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One robot's journey from amnesia to enlightenment.

Yet another hiatus.

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Happy turkey day! …Yeah, I suck. Softwired may be getting an artist, which should help.
Sick. Work comes first. You know the drill…
There is now an official Softwired mini-wiki. At the moment there's only a couple pages, but I'm gradually filling out encyclopedic informaton. Feel free to add fan hypotheses or whatever.
15 is up. Smaller than I would've liked for a text "strip", but I don't want to split the fight scene more than I have to.
Well, that only took months. </SARCASM=DRIPPING> And with a change in format, no less. I've never been good at the art; several things about Softwired are that way so I don't have to art things I can't art. And it's still not easy… So 14's up, and it's text. They'll probably be mostly text henceforth, though the occasional illustration isn't as hard as arting a whole bloody strip.

On the upside, stuff can happen faster. 14 contains three or four strips worth of events. On the downside, I know at least one of you really hates text.

Well, that job decided they'd rather have me on a compromise schedule than not at all, and stupidly I took it. Strip 14 should be up Real Soon Now…
It didn't last… I probably won't have my health back until I can go back nocturnal for a while. I'll be leaving the job that's currently destroying my health at New Year's, and I'm estimating one month to get settled in and heal before I have the time for Softwired again.

Doing better… Work comes first, but strip 14 may come this week(or this next weekend).
Sick. Slept most of today. Going back to sleep.
I have a script for strip 14. Should be reasonably straightforward, but I'm still sick.
Well, one vote on the file format, and apparently I was worried over nothing; strip 13 is up, and it's simply in JPEG.

I'm still sick, though, and work is busy.
Apparently that was what I needed… I have a script for strip 13. The background is going to be hell, but it's all modelling and raytracing from here on out.
I'm probably going to split strip 13 into two or three strips. Ugh.

For this offense(on my part), I bring you pictures:

Dee-Fense(Tangle, Sever, & Nuhad War)
[Thumbnail] 800×300 PNG
1280×480 PNG
1600×600 PNG
2560×960 PNG

800×300 JPEG
1280×480 JPEG
1600×600 JPEG
2560×960 JPEG

A Body Built For Violence(Blacklight)
[Thumbnail] 800×600 PNG
1600×1200 PNG

800×600 JPEG
1600×1200 JPEG

Size Comparison(Silverthorn & Tangle)
[Thumbnail] 800×600 PNG
1600×1200 PNG

800×600 JPEG
1600×1200 JPEG

Size Comparison(Silverthorn, Landshark, & Tangle)
[Thumbnail] 800×600 PNG
1600×1200 PNG

800×600 JPEG
1600×1200 JPEG
I know what I want to do with strip 13, it's just not coming together.

Added nav arrows below the strips.

Does noone care about the format?
Strip 12 is up.
Strip 11 is up.

In other news, I'm getting sick of being sick…
I'm thinking of going JPEG for bandwidth reasons, but that'll reduce the quality and they're already kind of tight; what do you think? Is it plenty readable(such that simply going JPEG would be fine), should I go JPEG and increase the size to compensate, or should I stay with .PNG? I've set up a little poll on the subject.
Strip 10 is up. Had to get a little creative in the last panel because Silverthorn's arm is just too damn short. (Anybody else remember that movie?)
Bleargh, has it been that long? Sorry :L I have a script for strip 10, I've been sleeping off that same fromming cold, and only doing things I've committed to… I've got most of it raytraced, should be up before midnight. …Though there's a bit of a posing task in the last panel.
Strip 9 is up.

This is our first glimpse inside the River Resistance base, which means I'll be madly creating designs starting with this strip. (I really should have done more designs ahead of time, but eh.)
Strip 8 is up. I knew we had a plot around here somewhere…
Strip 7 is up. More exposition, this time stuff you already knew, but Tangle really wanted to hear. Hindsight's 20/20, eh Tangle? ;)
Strip 6 is up. Sorry about it being so exposition-heavy; Tangle was so excited at the prospect of trading stories… …which is a good thing in the long run, but makes strips 6 and 7 a bit boring.
Strip 5 is up. Let's welcome our new cast members :)
Strip 4 is up. Unholy shit is it hard to light tunnels properly. As a result of this strip, the design of all future sets will be more like Silverthorn's look than this tunnel.
Strip 3 is up. I'm not real happy with that rock color(it looked a lot better when I was doing totally different things with the skybox and radiosity), but we'll be moving on before too long, so eh. :)
Woot, strip 2 is up, and it's a doozy :)

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