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Tangle was almost to her room when Sever broadcast on long-range radio.

[Emergency at the front door! We have Gatecrasher breaking in! This is not a prank, I repeat, we have fromming Gatecrasher breaking through the fromming door!]

Tangle galloped for her door, opening the shaman-lock with her spark at a good four meters, and plowing through the door with her left hand. Once inside she wheeled, grabbed the star mount she was borrowing from Fortuna, released the compression gun to fall to the floor, and took off like a shot, galloping back up the hallway. Her left hand flexed, ready to instantiate one of her swords, while her right held the fully-loaded star mount to her tail while she linked it up.

Retaliation wouldn't be this fast; she'd fought the Third Spark's forces enough to know that.

And elites had defected before - Blacklight and Sunstreak in recent years. Even when her forces reacted in time, River's base was fortress enough that they hadn't continued the fight past the doors.

This attack meant Silverthorn had something. Something the Third Spark didn't want falling into River hands.

And that meant that whatever her personal feelings, Tangle would fight as long as her spark burned to keep it in River hands.


Blacklight's upper-left arm whipped out to point out of the River intelligence area, far faster than any of her other reactions. [That sounds like war. Go.]

Silverthorn responded immediately - that last word had the confident authority the Third Spark was apparently in the habit of - and she was already in ballistic motion when she said [Yes'm.].

Blacklight opened a coded teleoperation stream over long-range radio. While her design was combat-oriented, she'd been modding herself for versatility. This was war… this called for a special project she'd stored near her interrogation chamber.

If she had to fight as herself, it'd be guerilla warfare in a base occupied by the forces of the Third Spark.

Teleoperation wasn't popular among the Resistance, but she was ready for war. She knew the Third Spark wouldn't go down without a knock-down, drag-out, kill-the-planet-like-the-Ancients-did fight.





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