Where We Do Not Stand

In most of the world, humanity is extirpated in the wild; greater species rule instead.

Eurasia is mostly divided into four cardinal directions.

India(Bharat) is a battleground between the ahuras and the younger devas; a few dozen humans survive as house servants on both sides, but collateral damage still takes its toll. Perhaps ironically, these are not fae, but consecrated creatures of spirit and flesh.

Africa is dominated by the great beasts(tyrannosaurs and behemoths and such), and packs of their lesser cousins(terrible claws and chocobo and such). Both groups are diverse, and can easily kill humans out in the open. But lurking in the shadows are stealthier predators, adze and obayifo, which can drain the living blood from sleeping humans. The stealthier predators are limited by the numbers of their human prey, so the few humans that remain hide among the trees.

Australia has no humans.

Where We Stand

In the Americas, humans have done better, mainly by alliance with greater species.

Most of North America is ruled by the Twelve Clans, each having interbred with and being ruled by a totem. The three greatest are Bear, Wolf, and Cat; Bison, Frog, Thunderbird, and Turtle lack political power, and Raven, Coyote, Snake, Falcon, and Caribou are in between.

South of the Twelve Clans, Tenochtitlan commands tribute in blood, gold, and death to feed a massive mana damper, reaching about 200 miles in radius.

Further south, on the "lump" between North America and South America, the Maya peoples live as a collection of city-states. `

Much of South America is ruled by fae of the trees, but on the eastern edge the Four United Provinces `

Babushka Zimoi = "Grandmother Winter"
Babushka Jedza = Baba Yaga

Makkim Abram = Sons Of Abraham
Bannoth Sarai = Women Of Sarah

Four United Provinces = Inca Empire
Etheric Shock Pistol1d+2 T-burn sur noinc afinsub1150/450311(203)10-32200$3
Etheric Shock Rifle5d T-burn sur noinc afinsub2500/1 5001311(1536)10-62200$3
Etheric Shockwaver1d-1 burn sur noinc afinsub(5yd)130/1001211(1513)11-51150$4

Each weapon has an integral fast-discharge battery; this is normally cabled to a partial-discharge belt battery set, and the listed "reload" time is how long it takes to charge times the number of charging cables it has. (If only some charging cables are connected, it will charge slower.)

Abjuration Pistol4d-1 cr dkb
Conjuration Pistol
Divination Pistol?
Enchantment Pistol
Evocation Pistol4d-1 T-burn sur
Illusion Pistol
Necromancy Pistol2d+1 tox + 2d+2 rad
Transmutation Pistol