(40, 60, or 100)

The character is a bender. Choose which bending art they inherited and actualized: waterbending, earthbending, firebending, or airbending. (In general, this restricts their origin to groups of that affiliation.)

Tier I bending costs 40, and allows you to upgrade this Trait later.

Tier II bending costs 60(upgrading from Tier I costs 20), and is proportionally more powerful.

Tier III bending costs 100(upgrading from Tier II costs 40), and is proportionally more powerful.

Alternate Bending Style

(20 each)

The character knows an additional bending style, derived from their main bending style. Alternate styles use the same power tier as the main style they're derived from.

Waterbending: Bloodbending, Healing

Earthbending: Metalbending, Sandbending

Firebending: Lightning Generation, Lightning Redirection

Airbending: (No alternate styles for Airbending are known during the time of the series. Presumably, some existed before, but were lost.)

Bending Skills: Each of the four main bending arts has a corresponding skill, used with C for manipulation, with I for theory, and with W to compete for control. A character needs Bending to get the most out of each of these skills, but they can study any art through the theory.