#char Elf
-20	-2 ST
-10	-1 HT
12	+1 DX(No Fine Manipulators(-40%))
12	Appearance: Handsome/Beautiful(Androgynous(+3 all))
6	Acute Hearing: +3
15	Perfect Balance
-15	Vulnerability: 3 cold iron(Rare)

This lens represents an elf of mixed heritage, and serves as a base for the elven subrace boosters.

Calculate height and weight at 1 ST, with one step lighter build(or 2/3 Skinny weight, for those actually Skinny). Hair may be any hue, depending on mix, but will always be vivid - and might be metallic. Ears are about a foot long.

SM: 0, 125pd, 6'3" tall

Wood Elf
#char Wood Elf
0	Elf
10	+1 HT(total 0)
-15	Sense Of Duty: Nature
15	Silence: 3

Elves of the woods, notable for living in "treetowns" in the branches of living trees.

Skin is a medium brown, hair is a shade of vivid green.

High Elf
#char High Elf
0	Elf
10	+2 Will
5	+1 Per
-5	Selfish(SC: 12(1))

Reclusive elves from the mountainous highlands.

Skin is a medium coppery, hair is a shade of vivid red.




Light Horse
DX: 9Move: 6/12Dodge: 8
HT: 11Speed: 5
IQ: 3Will: 10Per: 12
ST: 21BL: 88pd

SM: +1 (3 hexes), 15hh, 1 200pd, 1 200$

Heavy Horse
DX: 9Move: 6/12Dodge: 8
HT: 12Speed: 5
IQ: 3Will: 10Per: 11
ST: 25BL: 125pd

SM: +1 (3 hexes), 18hh, 2 000pd, 2 000$


As a light horse, but with Flight(Winged(-25%), Can't Hover(-15%)), and air move 10/20. 50 000$.


As light horse, but with a Reach: 1 impaling striker and can speak. 50 000$.


As heavy horse, but with DR: 6(Only Vs Heat/Fire(-40%), Magical(-10%)) and Innate Attack: 2d burn(Range: No D, Reduced 1/5(-5%), Variable(+5%), Magical(-10%)). 50 000$.

Magic Items

Magical Boni

These all assume the limitations Can Be Stolen: Stealth Or Trickery(-20%), Unique(-25%), Magical(-10%). Armor uses Can Be Stolen: Force(-10%) instead, so its costs are at 11/9.

Attribute Boni

Any item can be enchanted to buff one of your attributes for +9 000$ per +1. This is doubled for DX; for IQ, "thought"(excluding Will and Per) and "savvy"(Will and Per) are buffed as separate attributes.

Skill Boni

Any item can be enchanted to buff one of your skills for +3 600$ per +1.


Normally on a weapon or amulet, this enchantment costs +4 500$ per +1 to parry(or block).


On a weapon, buffs to-hit for +2 000$ per +1.

Of Sustenance

This 7 000$ enchantment means you don't need to eat or drink.



800$ per die of healing for a potion that heals the drinker's damage, and stops their bleeding.


2 000$ per die of recovery for a potion that recovers the drinker's FP.