Splatoon Meets Battletech


The money unit is the "gold eth", symbol .

`Hard rock is mined from the ocean floor, and death metal is smelted from it. The gold eth was originally defined as a specific amount of gold/death metal alloy.`


Every character on the canvas is a robot squid.


Ink Bar

Starts full(100/100).

Consumed by weapons. Each shot consumes [IPS] ink.

Recharged by swimming in friendly ink(16 ink for a full turn), or slightly if upright in friendly ink(1 ink for a full turn); moving or still doesn't matter. When switching postures or moving between friendly-ink hexes and enemy-ink/no-ink hexes, count out the fraction per tick of move, with each move counted as being in its origin hex and posture. This comes out to 2 ink per tick of move swimming or dropping into a friendly-ink hex, and 1/8 ink per tick of move walking or standing up in a friendly-ink hex.

Special Bar

Starts empty(0/100) and locked.

Charges 1 for each hex inked. Once it fills completely, it unlocks, and drains 10 per turn while unlocked. Once it drains completely, it locks again.

Weapons that use the special bar can be used while the special bar is unlocked. (There is no "special per shot" stat.)

Posture And Movement

Each squid can be swimming, in a low posture with arms and tentacles busy with movement, or upright, standing on two arms with tentacles and other arms ready to attack. It costs 1 tick of move to change postures. A squid has 8 ticks of movement, with the ticks/hex cost determining their move speed(and thus jump speed). While upright, or in swimming posture but not in ink, it costs 2 ticks of movement to move to an adjacent hex. While swimming in friendly ink, this cost is halved; while swimming in enemy ink, this cost is doubled. Destroying the relevant frame(Mantle for swimming, Arms when upright) also doubles movement costs.

A squid also takes damage in enemy-inked hexes, 1D6 per tick of move when upright, 2D6 per tick of move when swimming. This is dealt to the relevant frame for movement, or if that's destroyed, to the Head frame. However, while swimming in friendly-inked hexes, a squid heals 1D6 per tick of move. This heals the relevant frame for movement, or if that's full the Head frame, or if that's also full a random damaged frame.


You get two actions per turn.

In some cases, like the Charge action, it doesn't matter exactly when the action occurs. For others, like a Fire action while moving from cover to cover, it can be important. One action falls between move ticks at the beginning of your turn, the other falls between move ticks at the end of your turn alternately, you can take only one action, but put it right in the middle of your turn. You can also skip one or both actions, so if you take only one action, it can go in any place in your turn.

Move TickWhich Action Can Go Here
 First / Only Action
First / Only Action
First / Only Action
First / Only Action
Only Action
Last / Only Action
Last / Only Action
Last / Only Action
Last / Only Action


This action fires a weapon.

  1. Select a weapon to fire. If you have multiple weapons of the same type, like three Mini Squelchers, you can fire them together as one weapon with multiplied ROF.
  2. Select a target. This can be a squid, a hex, a piece of wall, or even a spot in midair("Three meters above that hex."). Measure the distance to the target.
  3. Decide how many shots(up to 1/10 the weapon's ROF stat) are fired in the action.
  4. Spend the ink, if needed, that the shots cost. If you don't have enough ink, you'll have to fire fewer shots or not fire at all, go back.
  5. If the hex you're in isn't already inked by your squad, ink it.
  6. Roll 1D100-1 three times.
  7. The margin for the first shot from each weapon equals the middle value, plus the weapon's accuracy, minus the distance to the target. If the margin is at least 0, then the first shot is a hit.
  8. If you get -1 hit, then roll a failure on the Crit Table. If you get 0 hits, then reduce the margin to -1 if it was better. If you get +1 hit, then increase the margin to 0 if it was worse.
  9. If the margin is at least 0, then for each weapon, roll a hit location on the target, M the weapon's damage, and apply it to that hit location on the target. Also, if the target's hex isn't already inked by your squad, ink it.
    1D6Hit Location
    4Left Tentacle
    5Right Tentacle
  10. If you get +2 hits, then select the hit location that just suffered the most damage, roll a slot on it, and apply the same damage to the aug in that slot. (If there are multiple augs, split the damage proportionally.) Damage in excess of that needed to destroy the hit aug cascades; from a side slot to the core/supercore slot at the same location, from a core/supercore on an extremity to a rolled slot on the head. A nonexistent side slot counts like a destroyed side slot. However, a nonexistent core/supercore slot wastes any damage that would be applied to it it does not cascade.
    1-21st side slot
    3-42nd side slot
    5-63rd side slot
  11. If the margin is negative, then skip ahead and apply scatter to this first shot.
  12. To get the margin of the next shot, subtract 1D6 and add 1/5 of the weapon's accuracy.



