Each race aspect chosen can be a stat thing(like taur configuration), a more general parameter(like Woodlands habitat), a TVTrope(like ProudMerchantRace), or the like.


Their main prey are massive six-legged beasts with thick fur and limited opposable thumbs, but a dangerous intelligence.

Sleep Cycle
Pouncing Carnivore

Woodlands, like jungles, are mature “climax” environments of large, slow-growing primary producers. Unlike jungles, woodlands are subject to greater climate variation, usually tied to the seasons. Food is abundant at certain times of the year, but scarce at other times, and everything in the environment must be able to cope with the cycle.

#char ???
-20	-2 ST
18	+3 ST(No Fine Manipulators(-40%))
10	Catfall
7	Chameleon: 1(Dynamic(+40%))
5	Sharp Claws
15	Double-Jointed
5	Extra Legs: 4 Total
2	Night Vision: 4-6
-10	Restricted Diet: Fresh Meat(Very Common)
-16	Sleepy: 2/3
1	Temperature Tolerance: 1
1	Perk: Accessory: Climbing Gear
0	Feature: Fur

` (Warm-blooded, cold-blooded, or some weird things.)
Social Organization
` (Hive, Herd, Pack, Troop, Pair-Bonded, Solitary)
` (Parthenogenetic, Hermaphroditic, Polyphenic Pair, Fixed Pair, Fixed Multiple)
` (Spawning, Oviparous, Viviparous, Pouch, some weird things)
Breeding Strategy
` (On a scale from r-strategy(quantity) to K-strategy(quality).)

Oviparous gestation or r-strategy would help support an entire population of hunters.

Telecommunication: Telepathy(10)?

Tails Table
No Tail<NONE>
Decorative TailFeature: Tail(0)
Club TailStriker: cr(Clumsy: -2(-40%), 3)
Spiked TailSimilar Striker, but with one of pi(3), pi+(4), imp(5).
Venomed TailAs Spiked Tail, plus Innate Attack: 1 tox(Resistible: HT-4(-10%), Cyclic: +23 @ 1hr(Resistible(×½), +230%), 3).
Alternately, fatigue damage with only +12 cycles(5).
Gripping TailExtra Arm(10)