Karen is tall for a woman at 5'9", and her build is a curvy mesomorph. She has pale skin, silky brown hair that's quite insufficient to cover up her ears, and big golden slitted eyes. She's taken to wearing substantial clothes — a white faux-fur coat, a black unitard(with padded soles, although she wears strappy sandals on the job), a black mask and sunglasses to hide some of her most-feline features, and black gloves(which her claws promptly punched through next shadow break). However, "I like cats" and "bodymods" only go so far in explaining the feline ears and white-furred tail.


Karen would be deeply rootless for a human, and is even rootless for shadow. Living lie after lie makes for a friendless existence, and her family is basically limited to Shamari.

She despises people treating combat as honorable or romantic. She grew up with the shadow realm's casual undercurrents of violence repressed elsewhere, and she's decidedly friendly even to her prey and foes. She's learned to use her claws as a matter of course, but as a last desperate resort.

She's bisexual, but prefers women romantically; this is reinforced by her "job", as a runaway amplification of an initially-slight bias towards "males are prey, females are people". She's currently living with her boyfriend Tony Trevino.

While she wears rather a lot of clothes for a shadow, she's still… not exactly human about it. In Tony's closet she has a dozen identical black unitards, three identical black masks, and because blue is Tony's favorite color, one blue unitard and scarf(for use as a mask).


Karen may have been dreamed, after a fashion; she emerged from the shadows among the human souls in Chesed, and took the name Karen / カレン then. Shamari / シャマリ, a lailah, happened to be visiting the temple there, and the two were soon friends. Karen ended up moving to Tiphereth, both to be closer to Shamari and for a living as a shopkeeper there, but she kept visiting Chesed, fascinated by human souls. In time she learned that some shadows were linked to living humans. She found such shadows interesting and vibrant, in a way very different from the mighty rulers of the shadow realm.

She wanted to get linked to a human. She was told this was impossible. She didn't listen — or rather, she heard and considered these words, but worked to subvert them instead of obeying. With craftiness and effort, she managed a sort of contact with an eerie entity from beyond the sephiroth of Malkuth. To this day, she believes the human world — the mortal realm — to be the deadly anti-universe equivalent of Malkuth, the qlippoth Nehemoth.

From the perspective of the mortal realm, Shadow was beginning to seep through fresh cracks in the universe, and it was up to humans to figure out how to exploit this new resource. The entity Karen had contacted was a young and impetuous human cultist, Kinoshita Chie / 木下千枝. Trading whispers across the Barrier, they wove a contract. Empowered as much as constrained by this, Karen sold her shop to Shamari and emerged from the shadows of Nehemoth. She completed her contracted service with much dawdling, but otherwise willingly.

Chie had made two mistakes: first, she thought Marin Karin was limited by orientation, and second, she was so deep in the closet she came out the other side of Narnia. Karen could only maintain the spell so long, but with her dawdling that was long enough to ensnare her prey. In time the two made another contract, in cold hard words instead of whispers: Karen wouldn't harm Chie, and Chie would set Karen free upon Nehemoth.

These days she travels. She doesn't exactly work, but she's a con artist of sorts — using Marin Karin: 1 on susceptible men to get "favors". This ranges from sudden requests to whirlwind dates… to weekends with sufficiently-susceptible people. (Even at level 1 she can't maintain it for more than 14 minutes by day, or she can do 15 bursts.) A substantial percentage of these people have caught on after the fact — that they were conned, not that a cat demon used mind control magic on them — and she moves on before too long to avoid them. Occasionally someone catches on fast, and she has to leave on short notice. Her move to Pennsylvania, Nehemoth was of this sort.

She has recently gotten interested in the sciences, and being fairly smart she was able to pick it up quickly. In order to get in a position to do so better, she's seduced a teacher(Tony Trevino), and is using the fake surname "Castani". She's used him as a stepping stone to insinuate herself into Hill Academy as a teacher. Key individuals overlook her lack of credentials, given her performance, and the students just love her…

By DayShadow Break
Shock Value78
Ground Speed30kph30kph (or 60kph
with full
Neko Moves)
Swim Speed6kph
Claw7 for 89 for 11
Shock Value
Ground Speed
30kph (or 60kph with full Neko Moves in a shadow break)
Swim Speed
7 for 8 by day, 9 for 9 in a shadow break
#char Karen By Day
18	3 Background Points
6	Body: 6
6	Mind: 6
3	Soul: 3
2	Appearance: 2
-1	Easily Distracted: Unknowns
1	Features: 1(Night Vision)
2	Heightened Senses: Hearing, Smell
3	Highly Skilled: 3
4	Magic: 1 (powers innate to a nekomata shadow)
-2	Marked: 2
-2	Not So Strong: 2
-1	Not So Tough: 1
2	Special Movement: 2(Balance, Cat-Like)
-2	Unique Character Defect: Magically Bound By Contracts
-1	Unique Character Defect: Can't Harm Chie (The reverse is not true.)
-2	Vulnerability: Electricity(Rare)

#char Karen's PP By Day
10	Magic: 1
9	Marin Karin(Silent, 18/9 EP) — Mind Control: 3(anyone, Limited: Love(-1/Level), 9)
1	Neko Moves(Silent, 2/1 EP) — Stealth: 1(Hearing, 1)

#char Karen In The Shadows
33	3 Background Points
18	Karen By Day
3	+3 Soul
2	Combat Mastery: +1
2	Special Defense: Immunity vs Force Element
1	Heightened Senses: increase Smell to twice
6	increase Magic by 2(Less Powerful Magic: -5(-2))
1	Natural Weapon: Claws
1	reduce Not So Strong to 1
-1	increase Not So Tough to 2

#char Karen's PP In The Shadows
25	Magic: 3(Less Powerful Magic: -5(-2))
9	Marin Karin(Silent, 18/9 EP) — Mind Control: 3(anyone, Limited: Love(-1/Level), 9)
6	Neko Moves(Silent, 12/6 EP) — Jumping: 2(2), Speed: 2(2), Stealth: 2(Hearing, 2)
4	Garu(8 EP) — Special Attack: 1(Affects Incorporeal, Extra Energy, Short Range, 30 Force-element damage)
6	Force Protect(6/6 EP) — Force Field: 1(Form-Fitting(3/Level), Limited(Major), Affects Others: Buff(2), shields against 45 Force-element damage)

#char Karen's SP
50	SP/Lev	Highly Skilled: 3
4	4	Acrobatics(Flexibility): 1(2)
4	2	Computers(Intrusion/Security): 2(3)
2	1	Linguistics(Shadowtongue, Japanese, English): 2(3)
5	5	Melee Attack(Improvised Weapons): 1(2)
2	2	Physical Sciences(Physics): 1(2)
10	5	Ranged Defense(Personal): 2(3)
4	2	Seduction(Male): 2(3)
4	1	Social Sciences(Psychology): 4(5)
4	4	Stealth(Silent Movement): 1(2)
1	1	Swimming(Free Diving): 1(2)
5	5	Unarmed Attack(Strikes): 1(2)
5	5	Unarmed Defense(Wrestling): 1(2)

Possible Personae