TS drifted awake with her tent filled by the dying light of sunset, reddish purple lending a surreal cast to the pale blue fabric. She lay there watching it fade away into shadow, hugging her tail with all four arms, until she could see the flicker in it. That meant Sarah was already up and crafting. TS fluttered her wings as if to test the air, but she already knew the answer: It was cold. Not bitterly cold, it never even snowed here, but too cold. She gave in and pushed the thickly-layered sheets off the rest of her, fumbling around for the can of spray foam for her wings.

Once she'd finished spraying up her wings she threw on four of the sheets, clutching them to herself with her lower arms, and then made her one concession to proper clothing: emptying and pulling on her sturdy hiking books. Only her tail was armored, and she could hardly go through life pussy-first whenever the climate got rough, so a modicum of protection was necessary.

Thus ensconced she unzipped her tent and emerged, cold air swirling around her like a swarm of biting insects searching for entry(and finding it in a few places), the light from Sarah's impactor set flashing irregularly over all their tents. The hills around them were thick with vegetation, even where mossy crags jutted out from the soil, and the little river downhill of them seeded a knee-high fog. The team had camped on a spot as high and dry as they could find, and it had served well enough.

"You're gonna need to get out of bed sometime, mummy."