WeaponEquip, ProfDamage
S/M, Type
CritRangeWtAmmoAcc SlotsCost
Laser PistolRLt Firearm2D6/3D6 fire20/×260' RI2pd½ E-Bar (25)T9 600gp
Laser Carbine1H Firearm2D6/3D6 fire20/×260' RI6pdE-Bar (50)TU22 400gp
Laser Sniper RifleR2H Firearm4D6/6D6 fire19+/×2150' RI8pdE-Bar ×2 (50)TU25 600gp
Stat PistolRLt Firearm3D6/4D6 nonlethal electricity20/×230' RI2pd½ E-Bar (25)T12 800gp
Blaster PistolRLt Firearm2D4/2D6 force20/×340' RI2pd½ E-Bar (25)TB9 600gp
Blaster Carbine1H Firearm2D4/2D6 force20/×340' RI6pdE-Bar (50)TUB22 400gp
Flamer Rifle2H Firearm2D6/3D6 fire- -20' RI*7pdDe-Bar (25)TU33 600gp
PlasmafistLt Simple+1D4/+1D6* fire<NC><NC>1pdDe-Bar (200)- -5gp
"Eightball" GL2H Artillery<by grenade>*- -70' RI7pd8 grenades- -22 400gp
"Snapdragon" FAGL2H Artillery<by grenade>*- -70' RI14pd16 grenades- -44 800gp

R This weapon has its rate limited by capacitors, but the wielder is not busy while it charges. It can fire once per round.

* Special rules or stats apply, see description.

All items here weigh half as much when made for Small characters. Those that take bars take them half the length, and get 70%(round up) as many shots. Those that take grenades take them one size smaller.

Laser Pistol

A light energy weapon, sometimes used by ultratech troops as a sidearm. Adventurers sometimes slot a full E-bar — it fits, it gives twice the shots, but it looks funny and isn't concealable.

Laser Carbine

The primary weapon used by ultratech soldiers. It charges fast enough to keep up with any reasonable trigger pulls.

Laser Sniper Rifle

The personal energy weapon of choice when you have to make the first shot count. It's got good accuracy, range, and power.

Stat Pistol

An ultratech home defense weapon, it packs decent stopping power in a light frame, yet has low lethality.

Blaster Pistol

A light energy weapon useful against incorporeal foes and those on adjacent ethereal layers, sometimes as a sidearm by those who travel the Deep Ethereal.

Blaster Carbine

The personal energy weapon of choice among those who travel the Deep Ethereal. It has a good set of capacitors, and can get at incorporeal foes and those on adjacent ethereal layers with sublime indifference.

Flamer Rifle

A support weapon which fires a jet of plasma. It can be used to "hose down" an area, or for directed fire in a line. It also uses De bars, and therefore doesn't have any of the capacitor problems common among E-bar weapons.

The jet is a 200' line, but "hosing" switches this to a 45' cone. Instead of using an attack roll, Ref DC: 16 halves.


A gauntlet with a plasma valve. Turned on, each hit adds a burst of plasma.

On or off, deals gauntlet damage. While on, each successful hit gains the listed bonus damage and consumes one "shot" of ammo.

"Eightball" GL

A standalone grenade launcher.

Uses the splash weapon rules, but scatter is per 20', not per RI. Grenades detonate at the beginning of your next turn after firing them.

"Snapdragon" FAGL

A fully-automatic grenade launcher, designed for rapid saturation and area denial. Not designed to be especially practical.

Takes a full-round attack to fire up to its full load. Uses the splash weapon rules, rolling separately for each shot, but scatter is per 10', not per RI. Grenades detonate at the beginning of your next turn after firing them.


GrenadePrimary Damage
S/M, Type
Primary RadiusSecondary Damage
S/M, Type
Secondary RadiusWtCost
Frag4D6/6D6 cut20'3D6/4D6 cut40'.1pd²1 920gp
HE4D6/6D6 bash10'3D6/4D6 bash20'.1pd²1 920gp
Plasma3D6/4D6 fire30'2D6/3D6 fire60'.2pd²1 920gp
Hand Grenade<NC><NC><NC><NC>×10×½

² These items weigh half as much when made for Small characters. They also halve the damage and radii.

Hand Grenade

Hand grenades are cheaper but bulkier than launch grenades. They can be thrown as simple splash weapons, with an RI of 10'. Thrown grenades detonate at the beginning of your turn, two turns after arming them; they're customarily armed a round before throwing for a more-responsive detonation.

Firearm Accessories

¼ E-Bar.25pd400gp
½ E-Bar.5pd800gp
full E-Bar1pd1 600gp
+1 Scope.5pd²500gp
+2 Scope.5pd²2 000gp
Aux Focal Column1pd²1 000gp
Loudener1pd²2 000gp
Echo Blaster6pd²22 400gp
Underbarrel GL7pd²22 400gp
Gun Camera.5pd²100gp

² These items weigh half as much when made for Small characters.


A cell of pure energy™, the most versatile of power sources.


A cell of plasma fuel, an efficient power source for a limited set of weapons.

Stats are the same as E-bars.


Mounts on a top accrail(T acc slot), improving accuracy.

Grants its competence bonus to hit, and allows the use of Aim feats.

Aux Focal Column

Screws onto the barrel(B acc slot) of a laser, boosting its range and accuracy.

×2 RI, +1 circumstance bonus to hit.


Screws onto the barrel(B acc slot) of a blaster, boosting its power. However, the resulting thunderous crack can be unpleasant.

+1D6 damage(or +1D4 for Small characters). Also deals 1 nonlethal sonic damage to anyone within 15'; anyone deaf or with hearing protection is immune.

Echo Blaster

Clamps under the barrel(U acc slot) of a blaster carbine, firing simultaneous blasts(from its own E-bar). Has its own B acc slot, and two loudeners will be needed for a pair of loudened shots.

On an attack that barely hits the target's AC, the echo blaster grants no benefit; on any better attack, both shots hit. They count separately for ER and such, and precision-based damage only applies to the primary shot.

Underbarrel GL

Clamps under a barrel(U acc slot), providing a secondary weapon for variety. Same weapon stats as an Eightball. It has its own trigger, ammo, etc.

Gun Camera

Mounts on a top accrail(T acc slot), taking a picture each time the weapon is fired. Stores 256 pictures, and can print any picture it's taken if given ordinary paper.