Campaign TypeDare
Strange New WorldsApprove
Space TouristsX
Alien ArchaeologyX
Colony AlphaApprove
Space ColoniesApprove
Survivors & RefugeesApprove
Planetary RomanceX
Starship TroopersX
The MarinesX
Ace PilotsApprove
The Big ChairApprove
too close to semi-fringes
The RangersX
The RebellionApprove
Space PatrolX
Bounty HuntersApprove
Space PiratesApprove
Political SFX
unless, say, DeadlyDecadentCourt
The Pen Is Mightier Than The BlasterX
Agents Of TerraApprove
Heroic BureaucratsX
Selling The Moon — WholesaleApprove
Heroic Engineering
The Absurdist CampaignX