) light poultry ("chicken")
5(A) fish
6(S) crustaceans ("shrimp")
7(H) squid
8(R) red meat ("beef")
9(M) mixed meats
Prep Type
1(00) fried slices
2(01) fried steak
3(03) fried sticks
4(10) pickled strips
5(11) fried pickled slices
6(15) cubed ceviche
7(20) bachelor kibble
8(21) kibble in gravy
9(30) smoked slices
10(31) slices in spicy sauce
11(33) slices in sweet sauce
12(34) slices in garum
13(35) slices in gravy
14(40) molé steak
15(43) steak in bean paste
16(45) cheesesteak
17(46) steak in yogurt
18(51) meatloaf with ginger
19(53) flakes in jelly
20(56) sausages
21(57) salami
22(59) chipped loaf on bone
23(61) peppered soup

the states of the Eight Long Blades

Loora II

Colonization of Loora II did not go smoothly; infectious agents got out of control, and the surviving colonists from the first wave took refuge in the asteroid belt further in, eventually calling themselves the Founders. After a few decades Loora II was re-colonized, but the Founders raided the colony; support from Ondar was provided, and eventually sufficient to sustain both groups, but the Founders retain a pirate culture. Their only large industry is solar farms, which is starting to affect the light reaching Loora II, so it doesn't exactly help.

While the ondari like it a few degrees warmer than humans, Loora II is significantly hotter. The air is 1.14 atm with thick cloud cover, from all the water evaporating in the tropics, which are wide because of the axial tilt of 32°. It's massier than Earth, but its surface gravity is basically the same because of its shortage of metals. What it has plenty of is life.

The terrain is dominated by woody plants, including the occasional vast gnarled "highwood". The mouselike children of the ferns make them somewhat like ant colonies, while furry flyers are the main pollinators of the flowering cycads. Small slimes, mainly herbivores, fill the bulk of "boring" animals. Feathered and scaly megafauna often grow to elephant size, atop tall food webs. The water is home to numerous microorganisms, but with all the cycling the macrofauna is mostly just shrimp and amphibious molluscs.

Brilnor, the landing site, capital, and heart of the current colony, is nestled into a valley akin to a lush tropical jungle, except with strong seasons. It's far enough north for the temperature to be acceptable to ondari during the summer. Between the cycads and the tall ferns, a highwood provided them some open shelter, while the valley in general is home to "arrows"(stinging territorial flyers), which keeps out the bulk(as it were) of the megafauna.

GM Only Cares

The woody plants are mainly of three types.

Rarely but dramatically, vast gnarled "highwoods" stand up to a hundred meters tall, their long evergreen fronds hanging dozens of meters from their wide trunks. These are individual remnants of an ancestor of the vinewoods, unable to reproduce since the ferns evolved to eat their nuts, but surviving as individuals. In early summer, they drop vast numbers of nuts, triggering a "second spring" among nearby life.

The flyers have evolved a pair of fins, separate from their limbs, which developed into wings. They're otherwise furry reptiloids, and most are semi-upright, with four scaly talons. The "quarrels" have a six-foot wingspan, large for a flyer, and their leg fur provides extra flight surfaces which they can fold up to stoop like a falcon. The "arrows" are quadrupeds, about the size of an ondari finger, with stinging tails and blue triangular wings. Arrows feed on fernrovers. Many flyers are nectarivores smaller than arrows, which pollinate the cycads.

There are many types of slimes, but they're all fairly small and very stupid, mainly herbivores.

Land vertebrates are generally larger, atop tall food webs. The "spiketongues" have mammoth bodies, green feathers, long necks, and tongues that can lash out to spear fliers. The "deathwalkers" are tyrannosaur-like, fond of leaping and roaring to hijack kills, but also making their own, especially of smaller creatures. The "quickpaws" are similar to large antelopes, but without hooves.

Among the microshrimp and single-celled life, the water also hosts macroshrimp, which are spear-fished by the colonists and hunted heavily by flyers and amphibious molluscs. A moss derivative forms underwater "grass".

In addition to the usual robofacs, the colony has TL10 assembly lines for powercells and disruptors. The police use a mix of multirole and regular disruptor pistols, "varmint" disruptor rifles are ubiquitous, and disruptor array rifles are stockpiled for Founder raids.

The old landing site, Nuetar, is in a tangle of vinewoods, atop a mountain, a couple days' travel through dangerous wilderness. They thought the mountaintops would have less life to deal with; they thought wrong. The relative lack of fernrovers results in a nasty little disease pool of animals.