Shomonkai / 翔門会, the Skygate Society.


風, fuu or kaze, meaning "Wind", represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement. Aside from air, smoke, and the like, fuu can in some ways be best represented by the human mind. As we grow physically, we learn and expand mentally as well, in terms of our knowledge, our experiences, and our personalities. Fuu represents breathing, and the internal processes associated with respiration. Mentally and emotionally, it represents an "open-minded" attitude and carefree feeling. It can be associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion, and wisdom.


Makai / 魔界(or 魔階), also referred to as the Expanse or the Demon World, is the otherworldly reality where demons, spirits and other types of supernatural entities reside in the series. It can't be reached by conventional means; as the barrier weakens, demons can be summoned and then can cross over on their own.

It isn't as different from the human world as one might initially think. Instead of just chaotic anarchy, traces of rational civilization can be clearly identified, such as the presence of multiple stores offering various types of goods and services, such as weapon shops, armor shops, bars, casinos, and even a disco where demons actually dance around and have fun.

The majority of demons live in relative peace under the watchful zeal of the demon king Lucifer. The settlements he rules are as follows:


The most populous area of Makai. Seth's temple can also be found here, where the demon rests in a deep sleep, waiting for the right time to awaken. According to a resident of this district, "Tiphereth" is a word that means "beautiful".

The Beriah Corridor connects this town to both Geburah and Chesed, and the entrance to Tiphereth by the way of the Yetzirah Corridor is locked, and the two keys necessary to open it are in possession of the ruler of Netzach, Crowley(who holds the Lamed key), and the other is in the hands of Tiamat, ruler of Hod(who holds the Ayin key).


More or less the entrance to Makai. The plains of Yesod can only be reached through the "front door", which can only be opened after the gathering of the seven pillars in their respective altars in the Underworld.

The Yetzirah Corridor connects this town to Netzach, Hod, and Tiphereth, and is guarded by Hecate.


The land of Netzach is led by a human named Crowley, a wizard whose main desires revolve around the throwing of "Sabbaths" — orgies with the goal of gathering sexual energy to summon demons when the moon is full. Although the residents of Netzach seem to acknowledge the magical power of Crowley, they also seem to be aware that he isn't much more than a simple sex maniac.


Not much about Hod is known, since no residents appear there to talk with Aleph and Hiroko when they visit the main town. It is quite small, possibly the smallest area of Makai, and is surrounded by various cliffs. The demon Tiamat is its governess.


A Buddhist temple where lost souls who are looking for salvation gather together. The demon Virocana(also known as "Dainichi-Nyorai") is in charge of this area, and is renowned for his ability to purify and grant peace to the spirits who reach Chesed, without any conditions or requirements limiting his judgement of mind.

This is quite an interesting place, due to its numerous cameos and references to the previous game. Ozawa and Gotou, for example, can both be found here as spirits; both of them being enemy bosses from the first Shin Megami Tensei. In addition to Ozawa and his minions, Beth is also found here.


A town that was transformed into a massive iron fortress bristling with weapons by the Twelve Devas, who have unexpectedly taken root there. All of them were assembled together by orders of Atavaka, Grand General of the Myo-Os, to block the entrance to the Atziluth corridor under Lucifer's orders, so that he and the Shinshou could test Aleph's power in battle.

The Atziluth corridor here connects this town to Binah and Chokmah.


The only known sea that crosses Makai. It is a vast body of water that is also called "the Sea of Harvest" by the residents of a nearby town, a reference to the powers of this ocean to give life to demons when attended by someone capable of preserving its fertility. In the past, this role was the responsibility of the goddess Ishtar, before she was punished by God and stripped of her form and sanity.

It is also in these waters that the beautiful nymph Houri tends to bathe herself, and where the player can acquire her magical robe. If her robe is returned after using it on the Cherub statues then Houri, not knowing that it was stolen, will reward Aleph.


A tower that serves as the only accessible path to the Kether area. The Tower of Chokmah is governed by Mara, who acts as the guard for Lucifer's Castle.


The final area of Makai, it is here where Kether Castle is located, which is the home of Lucifer and his servants.

Other Geography


"The Kingdom" is the root sephirah, tied not only to matter and to elemental earth, but to the material Earth.


Daath is a hidden "11th sephirah", lying between Binah and Chokmah. It's "the worm that gnaws at the Tree Of Life" — a terrifying enigma. Entering Daath is necessary for complete enlightenment, but it also leads to a deadly "anti-universe", because it's at once a sephiroth and a qlippoth. It's said to be guarded by a powerful demon: Choronzon, Breaker Of Thought And Form.

Mystics on a spiritual pilgrimage toward enlightenment pass through all the sephiroth. This process must be taken in the correct order: Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Chokmah, Daath, Binah, Kether.