She was created by some eccentric guy who managed to get his hands on the plans for the ASWS when Kiriko Group's Ergonomics Research department was being dismantled(after P3). The thing is, he didn't have any Plumes of Dusk, so he could only make a crippled copy, but he worked really hard at building an AI from scratch. Part of how he was building the AI was through a neural network set up to learn from his remote operation of the robot. He'd operate it wirelessly, and it would learn how to react to things the way he would. He even enrolled her in school and put her through that to teach her how to interact with human beings.

He'd been noticed by some sinister group, and they attacked him while he was operating her. They also had someone in place to collect her, because they thought she'd go inert when the signal cut off, but her neural network kicked in and treated it as a go-home signal; she was able to elude them. She found him dying, and had no idea how to react as he passed away in her arms. But the empty space installed in her absorbed some of his soul energy as he died.

Now she's trying to figure out what the fuck to do, while still going to school and continuing to try and pretend she's a normal girl.

By DayShadow Break
Shock Value``
Ground Speed`kph`kph
Swim Speed`kph
Claw` for `` for `
#char ` By Day
4	Body: 4
4	Mind: 4
4	Soul: 4
-2	Wanted: 1
-1	Ageism: 1
-1	Marked: 1
-1	Girl Magnet: 1
-2	Sensory Impairment: No Sense Of Taste

#char ` In The Shadows
15	` By Day

#char `'s SP
	SP/Lev	Highly Skilled: `