The Autobot factions were sort of like various military branches of the same country; they all fought side-by-side as a combined-arms thing, but there was some rivalry and disagreement over methods, and they'd hang out with their own faction. They were held together by the Convoy Council and its leader, Optimus Convoy Prime.

Each Autobot faction is led by a Convoy with an energon matrix; the Convoy Prime has the unique Matrix Of Leadership.

Now, Optimus and Lord Megatron have died together in battle.

The Convoys save Optimus's seat on the Council until his return, and the disagreements over methodology have blossomed into a full-on "you take the high road, I'll take the low road".

The Decepticons have actually shattered, and with all political respect to (posthumously) High Lord Megatron, three have declared themselves Lords. The LPG is busy finding a tradition they'd like to pattern themselves after, the Zoomers seem to be ignoring the war(but are actually off collecting dinguses), and the Destrons are trying to lead the offensive against the supposedly-weakened Autobot factions.

The seekers are cybertronized jets, like this. In robot mode they can put their feet together to deploy thrusters for an "air-to-air melee" configuration.


Blackarachnia (BW)
In her original body, except cybertronized. Core prog.
Laserbeak (G1)
Symbol of Decepticon leadership. Cybertronized jet/hawk beast mode, consider chrome bits. Sparked.
G1-style cybertronized black jaguar beast mode, BW voice. Sparked.


Lord Sefury
Catbird fuzor, black with white tiger stripes. Wields a bigass sword in robot mode, which becomes her bird tail. Sort of Sefukanika/Leaf with a bit of Silverbolt. Core prog.
Sleek, fast, sharp. Altmode is a robotic dragon. Sparked.
Looks kind of like Flareup. Cybertronized sports car, in the vein of the Eurocar Westwind 2000, with "hollow" wheels. Sparked.
Thrust (BM)
"Combat bike", cybertronized. Member of a faction that consists mainly of females. (But not Lord — he may even avoid a leadership position, so he has something to rebel against.) Waspinator is living the dream. Core prog.

Legion of Pure Guardians ("LPG")

Lord Slipstream
Based on Animated. Resents High Lord Megatron's leadership and person, and thus has taken her faction the furthest from the Decepticons politically… despite being rather close to Megatron as a leader herself. Seeker, indigo with deep green markings. (Check out the female seeker from the cover of Infiltration #0.) (Alternately, WFC Slipstream is awesome. We may be looking at two or three characters based on her, which I guess makes sense as seekers.) Core prog.
Jetstorm (BM)
Seeker, blue with yellow markings. (Might be fun as a leader, but probably too disruptive.) Core prog.
A grey sports car with a faceted surface and a shape like the Spy Hunter boat mode. She does indeed have twin "energy bolt" light automatics, a pair of missiles, and the ability to produce an oil slick and smoke screen. Sparked.
Strongarm (RID)
Silly boys, trucks are for girls.


Hit 'em fast.

Override Convoy
Based on Cybertron. (Maybe add a dose of TransTech Cheetor.) Sparked.
Cybertronized jet falcon, similar to her Transmetal body. Wicked armor-piercing backhand. Embrace the falcon-not-hawk for a bit of distinction from Tigerhawk. Sparked.
Blue and chrome racing bike a la Prime. Dose of Elita One. Sparked.
Defected from the Destrons. Inspired by an early name for Jetstorm, has a personality reminiscent of Silverbolt, but not over-the-top. Seeker, chrome with blue markings. Core prog.
? Female. Dinobot, cybertronized utahraptor, purple with green trim(ref to MLP's Spike). Sparked.
White-tiger-y robot mode(think BW Ravage), vehicle mode is a heavy-bodied cybertronized bike(like a Tron light cycle, or Chromia's bike modes). Inspired by BW, brought in as Airazor's love interest. Sparked.


Hit 'em hard.

Grimlock Convoy
G1 with a hefty dose of BW Megatron(also a Shattered Glass reference). Left eye is a zooming optic(monocle ref), right eye is a flat black "sensor panel". Dinobot, cybertronized tyrannosaur(6.75 tons), chrome, black, and red. Core prog.
? Male. Dinobot, cybertronized ankylosaurus. Core prog.
? Male. Dinobot, cybertronized corythosaurus(4.4 tons). Sparked.
Based on G1, brought in mainly so he can use his own name as an expletive. Dinobot, cybertronized triceratops. Core prog.
? Dinobot, cybertronized kentrosaurus. She has a hip-sheath talwar in robot mode(normally internal in beast mode), and prefers "draw cut" moves with it. Sparked.


Boomer Convoy
? Female. Dinobot, cybertronized parasaurolophus(2.7 tons). Core prog.
Blackarachnia (BW)
In her Transmetal II body. Dating Silverbolt. Sparked.
Inspired by BM, find a better body. Consort of Strika. Sparked.
Silverbolt (BW)
Less-bulky cybertronized version of his BW wolfbird fuzor body. Chrome. Dating the transmetal Blackarachnia. Sparked.
Inspired by BM, find a better body. Maybe a Stryker? Consort of Obsidian. Sparked.

Not Yet Assigned

Rhinox (BW)
Because Transmetal Rhinox's beast mode is surprisingly plausible.
Token herm. Tweak or something, go for a look that's more Transmetal 2 Cheetor(beast/robot). Embrace the hawk-not-falcon for a bit of distinction from Airazor. Core prog.
Tough, probably a predacon.
Recolor, obviously, but otherwise she doesn't look that goofy.
Optimal Optimus
Plot device person.
Plot device person. But which? He has no shortage of awesome. His Transmetal 2 and Beast Machines beast modes are neat, both modes for the unused RID redeco are, Noble is a neat "robot mode", his original Beast Wars look is neat but may be best mixed with something… Maybe aim for the big fucking gun aesthetic, at least in playing with the idea of dragons breathing fire, but no boring slugthrower here.

Subfaction Of Caminus

Windblade (G1)
Because she's made of awesome.
An engineer with focus on FTL starships.
Choleric to a fault, although a dancer/acrobat/actor, can easily take to being an action hero.
Medic with an awesome look.
War Within
Autobots: Autobots, Wreckers, Lightning Strike Coalition
Decepticons: Decepticons, Predacons, Ultracons

Note: Not all Convoys are Primes. If you can lead ant-droids to a picnic, you're a Convoy in Japan.
	Cybernetic Consciousness - Too dystopian, but maybe hybridize with Centrum for something weirdly not?
	Data Angels
	Gaia's Stepdaughters - Import bits from the Cult Of Planet, and maybe the University.
	Morgan Industries
	Nautilus Pirates - Think more Libertatia or junta, less actual piracy.
	"Transformers: Factions"?
	What happens in The Heap?
	Weapons: Friction Rifle, Shock Cannon, Photon Pulse Cannon, Dispersion Pistol
	Weapon Options For Windblade: sword, blaster cannon, flame thrower, mace, spear/harpoon, morning star, Cybertronian taser, nunchucks, crossbow, long-range blaster
	Vehicle: Gravity Rod - the Gravity Rod Riders are a go-gang, with no citadels of their own, staying mobile and raiding junkyards.