Frames & Slots

A squid's body is made up of five frames, each of which usually provides one core(or supercore) slot and at least one side slot. A side slot can only take a half slot worth of items. A core slot can take a full slot worth of items(1 full-slot item, 2 half-slot items, etc). A supercore slot can take a double slot worth of items(1 double-slot item, 4 half-slot items, etc).

The minimum-cost body, with nothing in its slots, is 138k .

LocationCore SlotsMax Side Slots
L Tentacle11
R Tentacle11

* The mantle can have a frame with a supercore slot instead of a core slot.

Light Basic Mantle42k 11
Medium Basic Mantle54k 12
Heavy Basic Mantle78k 13
Light Super Mantle234k 12
Heavy Super Mantle258k 13
Light Head42k 11
Heavy Head54k 12
Light Tentacle6k 1
Heavy Tentacle42k 11
Light Arms42k 11
Heavy Arms54k 12

The Head frame is the core of the squid, to which all other frames are attached; if it's destroyed, the squid is killed. A frame normally has 80 HP, but a "super" mantle has 100 HP, while a light tentacle has 60 HP.


Weapons are normally full-slot items. Two options change the slotting: A weapon installed to use special bar halves its slot and cost, and a weapon installed in "prime form" doubles its slot and triples its cost. However, double slots are only available via 3 full-slot slot bridges, so normally prime weapons must use special bar.

A weapon that provides regular capability to play the whole game(inking territory and social confrontations) is a sidearm(or more precisely a sidearm-capable weapon). Other weapons may (effectively) lack one capability or the other, or be useless in some or many situations, or consume too much ink for regular use. Each squid should have at least one sidearm. In a tournament match, you're disqualified if you don't have a slot worth of sidearm(s), but even in a non-tournament match it's better to have one.


The most basic weapon class on the canvas, these shoot drops or blobs of ink.


These weapons fire "ink fireworks" instead of directly firing ink. The listed range is a strict max range; the firework blasts when it reaches that range, or when it hits a target first. It deals full damage on a direct hit, and half damage to others in a radius around the blast. Ink released by the blast falls below it in its radius, and this is what little coverage a blaster provides.


Rapid-fire weapons that fill a similar role to Shooters. Only occasionally literal gatlings.


Weapons whose projectile is a swirling vortex of ink. They have a radius, which inks and damages everything around the projectile, although the projectile only stops if it itself hits something. They can also have a height, which means the swirling vortex fills a cylinder instead of a sphere.


"Weapons" that transform you, `

ROF is propulsive, like a brush but always on; some other action produces an attack as a side effect.


Weapons that sling three streams of ink, at different angles. Because it's a slung stream, they ink every hex along the path, including going over walls. One path is straight ahead(toward the target hex), one path is 60 to the left, and one path is 60 to the right.


These weapons are primarily for inking territory, but can still be swung to attack in a 120 fan.


Many brushes have a split ROF. The first ROF is while inking, and also determines the speed at which the brush can propel the wielder. The second ROF is while swinging, and functions more like a shooter ROF. A non-split brush ROF is the same for both.


These weapons have a max damage(always 100) and a max range, but take time to charge up to that.


As you might expect, throws out a shell that explodes in AOE ink and damage.


