The first attempt to colonize Camazotz fell apart, leaving it a high-energy mix of dangerous lifeforms. Eventually, a group blew their budget coming as Hellcat II parahumans, dangerous enough to carve out a niche, and have since made good money exporting biological products.

Camazotz survived the Sundering with a reduction of markets, but plenty of supply. It's now one of the wealthiest patron worlds.


Seelie Court

Shards Of Sol

What remains of the Solar Federation is seven peoples, scattered to the stars. The Shards theoretically exist as a government, but its population is a tiny fraction of the Shard species.

Unseelie Court

Shard Species


One of the pre-Transcendence genotypes, aurians were designed to live in spaceships as natives, and have done well since the Sundering. [STATS]


There are five major and twelve minor races of elves, each with its own Pedigree Concordance. Non-pedigreed elves retain traces of many other races, whose standards of purity have not survived.

Hearth elves have the greatest history of civilization, working alongside humans in their houses and then cities. They're smallish, averaging 8 to 9 dm tall.

High elves are descended from the first to organize the Courts, in the Highlands of Scotland. There is some division between the faction that claims both Courts as high elf constructs, with the Unseelie Court later left to its "rabble", and the faction that claims this as a pernicious lie, on the grounds that high elves would never stoop so low.

Wood elves traditionally stand aloof from the Courts, `

Meadow elves are the smallest of the pedigreed races, averaging 2dm tall. They're mainly wild fey, `

Shadow elves `


Originally a pre-Transcendence biot design, an operational-equivalent parahuman design was developed post-Transcendence, and it's these that were able to breed.


A fey species with great diversity, and an utter lack of the elven pedigree system.


Draconic fey linked to carp. They're somewhat thinner than humans, with a prehensile tail branched into a "finger" and "thumb", five-clawed hands, and smooth scales. Their scales are always saturated, but can be of any hue. Their fierce-looking head mixes human, carp, and dragon features. Their ears are entirely incorporated into their horns, which are straight on females and undulate on males. They have hair, in a mane behind the head, which is tufted on males and more rounded on females. Both sexes have a "beard" of barbules, and a pair of longer barbules beside the nose. [STATS]


Reptilian fey, humanoid from the waist up, with a serpentine tail below. Their skin is covered in soft scales, in striking patterns of blue, purple, green, and/or black. [STATS]


One of the pre-Transcendence genotypes, slags were officially called "rockholms", but it's the nickname that stuck. Stocky and barrel-chested, with thick hide for skin. Internally, their bones are a complex carbon-fiber weave, making them somewhat sturdier. [STATS]


A family of fey, united socially by their inability to handle sunlight. Under the artificial lights of spaceships, they've flourished.

Hulder Troll

The most human-like troll species, a hulder troll resembles a slender human with a fox-like tail. [STATS], except replace Nocturnal with Weakness to sunlight

Iron Troll

` [STATS], except replace Nocturnal with Weakness to sunlight

Jungle Troll
Mountain Troll

Colonial Species



Select TL10 gear is available at 10 cost; some of this is new, some is preserved Solar tech. Select TL11 gear is available at 100 cost; this is almost all preserved Solar tech.

Weapon Technologies


Antimatter missiles, usually launched from fighter bays; even more powerful than pulse cannon, but vulnerable to fighters and point defense.

Dispersion Gun/Array(TL9^)

Very flexible weapons, somewhat inefficient; in arrays they can work together to be even more flexible.

Laser Gun(TL9)

As in GURPS. Mostly vehicular weaponry.

Plasma Gun(TL10^)

As in GURPS.

Pulse Cannon(TL10^)

Massive weapons, used by capital ships against each other.

As a particle beam, except superscience, and The Square Root of Destruction from Pyramid 3-34 applies but with damage divided by 5. (This breaks even at about 250d damage.)

Shock Gun(TL9^)

Usually used on point-defense turrets or fighters; shoot blue-white beams(actually superluminal bolts with Cherenkov "shock cones").