The PCs have been abducted and taken to this place, and are in the process of turning into anthro furries. Their captor claims to be protecting them from a world which no longer accept them, but there's the whole captivity thing… Survive, escape, figure out what happened, not necessarily in that order.

Character Creation

A starting PC has a background, three facets, and a motivation.



AcademicYou're likely older than the other PCs, and you have a deep focus in a specific field of study(this stacks with the Nerdbrain facet). You also know the ins and outs of academia.
ArtistNot just for painters; illustrators, copywriters, cartoonists, novelists, magazine columnists, actors, sculptors, game designers, musicians, screenwriters, photographers, web designers, and yes graphic artists have all fanned their artistic spark into a career.
AthleteYou're fit in general, and good at all athletic activities(this stacks with the Mobility facet), but you specifically excel at ones with the rule structure to be sports.
Blue Collar(Dedicated)It's a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. The work is menial, the pay is minimal, but you don't let it get to you. You have several hobbies, you make sure there's something(or someone) to come home to, and you have an irrepressable spirit.
Blue Collar(Embittered)You can't just not do it, but it's a thankless job. The only thing about the job that doesn't suck is that not having one is worse. But you won't let the bastards wear you down. You see the dark side of everything, but that means you won't be blindsided by it, and when it comes for you, you'll be ready with an impressive amount of ferocity and vitriol.
CelebrityYou're a living example of the fake tinsel of Hollywood, or maybe Burbank or Broadway, with considerable charm on command(this stacks with the Smooth facet). Behind the fake tinsel lies the real tinsel, but the other PCs will have trouble seeing your depths.
DilettanteDilettantes usually get their wealth from family holdings and trust funds. The typical dilettante has no job, few responsibilities, and at least one driving passion that occupies their day. That passion might be a charity or philanthropic foundation, an ideal or cause worth fighting for, or a lust for living a fun and carefree existence.
DrifterThey call you a nobody, but it's more like you're nobody in particular. You're a worldwise jack of all trades, you get under the radar, and you always know how to get by. You didn't plan to end up here, but you didn't plan to end up anywhere in particular. The trick, as always, is just going with the flow, whatever "the flow" is here.
Made Man
Mafia Princess
Street Thief
ThugYou've been fighting all your life. This is just a new enemy. The faces change, but the game stays the same, from fists to guns: fight dirty, and come out of it with the other guy's blood on you. You're tough enough to survive. You always are. (This stacks with the Battle facet.)


Awakening BloodSomewhere deep down, this world feels like home. What you're becoming, you've been before. You experience fewer difficulties adapting to your new form, you have an OrphansPlotTrinket… and you have a family somewhere in this world. They might even be royalty.
AttentionYou tend to notice what others miss.
BattleExcellence with bow, sword, and more.
BeastmasterKinship and command with nonmorphic wild beasts.
ChaosMystical alignment with the forces of chaos.
EmpathyYou know what lurks in the hearts of others… and you're inclined to care.
EtherMystical alignment with ethereal forces.
FamiliarYou have a small animal companion, who may double as the TeamPet.
Innate MagicYou have an innate talent for magic, which is awakening now that you're in a magical world.
MobilitySwiftness and endurance with all forms of movement; climbing, sprinting, jogging, swimming, etc.
NerdbrainExcellence with crafting and puzzles.
OrderMystical alignment with the forces of order.
ShadowMystical alignment with shadowy forces.
SmoothYou have the suavite to be anything from a HighSchoolHustler to a debonair secret agent.
SoldierExcellence with technological weapons from your world… which are in short supply here.
StealthTalent or skill with stealth.