What class the weapon falls into, as above.
Range in meters. With the exception of blasters, this range can be extended proportionally by firing from a high position.
How much damage the weapon deals per shot.
The weapon's rate of fire, in shots per Fire action. If there's a multiplier(like 15), then the first number is the ROF per shot, and the second number is how many projectiles are fired per shot.
Ink Per Shot, the weapon's ink consumption. If the weapon is installed in prime form, then IPS is normally reduced to 0.
Stats that only apply to a few weapons, and therefore don't have their own columns.
How the weapon improves when installed in prime form. Unless otherwise stated, IPS is reduced to 0 as well.
Mini ShotShooter12k 303041half-slot
Fathom ShotShooter24k 504561.21
Light NozzlenoseShooter24k 6040231.21
Heavy NozzlenoseShooter24k 6080132.42
Mini SquelcherShooter12k 703031.14half-slot
Jet SquelcherShooter24k 804051.33
Gal ProtoShooter24k 626042+5 accuracy
Gal StockShooter24k 507034.44+10 accuracy
Gal ExaltShooter24k 678028+10 accuracy
Hot BlasterBlaster24k 328323.33radius: 2
Rapid BlasterBlaster24k 434051.38radius: 2
Blast RangerBlaster24k 356011.66radius: 2
TaiyoutsukiBlaster24k 158522.66radius: 3
EarthshakerBlaster24k 3040155.55radius: 2
ZapperGatling24k 50307.953+20 accuracy
Aerospray GoldGatling24k 352010.333
Link StreamGatling12k 202571.43Each shot that hits a friendly squid
or power node gives them 1
ink bar or power(augged like damage).
Also halves the IPS of any weapons on a hit friendly for 1 turn.
Light KiralingGatling24k 583014.476mobility: 90%, charges needed: 2Charges needed is reduced to 1.
Heavy KiralingGatling24k 803014.476mobility: 50%, charges needed: 4Charges needed is reduced to 1.
DripperSwirler24k 303041radius: 2
InkzookaSwirler24k 5050140radius: 1Gain height: 4, damage improves to 80.
KrakenShapeshift24k 11005`6.66`Used when swimming instead
of upright. Jump to attack.
Double damage.
Only take 1/5 damage(before augs).
Web CasterHowDoIShotWeb24k 15-30501815Hard to use; after firing, take aim actions to
direct each projectile and boost the range.
Perc BombBomb24k 1040330radius: 3
Ink SpinnerSwirler24k 050140radius: 4, height: 4Double radius, 10 height.
IPS doesn't change unless installed to use special bar,
in which case one shot drains and locks the special bar.
Mini SlosherSlosher12k 59014.84half-slot
Tri-SlosherSlosher24k 38034.84
Fathom RollerBrush24k 5.5806/41.21
Carbon RollerBrush24k 2.3407/61.02
Tesla GoldBrush24k 7.3803/22.02
InkbrushBrush24k 18010.666
OctobrushBrush24k 2.5808.833
Fathom ChargerCharger24k max 8525/charge15/chargemobility: 40%Quadruple damage charge rate.
SplatterscopeCharger24k max 8025/charge15/chargemobility: 35%, scopeQuadruple damage charge rate.
E-LighterCharger24k max 9510/charge15/chargemobility: 16%Quadruple damage charge rate.
E-Lighter SCharger24k max 10010/charge15/chargemobility: 12%, scopeQuadruple damage charge rate.
SquifferCharger24k max 6034/charge15/chargemobility: 63%Triple damage charge rate, gain radius: 2.
Scatter BombBomb24k 1080160radius: 3, delay: 3sec
Suction BombBomb24k 10100160radius: 3, delay: 4sec, sticks in place


Some augs are non-stackable; most of these are always full-slot. Some, however, have a reduced-effect half-slot form.

Some augs are stackable; these can be half-slot(for half effect) or full-slot. Only three augs can stack with full efficiency, with each aug after that only counting for half but full-slot augs are still just a single aug. Thus four half-slot augs would have one counting for half, even though two half-slot augs and a full-slot aug would all count for full.

A few augs are special, not quite stackable or non-stackable.


Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Damage resistance of the location where it's installed is increased by 30% per slot; incoming damage is divided by damage resistance. For example, if 30 damage comes in, a half-slot armor would boost damage resistance to 115%, reducing the damage to 26. Because its effect is location-specific, the stacking rule only applies per-location.

