TS glanced at the window beside the door — which was where she'd be spying from if Sarah were coming over to her house — but dismissed the thought with a toss of her fluffy pink hair. Sarah was more relaxed than that. TS buzzed the doorbell and then took a step back, folding her upper arms in front of herself, and slipping her lower-left across the small of her back to grasp her lower-right elbow. Her purse and duffel hung comfortably from her lower-right hand.

The sun was bright in the central planter area between the apartments, but a chill, salty breeze blew up it while TS waited. Her brocade jackety thing had been a good idea. Her bare legs weren't enough for the chill to send a shiver through her, and her wings were covered. Even if they were, y'know, constrained.

The door opened smoothly and fearlessly to reveal that familiar shock of purple amid blonde hair, over grey fur. Sarah was wearing a T-shirt dedicating two twenty-sided dice "For Those About To Roll / We Salute You", black Dresden Dolls panties, and little else. TS approved. Sarah smiled to see her, and backed aside with the door. "Hey TS, come on in!"

TS nodded and swept in, careful to keep her long armored tail from either striking the door or doorframe, or curling too lustily high. "Hihi! You look like you're ready to play.", she teased.

Sarah shyly bowed one long fluffy leg with the other as she closed the door. She didn't exactly look like she wanted to be hugged. "Yeah, I, uh… was playing."

TS rotated into the living room to face the big projection TV, which was playing a sepia-toned cutscene, enhanced from some old game. "I see. Show me?" She inclined her head almost coquettishly, but her grin was more joking around.

Sarah flustered over anyway. "Sorry, it's Zed Three again, the movement's probably too clunky for your tastes. I did pick out some I think we'd both like."

TS swung her bags over the back of the couch, settling them against the left end, and then folded her lower arms onto the back to support her lean. While she extricated herself from her jackety thing with her upper arms, she perused the tall stack of game boxes next to the popcorn bowl. "Primal, Omega Vector, First Flight Of The North Star, Shepherd Moon… Seventeen games. Yeah, we're good." She fluttered her now-free wings and adjusted her blouse.

Sarah had closed the emulator running Z3, but paused at TS's comments. "Seventeen? There should be sixteen…" She looked over the stack with a critical eye, then Jenga-ed out the intruder. "Knave Of Emeralds? I… I don't think I've seen this one before…"

TS shrugged, expertly toeing out of her platform heels in the same motion. "Sounds like we have a winner, then?" She caught the game box when Sarah tossed it to her, and read from it in stentorian tones. "As Prince Colm or Princess Lisa, you embark on adventures all over the emerald isle of Avalon. Discover the four Powers Of The Wild, and keep or forsake the Power Of Royalty. Do you have what it takes to become the Knave Of Emeralds?"

"Apparently I did install it with the others, sorry." Sarah middle-clicked the faceted emerald icon, and the TV was taken over by ads for various developers. "You want a drink? I have that purple pear thing you liked."

TS hopped the couch back, beating her wings hard to keep the brunt of her weight off the couch. "Ooh, yes please "

Sarah's tufted ears snapped forward at the display and tone, then fluttered aside. She shook her head to clear it, and grabbed her cola cup to refill in the same trip.

TS took up Sarah's monster gamepad, ready to pause the game if the ads ended first. She needn't've worried. When Sarah returned with drinks, TS accepted hers with thanks before sipping. She offered the gamepad, but Sarah waved it off.

Then the intro cutscene started. The graphics weren't impressive in the usual sense, but the long, lingering helicopter shots across the lush island showed an impressive amount of simulation going on; `