Somewhere between a fox, a dwarf, and a drow; they may have once been svartálfar before the dwarf/drow split, and hybridized with foxes somehow, but their holts are centered around Mount Serrika, which is excellent fox country.

Appearance: The walvuri build looks merely a bit tall and long-armed for a human, but is actually significantly lighter, the difference being fur. The main fur color ranges over a triangle between black, blue, and indigo. Indistinguishable in black individuals, black fur marks the ears, forearms, hands, calves, and feet; white fur marks the belly, chin, and tailtip. The face is fox-like, although the large braincase behind it makes the narrowness of the muzzle striking. The ears, rather than being fox-like, are bare-skinned and very pointed, around a foot long. The legs are digitigrade, allowing higher speeds on all fours. The fingers and toes are tipped with jointed claws that assist digging. The tail is bushy and around 4' long. Sexual dimorphism is minimal, and both sexes have 6 nipples.

Habitat: In rural areas, walvuri prefer to live in tunnels of hard stone, under well-drained soil and then forest. Their urban areas are similarly constructed underground, with the surface serving as a mix of parks and certain types of industry. In areas built by other peoples, they prefer basements, but they most dislike the ground floor.

Habits: Walvuri are nocturnal, and their eyes are clearly adapted for night vision. Their diet is omnivorous. They prefer to live in groups of roughly a dozen individuals, and with all but young adults these are family units. They demonstrate a considerable fondness for technology, and as a culture have hungrily adapted to imported technology. However, they have difficulty integrating into large societies, with amateur impulse theft being a chronic problem.

Reproduction: The walvuri breeding season is unrestricted. Gestation period is 290 days, births are 88% single, and birth weight is 5.5% of mother's weight. Suckling time is more than 25 months. Average lifespan is 144 years.

The traditional core of walvuri civilization is Mount Serrika, a forested mountain of a thrust-fault range, riddled with walvuri-carved tunnels. While these tunnels are divided into holts nominally ruled by Rani, the trading houses hold the real power here. This accident of history may be why walvuri tend to think of competition in economic terms, rather than in military terms.

While they were not up to speed with core technology, the walvuri were eager to catch up; a non-breeder thorium reactor was built in Mount Serrika, largely through local labor and imported education.

#char Walvuri
20	+1 DX
-10	-1 ST
10	+1 SV
0	SM: ±0, 120pd, 6'6" tall
10	Artificer: +1
5	Claws: Sharp
7	Enhanced Move: Ground: ×2(Temporary Disadvantage: Quadruped(-35%))
2	Extended Lifespan: 1
15	Double-Jointed: +5
-15	Greed(SC: 12(×1))
5	Night Vision: 5
1	Teeth: Sharp
2	Temperature Tolerance: 2

	Cut for being magic:
5	Detect: Precious Metals(Vague(-50%), Magic(-10%))
1	Perk: Illusion Of White Flash On Tailtip(Magic(-10%))