In addition, crits on armor have no effect.

Bomb Range Up

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases the range of your Bomb weapons by 40% per slot.

Charge Bubble Generator

Non-Stackable, Full 15k

Starts unlocked. While unlocked, completely blocks the next hit you suffer, then locks. Spend a Charge action on it to unlock it again. Effective against chargers, but not against gatlings.

Swimming in enemy ink doesn't count as a hit.

Damage Up

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

All weapons's damage is increased by 30% per slot.

Defensive Divide Generator

Non-Stackable, Full 15k

Halves the damage from the first hit you suffer each turn. Effective against chargers, but not against gatlings.

Swimming in enemy ink doesn't count as a hit.

Double Swim

Non-Stackable, Full 15k

Your move cost for swimming in enemy ink is halved, not doubled. This doesn't affect your move cost for swimming but not in ink, nor does it affect the damage you take in enemy ink.

Ink Recovery Up

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases your ink recovery rate by 15% per slot.

Ink Saver

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Must be linked to a weapon that consumes ink to be useful. The linked weapon's ink efficiency is increased by 25% per slot; after stacking, divide the linked weapon's IPS by efficiency. (Final IPS rounds near.) For example, with a 16 IPS weapon, one half-slot ink saver is 112.5% efficiency / 14 IPS, one full-slot ink saver is 125% efficiency / 13 IPS, or three full-slot ink savers is 175% efficiency / 9 IPS.

Ninja Squid

Non-Stackable, Full 15k

When swimming, you don't suffer a stealth penalty from movement. However, your speed when swimming is reduced by 25%.

Opening Gambit

Non-Stackable, Full 15k

Increases your speed(both upright and swimming) by 50%, for the first 30sec of the match.

Shield Generator

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Damage resistance overall is increased by 30% per slot; incoming damage is divided by damage resistance. For example, if 30 damage comes in, a half-slot shield generator would boost damage resistance to 115%, reducing the damage to 26.

Slot Bridge

Special, Full 15k , Half 5k

Useless without stacking at least 3 of the same size. Every 3 half-slot slot bridges provides a core slot. Every 3 full-slot slot bridges provides a supercore slot. The slots provided by the slot bridges don't have crit chances, but the slot bridges themselves still go in slots with crit chances.

Special Charge Up

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases the charge rate of your special bar by 12% per slot.

Special Duration Up

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases the duration of your special unlock by 12% per slot. The drain rate of your special bar is divided by this.

Speed Run

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases your speed when upright by 25% per slot.

Speed Swim

Stackable, Full 15k , Half 5k

Increases your speed when swimming by 25% per slot.

Playing The Game


You can spend a turn grandstanding instead of fighting. This is a risky proposition; if your squad loses, any time you wasted grandstanding could've been spent turning the actual match around. However, grandstanding and winning creates buzz, which is what makes your product endorsements and such valuable.

Mechanically, a turn spent grandstanding normally caches `2D6` points, and lets you move half, but accomplishes nothing else. If you include a high dive, you cache twice the dice and can move full. If your squad loses, your cache is lost. If your squad wins, your cache is turned into the same way the inking prize is.


Area Control(ARC)

The most common gametype, in area control each squad is scored by how many hexes they have inked at the end of three minutes.


A rising star, onslaught involves control of power nodes. Everybody should have a Link Stream(although this isn't enforced outside tournaments). Each team has a home node, and a number of nodes(usually 4-10) are spread in between. Each non-home power node starts squadless. You can affect any power node that's linked to your home node through nodes of your squad.

To capture a squadless node, fill it with ink using a Link Stream; however, if there's already enemy ink in there, it cancels out enemy ink first. Once filled to 100, it changes to the squad that filled it.

To "kill" a power node of an enemy squad, cancel out the ink in it. To "heal" a power node of your squad, restore its ink. Once emptied to 0, it changes to squadless except for a home node, whose squad loses when it's killed.

If a power node is with one squad and can't be affected by any other squad, then it's protected by a shield, which blocks fire but not movement; in addition to protecting the node itself, this provides a limited "safe zone".